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Under the weather

Not been feeling so hot the last couple of days.... hope to be better soon.
(Actually, I have been feeling hot... then cold, then hot again, then cold... jeez.)
Be back in a day or two. *cough cough*

39 years ago today....

I hatched out!!

Yep, Farm Chick Paula is one year older today- it will take a pretty big cake to hold all those candles! (Did someone say...cake?!) *sigh*.... Many more candles than the 2 in this picture...

I've had a terrific birthday.... I even treated myself to a couple of little treasures-

My dear friend Debra at Sparrowgrass had this little pinkeep in her ETSY shop and I just couldn't resist it..
The little pinkeep pillow comes off, and inside the coffee can is a little secret compartment for all my little small sewing items!! (*squeal*)

(By the way, Debra- thanks for my birthday post- you are such a sweetheart!)

I also stocked up my sewing box with some beautiful colors of G├╝termann thread-

Hubby REALLY surprised me with something I had been wanting for a long time... Corinthian Bell wind chimes!! If you've never heard of these, they sound alot like church bells and they have the most beautiful tone. Click on this to hear them-

But the very best part- Hubby took the day o…

Friday rain...

It's a gloomy Friday here on the farm... although we do need rain in the worst way.

In my kitchen, I have a roast in the crockpot for tonight's supper. I was talking with my dear friend Linda from Parker's Paradise the other day about recipes, and I told her I read somewhere that if you rubbed lard or Crisco on the top of your roast before cooking, it would help seal in the moisture and keep it juicy and tender. I've never heard of this before, so today I'm going to give it a try. I'll let you know how it turns out.

From my sewing room, I've been creating some pumpkins. My "real" pumpkins didn't make it- we planted too late. So, I've been busy just making my own... and even though there will be no pies coming from these, I'm still having fun. Who knows, I might even decide to give one away next week.... stay tuned.

(Did I just say... GIVEAWAY?! Nothing like a weekend cliffhanger, huh?)
Have a great weekend, everybody!

A Dog Tag- all about Smokey

*We interrupt our regularly scheduled post for a guest blogger... Smokey, our fierce and loyal watchdog, has been tagged by Bassie and Lady from Tracey's blog (I am Me) to tell 6 things about himself. So without further delay, here's Smokey's answers!!

Please answer the following questions:
1. What breed are you? Mutt.
2. How old are you? No one seems to know. (Farm Chick Paula: I think he's around 8 or 9...)
3. What is your full name? Smokey.
4. Do you have any nicknames? Smokebomb, the Smokester.
5. Where do you usually sleep? On the front porch on my pillow; unless it's cold outside, then I sleep curled up by the fire like this. (Yay!)

6. What is your favorite thing to do? Sleep...
7. What is something unusual/interesting about you?I don't like dog food. I prefer people food. Unless the chickens are eating my dog food, then I run them away and force myself to eat it so they can't. And I love my late night pieces of cheese from Farm Chick. 8. Who is your best fr…

Silkie news... and more chickie love.

Well, I knew this was coming, but I had no idea it would happen this soon. Belle's gone broody. Yep, the hormones have taken over our little Diva. There is one slight problem though.... unlike the Little Terrorist, who wanted to sit on EVERYBODY'S eggs, Belle hasn't quite got this thing figured out yet....
No, your eyes are not decieving you- she is sitting on NO eggs. Nada. Zilcho. How do you explain the facts of life to a face like this?

Beau, Cecil, Gertie, Sadie, and Clementine are just keeping their distance... she hasn't shown any signs of being a little demon about all this, (yet), so maybe she's just using the empty nest box as a kind of retreat... you know, a girl needs her space.
Uh-oh... wait a minute...
I'm sorry... I just can't control the chickie love urge...
I know. I have no shame.... *sigh*....

The Weekend Special

Okay, I'll admit it... I'm a recipe junkie. I collect recipes from far and wide, all the while knowing I will never be on this earth long enough to try all of them. (I'm the same way with sewing patterns, much to Hubby's dismay.) But I love finding recipes that are simple and easy and don't require a lot of ingredients, and I'm even more impressed with ones that are just right for 2 people instead of 20.

I started recieving a Kraft Foods magazine in the mail about 3 years ago, and although I haven't tried all of the recipes, the ones I have made turned out wonderfully. Some of you may already be familiar with this magazine- I think it's just the greatest thing ever. (And it's free!!) If you would like to sign up for the magazine, or get recipes by email, go to Kraft Foods to register. They usually email recipes once or twice a week - the magazine comes about 4 times a year.

I thought I would share one that came yesterday... I think Hubby will like thi…

Wordless Wednesday: October Morning


I'm a Weener!!

Yay!!! I actually WON something!!
Wonderful Merry over at Puddingstone Farms had a terrific contest last month- she was giving away this pair of HANDMADE (*gush *) Fall potholders!! Aren't they gorgeous? Now I feel like cranking up Donna Fargo on my MP3 and singing along with "I'm the Happiest Girl in the whole USA". But I'll spare you that part.

As an extra bonus, her little grandcutie Mackenzie drew my name... isn't she a sweetie?

I can't wait to put my potholders out with the rest of my fall decorations...

Handmade kitchen towels from a special friend in Texas... (Thank you, Linda!)

This little guy keeps an eye on things from over the woodstove....

My leaf dishes... (look at the little acorn butter knife! *squeal*)

Basket full of fall apples....

They smell so good drying in the oven....

And best of all, the outside decor....
Complete with a beautiful clear blue fall sky!!!