A MEME, and a Winner!

Before I announce the winner of my apron/bonnet, (or as ChickieMomma so wonderfully named it "Apronnet") I want to say thanks to everybody that entered and left such sweet comments about my (ugh) recent reptile experience! I also have been tagged by Country Girl Kim from Achorn Farm, Debra from Sparrowgrass, and Don from A View from the Green Barn to tell 6 random things about myself. (Sorry Don, I know you tagged me about... ohh... 4 years ago.) I'll do the meme in a minute, but first...

All the names went into my little egg basket, and the winner of my apron bonnet is.....

"Anonymous" Linda!

Congratulations to you, and as soon as you email me with your address, it will be on it's way!

Now for 6 random things about me-
1. I make lists constantly. I make lists for everything from daily chores to bills, birthdays, and groceries. And I hate a messy grocery list, so I usually make 2 or 3 rough drafts before I make one neat enough. (I know, I'm a freak.)

2. I love the sky... I'm all the time looking at cloud formations, sunrises, sunsets..... there is something about sky-gazing that makes me feel so.... small.

3. I love to fish, even though Hubby doesn't take me that often. (Ahem... hint hint)

4. I'm a big fan of the old "Andy Griffith Show" and have lots of favorite episodes, but my all time favorite is the "Convicts at Large" where Barney and Floyd are held hostage in a cabin by three escaped women convicts.

5. In high school I recieved a "D-" once in Home Ec.... during a cooking lab, my omelet caught on fire. (My poor mother was horrified when she heard about it.) I did get an "A" in sewing, though! Yay!

6. If I was stranded on a deserted island and could pick one thing to eat every day, it would be a grilled cheese sandwich. I never get tired of those. In fact, I think I'll go fix one right now.

Well there you have it... six random things about one crazy Farm Chick!
Instead of tagging just 6 more people, you can leave a "random" about yourself (if you want to) in the comments for me. I would love to hear one from everybody!!

Oh, and Cora... this is for you! Especially the "article" on Canning without fear!!! LOL

Go to Big Huge Labs to make your own Magazine cover!


  1. lol! I make lists, too. I'm doing my grocery list right now.
    I love the sky also. I saw a whale up there the other day. It was pretty cool! You could see the it's mouth and all.
    Not too crazy about Andy Griffith show. Once I watch something I dont' like watching it again.
    Patty H.

  2. Well, i loved reading all those things that make you-YOU! I too, love the sky and toasted cheese sandwiches. And if i don't write it down, it doesn't get remembered...That is, if i remember to write it down! oiy! ;)

  3. Hi Farm Chick Paula,

    You are not a freak, I do the same thing with the grocery list too(well, I don't do 2 or 3 drafts)! I normally will re-write my list once I'm done with the first one. Things have got to be grouped in the same department on the list. I hate going back and forth at the store.

  4. Since I have a bad memory, I have to make lists or I wouldn't remember to do anything. A strange thing about me is I love to dress up in costumes.

  5. It's so nice to know a fellow freak. I thought I was alone in rewriting my list more than once!

    Listwriters, UNITE!

  6. It was fun finding out more about you! :-)

    I am the same way about the sky, and I also love the Andy Griffith Show. I like to fish, too, but haven't been in many years. I should do lists, but when I do, I generally forget where I put them.

    I'll let you have my grilled cheese sandwich, though. It's something I will eat, but only if there's nothing else from which to choose. ;-Þ

  7. I'd love to say I am the Linda but it's not true. I always fess right up about who I am....
    Notes, who gets by without them? I make a list and as I mark things off, I redo the list; can't stand a sloppy list!!! My family laughs but the things that don't get done, didn't make the list. Now that is funny....
    Not so nuts about fishing-love to eat fish and love to be sitting next to a lake or stream, enjoying the nature and all. Fishing just gets in the way--turns it into work.Here I combine 2 of your favorites. I look at the beauty of the sky while loungng next to the stream/lake. And grilled cheese while you watch Andy Griffiths---awesome. He reminds me of my dad.....

