This girl is a woman now...

It's a special day in every young girl's life when she is transformed from a child to a woman.....

or, uhhhh....

in this case, from a little chick to the BIG CHICK on the block.....

Hooray for Belle- she laid her first egg yesterday!!

Snifff, snifffff... I'm so proud....

I think she is a little full of herself right now, since Gertie, Sadie, and Clementine are about a month behind her in reaching egg-laying age.
I haven't got the heart to tell her she's no where near REALLY BIG CHICK status if you compare hers' with Sarge's....

Just act like you never saw that last picture-I would hate to ruin her moment of pubescent poultry glory.

These next photos are posted to keep my marriage intact....
Hubby took the Farmall to a plow day last weekend, and the next day he excitedly asked,

"Did you put me and my tractor on your 'website' ?"
(He still doesn't understand what the word BLOG means, so he won't use it in a sentence...)

Me: "ummm.... no.... Did you want me to?"

He had this sorta crushed look and said, "naw, that's okay..... you've just always put them on there before, so I just thought..."

Well, I've been feeling like a real horses' hiney ever since, so....

I call this picture "Meeting of the Minds", or "How many people does it take to fix one of these things?".

I LOVE this barn....

Cough, cough....

Pretty tractors all in a row...

And what am I doing during all this?

Working REALLY hard!!


  1. LOL! You work way to hard!!! Take a load off, girl!
    Congratulations to Belle for her first egg, give her an extra pinch of chickie feed just from me, or whatever it is that chickens like! I have no idea! LOL! That was a cute post, the whole thing.
    I think it is cool that you share your farming life, it really brings it home for those of us that are clueless to it.

  2. Yay for her first egg! Cool tractor pictures! My husband gets excited for me to put pictures on my blog sometimes too. It's kind of sweet. I work hard just like you!

  3. Congratulations to Belle...and I love the tractor photos...

  4. Good job Belle! and I know from working on a farm all week, you do deserve to put your feet up.
    Love the tractor pictures.

  5. Oh, I also love your new look on your blog!

  6. Ooh, aaaah! Lookit that Farmall and the nice straight plow lines!

    Hooray for another egg layer! I love those first egg photos. It's dang near as exciting as those baby pictures, isn't it?

  7. Congrats to Belle - so are you going to eat that egg?
    You are SUCH a good wife - my DH refuses to read my blog, thinks it is silly I read other people's blogs and doesn't give a flip about blogging - oh well except for ones about his family or his furniture making or his - well you got the picture - love 'em - they are the salt that makes our stew just right!

  8. Cute post and great the "meeting of the minds".....LOL!!!!
    Enjoy your blog,

  9. Three cheers for the little chick who knew she could.....She was born to be the star of the coop. I wouldn't think of busting her bubble. I, too, am curious just what one does with that first production.
    My dh is the same way; doesn't give a care about the blog thing unless it is to ask if I put in something about him. I try but he isn't always so interesting...How can I say that?
    Your posts are worth the wait.

  10. Haha, that's awesome! I LOVE those tractor pictures!! And I can see why you love that barn. This was such an awesome post, Paula!!! (Great boots, too!)

  11. Paula you crack me up!
    So Belle is now a woman. And tell your husband the tractor picture is awesome.
    Love, Ann

  12. Paula, you absolutely crack me up. Look at Leyna (my dog) she's cracking up, too! ;-Þ

    I will have that old Gary Puckett and the Union Gap song in my head for days now, thank you very much!

    I guess I should be proud of my hubby that he can actually create a sentence using the word 'blog'. He does it all the time when he gets that confused look on his face and says to me "I still don't understand what a blog is". That's okay. This way he doesn't know if I post a goofy picture of him on it. ;-Þ

  13. Wonderful post! "...her moment of pubescent poultry glory." That little phrase made my day! She should be proud of herself. She's a big girl now! Hurray for Belle!

    Great tractor photos of your (boys) men working the ground with their (toys) tractors!

  14. Ahh, the thrill of the first egg! Not too long ago our new chicks began laying and I was wondering if the young chicks lay smaller eggs, or if this was just a type of chicken that laid smaller eggs! Our older chickens lay huge eggs, but the new ones are rather small. You have such a fun blog, I always look forward to your posts!


  15. Our chicks grow up so fast, don't they? Congrats Belle, job well done! I love your pictures, the mountains in the background, tractors out plowing, well, I love your page "blog"... Things here are starting to slow down therefore, I should be blogging a little more often.
    See ya all soon~

  16. Eggs and tractors! There's always something going on over there! Congrats to Belle! :)

  17. Belle is the woman!! Neat tractor pics!

  18. First eggs are sooo exciting, congrats!! The tractor photos are great as well, very cool. All that work and you deserve to put your feet up and enjoy life.

  19. Cool pics. I love the one with the 3 tractors in a row and the one with you kicking back. What a hoot!
    My hubby says the same about things around here, "did you put it on your blog". I always chuckle because initially he wanted nothing to do with it.

  20. sigh, they grow up so fast... next they will be flying the coop for greener pastures.

    I too revel in every egg I find. I probably have collected over 100 since Aug.26, but I still get a little giddy when I go looking.

    Very cool tractors. I'm jealous that your husband can actually plow with his. My little Farmall B just wants to putt around in parades and pull hayrides.

  21. I love cute little first eggs! When we got our first one, I told Mr. C I wanted to blow it out and keep it forever. (I was a little OVER-excited!) We ended up eating it though. Our first farm-fresh egg was too hard to resist! :)

    And gotta love a man and his tractor!

