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The Accidental Shepherd, Part 3

Daisy and Edie gradually settled into their new life with us- Edie still missed her mother but had attached herself to Daisy, (much to Daisy's chagrin) following her around like a big puppy. Daisy finally got used to not being in our living room with us all the time, but she still looked for her bottle LONG after it was time for her to be weaned. (My fault...) She would sniff around at the feed and hay we put out for them, then go rooting around my backside for the bottle she knew I had hidden in my coat pocket. Edie, on the other hand, was devouring everything we put in front of her since she had already been weaned for some time.

One day while going about my chores I glanced toward the sheep pen and saw Daisy, but not Edie. This was unusual since Edie was Daisy's shadow, so I walked over to the pen. Edie was laying on the ground- her belly was bloated and she was unable to get up. I dropped the water buckets I was holding and ran to the house. I called Hubby at work and he co…

Pumpkin, anyone?

The final installment of my Accidental Shepherd story will be posted in a day or so, but I thought I would take a break from all the drama to have..... a giveaway!

I finally tweaked the prototype enough to suit me and now have some pumpkins I can be proud to send off to a new home, just in time for Thanksgiving. I want everyone to enter, even if you've never left a comment before.
I have three pumpkins, each a different color, and the winner gets to choose their favorite- the other two pumpkins will then go up for sale in my ETSY shop . To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling me which one you like the best. (If you win, you can always change your mind!) Here are your choices:
Pumpkin #1-

Pumpkin #2-

Pumpkin #3-

The deadline is this Thursday night- I will draw a name Friday morning, and announce the winner sometime that afternoon. Good luck, everybody!!

Also- I want to thank two wonderful bloggers I've just recently met who have each given me an award.. (I'm not wor…

The Accidental Shepherd, Part 2

* A little footnote about the last post where I said we had planned on not getting any animals for our new farm until we had the money to build fencing - a few of you commented on how it always seems the animal comes first, then the fencing... I have to say that's been our experience, too, but in this case we really had good intentions in putting it off.
And you see how those intentions worked out- we wound up with a lamb in our living room, watching the nightly new with us. (LOL)

In case you missed part one, go here to read it.

After Daisy's first six weeks of life, it was becoming apparent that she would not be able to live inside our house much longer. We didn't really have any game plan for the future, but we were quickly realizing that she was in fact, a barnyard animal. We discussed what we needed to build for her and how to secure it, and how close we could put it to the house so she wouldn't be so isolated and vulnerable; I mean, she came to live with us when she…

The Accidental Shepherd

The following is the story of how sheep came into my life unexpectedly and found a place my heart forever....

Hubby and I finished building our house here on the farm in November of 2005, and once we got settled in we began discussing which animals we would like to raise and keep on our little farm along with all the chickens I imagined we'd have. I talked about getting goats; my Dad has had a wide variety of them down through the years, (mostly Nubians) so I did have some experience with them. Hubby dreamed of having a draft horse grazing in the field like the one his Dad used to plow his garden with. Whatever we decided on, however, would have to wait a while because we weren't financially able to start building fences or animal housing at that time.

One day Hubby called me from work and said, "Would you like to have a lamb?"

Dumbfounded for a second, I asked, "What for? You mean to eat?"

He laughed and told me that his co-worker's son was raising sheep …

It feels good to feel good again.

I want to say first of all how much I enjoyed everybody's sweet comments on my Birthday post, and your well wishes for the (ugh) "under the weather" post.... I'm feeling much better now and have spent the last two days cleaning my house and doing laundry- both of which have been woefully neglected for the past week. I even felt good enough to wash my poor little dirty farm buggy. (It helps that it's 73 degrees here today, too.)

I've been feeling guilty because I haven't felt like spending much time up at the barn with my babies.... (stop laughing, Juri.) Sarge and all the rest of my feathered friends will eventually get over it, as well as Daisy and Edie, although they are all in the process of pouting just to remind me of what a sorry sack I am for being sick.

From my sewing room:
I'm still tweaking my prototype pumpkin... I wasn't happy with the stem the pattern called for so I've been experimenting with a new one. Hopefully a pristine pumpkin…