A New Look

There's a new look around the Fraker Farm- the house and the blog both got a makeover!! I hope you like the update! (Both of them!) We're still not completely finished with the "Labor Day weekend" project... (ahem, thank you very much, Hubby dear.) Only one more side and it will be completely done.

This is what we were up against- the mildew and getting the old stain off....

Here you can see the difference-

the way the front porch used to look.....

and the way it looks now.....

Whitey crows his approval. I guess that means we did a good job....

Now I'm off to catch up on what YOU'VE been doing!


  1. I LOVE your porch!!!! Your home and land look just beautiful.

  2. Terrific!
    I'm looking for a new look for my blog, too. I don't know much about using templates, etc. I wish I could find a way to make it look more country/primitive/rustic.

    God bless!

  3. I like your new blog design. I love your house. I always wanted a log cabin type home. I love big porches too! It makes your home look so inviting!

  4. It looks very spiffy now! You did great work. I do NOT envy you. I've always wanted a log home so of course I'm jealous. But the upkeep, well you can have it!

  5. Beautiful job!! I would LOVE to have a porch like that! (although not the whole sanding and re-painting every couple of years!!) The new blog look is great, too!

  6. Beautiful job!! I would LOVE to have a porch like that! (although not the whole sanding and re-painting every couple of years!!) The new blog look is great, too!

  7. Love them both!! :) I always wanted a nice big front porch like that, lucky girl!! :)

  8. It looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I know you have been working hard on that!!!!! Great new blog design...I am too chicken to change mine...don't even know how....:(

  9. Hey Paula! Glad to see you are back! I missed you! Your place and the blog looks great!

  10. It's BEAUTIMOUS!! Hey, where did your front porch rails go? I liked those! But then I really like the new look even better. It's so ... CLEAN. Sheesh, and I just had to take a leaf blower to my carport (aka chicken halfway house) just to not be embarassed to have the delivery guy walk through. Ha! Glad you're back and I really like the new header on your blog. I WANT ONE!!

  11. What a nice surprise! Your header is adorable. Did you do these things by yourself?
    The house is looking great and I know that is a good feeling. DH was right to want to get it done. Darn we hate to admit that! Makes our vinyl look so-so- so white.....
    I love the cast of charaters. Smoky looks so serious-kind of like a school picture!
    Have a great rest of the week, Hon. I hope to see more of you. I've missed you! Linda

  12. Your home looks lovely.
    I really like your new blog look, too!

  13. love the blog and the logs! looks so fresh and tidy

  14. The porch looks fabulous, I'm so jealous! Love the new blog look, too.

  15. Looks great! On both fronts...
    I love your "cast of characters".
    Your porch just makes me yearn for some iced tea and a sunset!

  16. Well i hope after all that hard work you feel terrific everytime you sit out there.

  17. It's a good look! Both the house and the blog look good!

  18. I know what you have went through.we just did all of that to our cedar siding home this spring.Everything looks great.
    Best Wishes

  19. Hello Paula, you guys did a great job! Wood houses are the prettiest but they are so much high maintenance to keep them looking fabulous! Yours is beautiful and I love your huge front porch! Great to have you back and I am glad Whitey approves!
    Love, Ann

  20. Paula, I have an award for you on my site!


  21. All your hard work is paying off, it looks great! and your blog looks fresh and new too!..

  22. I meant to leave this here:
    Oh my gosh! I am new here!
    I cannot say this with enough joy or passion. I LOVE you blog and your life!

  23. Paula-It's lovely-blog and the home it comes from. Love your slide show-ya waitin' fer more SNAKES??!! Got yer gun ready, I see...

    Love, Debra

  24. You have a picture perfect post. I love your blog, it always makes me want to eat vegetables and that is HUGE compliment!!! LOL!

  25. What a nice porch ! What a nice home !I was touched by your last posting of the hummingbird..and your story about your Mom.....KathyB.

  26. Paula,
    I love your cute house...love the porch....It's look great! Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments. Love your blog...where do you and other people get the cute banner/headline pictures. It's so Cute! You have a Wonderful Weekends!Smiles and Hugs ~Katherinellen~

  27. Paula,

    I LOVE your log siding! Your house is wonderful! Your porch looks very inviting....ya want me to bring the lemonade?

    I know the fun of staining, staining, staining! We have cedar siding and bunches and bunches of wood around here! It looks good when it's stained, but when it comes time to do it again...boy oh boy, what work!

    All your work has paid off! Looks wonderful!

    Sorry I haven't been around as much! We've been trying to get used to our school routine!

    Have a great day!

  28. The porch looks absolutely fantastic Paula!!!! I love it!!! And I also love the new look for your blog!!! :)

  29. Wonderful!! Wow what a difference and now it's done! Everything looks great!
    I'll be back in a day or two..still having too much fun! :)

  30. So glad to see you are back and what a pretty house! Doesn't it make you feel good to get these kinds of things done? Love your little rooster. Blessings, Kathleen

  31. Oh, everything looks great, Paula! Your porch is so pretty--I love the log siding!

    Your blog is really looking nice too. I especially like the new banner. I keep thinking I'll do something to mine, but it hasn't happened yet, LOL!

    Hope you're having some cool weather~we're in the upper 60s today.


  32. You have the most beautiful home! I dream of having a place like that someday.

    Great job on the blog also. Love the picture show!

  33. Your blog and your porch look great!!!

  34. Looks wonderful!

    I love your home and farm! I can't wait until we have a good sized farm! As much as I love the small-scale farming -- i can't wait to have fields and a barn!


  35. I love your porch...makes me want to just sit and rock and ponder my life!!!


  36. Oh, Paula, each time I see your house, and especially your front porch and view, I just sigh. It is a dream house, at least it's my dream house...well, technically I guess it's your house! ;-Þ

  37. Looks great! Your blog & the front porch.


  38. I love your house. And the porch looks NEW! We're going to stain our lake house deck here soon and I hope it turns out great like yours!!

    I like the new blog design too. Did you do it yourself or did you have someone else do it?

    Maybe I've already said this, but I LOVE your kitchen. It makes me want to cook!!


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