Silkie news... and more chickie love.

Well, I knew this was coming, but I had no idea it would happen this soon. Belle's gone broody. Yep, the hormones have taken over our little Diva. There is one slight problem though.... unlike the Little Terrorist, who wanted to sit on EVERYBODY'S eggs, Belle hasn't quite got this thing figured out yet....

No, your eyes are not decieving you- she is sitting on NO eggs. Nada. Zilcho.
How do you explain the facts of life to a face like this?

Beau, Cecil, Gertie, Sadie, and Clementine are just keeping their distance... she hasn't shown any signs of being a little demon about all this, (yet), so maybe she's just using the empty nest box as a kind of retreat... you know, a girl needs her space.

Uh-oh... wait a minute...

I'm sorry... I just can't control the chickie love urge...

I know. I have no shame.... *sigh*....


  1. Paula, I truly understand chickie love! I do believe the largest majority of my days now are keeping up with their antics.

    One of the girls loves the front porch swing and early each morning I hear it creak as she settles in for a visit.

    The world would be a better place if everyone had chickens!


  2. LOL...your post are always so great. I so wish I had chickens to watch...they seem to have so much character.

    Love lea's story about her front porch gal...too cute!!!

    Have a great day

  3. Yup ! Those chickens bring out the best in me. They are funny, interesting, always entertaining, and they lay eggs ! Who could NOT want a chicken or two or dozen ?

    I hope it is O.K. to list your blog in my sidebar as one of the SPOTS I VISIT. I like to vicariously enjoy other peoples' chickens too.

    I have some Silkies. They are always brooding invisible eggs, and when they have eggs to brood, I'm sure you know, they are the best at it. They are the best chicken mama's too. Belle is very pretty, and so is her fluffy behind!

  4. MmmmHmmmm..we understand, fact, I'm right with you on this, only a different bird. I had a goose named Paris who would get broody over the potatoes I was digging. She wanted babies so much she visited the neighbor's farm, where there were men-geese. I only had her and another female-I guess she knew nothing could come of that! So, on a daily basis, I would walk down the road and look for Paris. She was easy to pick out from the other Toulouse geese. She was the one who always had that far away love- sick look in her eyes!
    Love, Debra

  5. Really, really cute! I just love hearing about those chickens! I wish I had some myself to watch and take pictures of. Having that rooster for several months years ago is the closest I've come. And that "chicken butt"--too cute!

  6. Lol...leave them some dignity! You didn't leave anything to the imagination! So cute!

  7. Haha, is that CHICKEN BUTT?! Awesome. I love visiting here.

  8. Hey Paula, maybe Belle just "Vants to be Ahlone...." What a cute Chickie-butt!

  9. Silkies are so the photos....thanks, Paula

  10. LOL What a cute chickie butt! I just love their poofy bloomers. Poor Belle...I hope she figures this broody thing out soon.

  11. Talk about Chickie Love that last picture is real Chickie Love.I have lived on a farm before and if I am not mistaken that is a picture of two chickens not one.

  12. it's got to be a chicken keeper thing - sort of like a jeep thing - they are fascinating like almost any fowl - and all that fluffiness has a definite charm - so sorry for the "false pregnancy?"

  13. I never knew that a chicken's tushy was soooo cute :)

  14. Paula, you are a riot! ;-Þ

    Alas, I have no chickens, but when I take my little pooch outside to do her bidness, I always turn my head when it's time for her to poop. I mean, after all, I know I don't like anyone watching me when I do it. Besides, I can't help but think she always has this embarrassed look on her face if I watch..not that I watch on purpose!

  15. Look at these sweet little chicks! I love them! I love your silkie posts!

  16. OMGosh!
    I SO lurve the little silkie butts. They look so stinkin' cute scuttling out across the yard.

    So good to know I am not the only one. :)

  17. She's such a pretty girl. Poor thing, maybe she's praticing.

  18. Your chickies are so cute Paula. I don't have any silkies but you are making me want some.

  19. HAHAHAHAHA, I love that side of them too. It looks sooo soft and is so soft. Your silkies are oh so precious.

  20. Hey Paula,
    I love those fuzzy bottoms too!
    Well some of them. These Turken chickens bottoms aren't real cute, bless their little hearts. Their faces aren't real cute
    But they are sweet.
    Love your pictures.
    Have a great weekend.

  21. I love your broody little Belle.
    Hope she catches on....I'd love to see her babes....
    You surely do get some cute shots!!!
    XOXOXOXO :) Linda

  22. Dear little Belle....she'lll get the hang of things soon, I'm sure!
    Thanks for the smiles!

  23. Hi Paula,
    Thank you so much for dropping me a little note to say Hi. It's always such a pleasure to visit you and learn all about your cute chickens. (I wish I could have some here). But since I don't know much about them, I can't tell what makes your pictures frisky. I guess I'm just a city gal after all!
    Patricia :o)

  24. You KNEW you'd hear from me, didn't ya?! LOVE your silkies, one of these days we're going to have one (or 2 or 3 or...) Thanks for the pics!!

  25. What can be better than pictures of chickens. They simply say "home" to me. Just love your little ones. Blessings, Kathleen

  26. It's hard to imagine life without chickens now! My Roo Elliot treated me to a quirky little "i'm free" dance since they were all cooped up for four days while we were out of town. He was so excited to get out and see me he did a little jig in cirlces around me!
    Your silkies are absolutely adorable! I so wish I had gotten a couple- I guess I will have to have my silkie love through your blog :)

  27. Hi Paula:
    What a great post...I am still laughing. Now I want some chickens!!!!

  28. Oh my! What a cutie Belle is! Are you going to put some eggs in the nest for her?

    I am still giggling over that little face! What a great shot!

  29. Hi Paula,
    My dogs have tagged Smokey. Come on over and check it out when you can. Should be fun :)

  30. Hello my friend,
    Our black sex-link went broody, last summer, but then, a month or so later, she decided to join the group again. She sat on several eggs, (could not have all been hers)she must have snatched the other hens eggs.
    Our June peeps are growing fast, and should be laying soon, we hope! I've actually had to buy a few dozen eggs, "a first" in about 3 years of chicken raising. Yukie, fresh eggs from your backyard hens are best!

  31. Yes, all that fuzz does make her look fat.

    She is just right for hatching out a little batch of silkies.

  32. I LOVE seeing your silkie photos....even their butts are stinkin' cute!!!!

  33. Hilarious chicken antics for sure!

  34. They're adorable!
    I've tagged you. Come on over and see!

  35. Sweet chickens. My little girls are in love with our chickens. They are truly like pets with the benefit of eggs. ;)

  36. Boy, do I want some fuzzy bottom, broody, little buddies!!!!!! These are just too cute!!!!!


  37. Oh, I love seeing all of them! Maybe she will think of the eggs pretty soon, LOL!

    I love to watch them, too. The are so pretty, running around the yard, all squawking when one of them finds something to eat~they are a great form of entertainment.


  38. Apparently, I need to get a silkie in order to get a broody! I love that she's sitting on an empty nest... maybe she fell asleep when they were giving out broody instructions and missed that part?

  39. Oh! Miss Paula, those chickens are so pretty!!! I want some...
    Well, I read that with hens, you don't need a rooster. So I guess that I want hens? I hope that they're as pretty as your chickens.

    But I SERIOUSLY have to do my homework, because I know NOTHING about raising ANY kind of farm animal. My paternal grandfather raised cattle, but I was only around them rarely and don't know anything about them, either. I digress.....

    To show a little more of my ignorance... what is that last picture? It looks like a pretty little ball of gray fur, but I can't make out any specifics...



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