  22. LOL! My visits here always make me smile.


  23. oh my goodness...I could shed tears right along with you!!! WOOHOO!!!! How fantastic she has stepped up in life!!! ;o)

    Love all the tractor pics...LOL...too cute! And the one of you with your legs up in the truck...ROFL!!! Awesome!
    I hope you are doing well Paula! xoxo

  24. Way to go Belle!
    Love your tractor pics, way to go Mr Paula!

  25. I think you have an emergency there...I don't think it is legal to have a John Deere and an IH in the same field together. It just doesn't seem right! Please keep an eye on this problem!

  26. Oh, I want some eggs so very, very badly. Going to print this out and staple it inside the chicken house. Maybe the girls will take the hint? They are five months old this week and not a single egg from any of them.

  27. Ummmmm, better not show Belle my geese eggs. She would have a crisis!
    Love, Debra

  28. Congrats to your little chickie! She is just so adorable! I plan to get some silkies next year. I am tempted to print a picture of the egg and post it in my boxes to motivate my girls- LOL! They still have a couple of months but never too early to start planning ;)
    Love the manly tractor pictures. I can smell the testosterone from here! I love the meeting of the minds! Too funny (and true...)

  29. Yea Belle!!!! It looks like a lot of hard work at the farm!! I really like seeing life at the farm though cause I have always been a city girl.

  30. Congratulatioins to Miss Belle...good for her!!!! Her egg is very lovely.

    Love the field and tractor photo's, they are beautiful.


  31. Yay for Belle! She should be very proud.
    Loved the tractor pics.....thanks for the smiles!

  32. What a great blog! You are so witty! Your little hen must be very proud, laying her first egg! And that hubby looks great on that tractor--where you live is so beautiful! (E TN is a favorite area of mine!)

    A few years ago I had a rooster (he was all white) that I named Lonesome George, because we had no hens or even other roosters. He was kind've a pet. I loved to see him roosting in the tree next to the house, and hear him crowing at all hours (including in the morning). He liked to be close to me when I was outside, because he needed a "flock" I expect, and I was the closest he had to one. He was also very good with my grandson, and anyone else who came around. But, he terrorized our Rhodesian Ridgeback! Now, I am talking a 90 pound dog! George would fly at the opening to her dog house and let Penny know that if she tried to come out she would be pecked to death. It wasn't pretty. This went on for quite some time, with George chasing Penny every time I let her out, and the dog just letting him do it. Then one day, after months of this, we noticed George wasn't around for a couple of days....yep. I'm afraid to say, Penny finally figured out that she didn't have to be brow-beaten in such a humiliating way. We knew the coyotes hadn't gotten him because he wasn't eaten....just had passed over to that big Chicken Coop in the Sky! I missed him, but I know that nature takes care of its own problems, sometimes sadly.

    Love your blog! Will place you on my Friends & Faves!

  33. Congrats to Miss Belle! Don't you love those tiny eggs?!!! I have two tiny green ones in a container in my kitchen window.

    Great tractor pics, too. I love watching my hubby out working on his. Guess I should post a pic sometime.

    Hope your having a great week.


  34. Thanks for coming over to visit my blog :)

  35. Go Belle! She does heave something to fluff her feathers about. Great tractor pictures.

  36. How cute!

    Now, a question from a chicken newbie... how do I tell which of my young ladies are laying and which are not yet?

    Can I tell?

  37. Congrats to Belle! LOL

    Love those tractor pics (and the one of you in the truck!).

  38. Everyone seems to be having there first eggs! Congrats! I can't wait till I get to post about such things;)

  39. Re tile lady`s story of George. Poor George! My first rooster Luigi was a follower, would even try and get in our cars to go for a drive.

    Paula, saw your comment about my hawk, no that was a falcon that took HPR`s girls. I had wedge tailed eagles here the other day, bit worried about them taking off with my girls.

  40. Yippee! A first egg! Aren't first eggs hilarious? Ours always lay these strange outer space looking things with thick shells and pointy ends. They crack me up. Of course, the only one of my chickens who is actually proud of having birthed an egg is Menina (my feisty bantam hen). She likes to stand guard over her egg babies as well as everyone elses' egg babies.

    Love the tractor pictures!!!!

    I’ve got the COOLEST giveaway going on at my site. I’m just so gee golly excited about that I can’t think straight!

    Please tell your friends and come check it out!


  41. You've won an award! Come by my blog and retrieve it! Just wanted to let you (and everyone else) know how much I think of your blog! Have a great weekend!


  42. Good big chicken!!! Aren't they fun to watch grow and produce!!
    Our old girls sit around and egg them on! :)
    Yeah....the guys can really turn a job into a group effort! They love their tractors!!

  43. Don't you just love those first eggs. Makes a Mama sooo proud!!! I agree, the barn is beautiful and so are your pictures of the tractors. I missed your blog while we were gone. Hope you have a great week.

  44. "Meeting of the minds" LOL!!!! Love it. Now that's they way to get a big field plowed in a hurry!!

    Congrats on the new egg ;-)



  45. LOL! Loved your post. One of my girls laid the tiniest bitty little egg the other day. We all thought it might be a bird egg.

    Well keep up the "hard work". *wink*

    Happy Monday!

  46. Hi Paula,Congrats Miss Belle on your first egg!

    Its funny when they start laying and the eggs are so much smaller setting next to the old girls eggs.

    I love the pic of the Meeting of the Minds! LOL thats just to funny!Nice tractor and fiels too.

    Hugs Jen

  47. Oooooooh! I love your farming pictures AND your boots!

  48. Everybody around me went to plow day too! (not me) but we don't have hills like those in your photo!


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