  8. I sure do wish my name was Anonymous Linda!!!!!! But it ain't!!! Yes, that magazine would be just for me!

    I love thise magazine covers! I think everyone should write the articles they "feature" on the fronts and we could put them all together into a REAL magazine! It would be a hoot, to say the least!

    I'll write one on sewing machine maintenance and surviving Home Ec class!


  9. Congrats to Linda!!! Bummed it wasn't me..LOL...but I am sure she will love it! Thanks for a great giveaway Paula!!! xoxo

  10. Sky is important to me also - I also do stuff (garden, working around the goat pens - whatever outdoor stuff there is to do) while singing - usually older hymns but I caught myself just now out in the 102 degree heat running the big pump that fills goat troughs - singing -~showers of blessings, showers of blessings we need - mercy drops around us are falling but for the showers we plead". Always something appropriate to the task at hand! LOL

  11. OMG LOL!! The step by step guide!! too funny!!!

    I also love Andy Griffith and my daughter just saw him at a restaraunt while at the beach last week. She said she was too close to get a picture cause she was afraid he would smash her new camera!! Her FIL got one though!

    The strange thing about me is that I only have a touch of OCD where window blinds and curtains are concerned. Please have them even and all turned the same way or I will fix them fast!! That is my biggest pet peeve ever! I would go to the White House and have to straighten GW'S blinds if they were crooked!!! So please ladies think of me when you take pics of your beautiful room makeovers and post on your blogs so I don't have a nervous breakdown and have to come and visit you to fix them!!!! This drives my family crazy cause the rest of my world is far from straight!!!


  12. That magazine cover is awesome you did a great job on it!

    Oh you are not a freak my lists have to be prefect. I will rewrite the kids chore lists if I mess up, I always rewrite my grocery list. I'm always making out some kind of list...grocery, chores, Honey Do, Craft list, My To Do List, Christmas/Birthday List, and the list goes on and on. lol I also love the sky or I would say cloud and star watching.

    Something strange about me... I would prefer going to Burger King or Golden Corral rather than Outback Steak House. I collect salt & pepper shakers. I have a 6 year old son and a 4 year old grandson.

    Congratulations Linda! I'm green with envy! :) Thanks for a great give-away Paula.

    Take Care :)

  13. I love your Fraker Farm magazine...I would buy it...lol

    A random thing about me: I HATE to talk on the phone.

  14. You and I have a lot in common. I make lists AND they have to be organized. So I actually bought a computer program that organizes my grocery list by store location (I can also organize it by recipe or alphabetical).
    I'm a sky watcher, too. I think I love the sky because it's always changing and it's all God-made (only a passing airplane here and there).
    I LOVE your magazine. You had me ROFL with the sheep and snake articles. VERY CUTE!
    Thanks for sharing about yourself. It was a great start to my day!
    Patricia :o)

  15. I love grilled cheese sandwiches, too! I think I'll make one once I get some cheese! Yummy.

  16. Congrats to Linda!!

    I like to make lists too. And the Andy episode is one of my favorites-right up there with the Darlings and Ernest T.

  17. Congrats to Linda!
    Paula, I have an award for you but didn't get around to telling you about it yesterday, (so busy)
    Where did you get the pattern for the apron/bonnet?
    I would love to sew one when I get time.
    Have a great day.

  18. holy mosses Paula..what an adventure you had with that snake in the post below..good gracious!!! You are a brave woman! So glad your little chick was okay...poor thing!

    Love your Meme...I too love the sky..and the clouds..especially those big fatt puffy ones in a brilliant blue sky..I write list all the time too....have them all over the house....

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit this morning!!! Have a great day

  19. Hello..I just came over from Eggs in My Pocket. My blog is still new to me...and I'm wanting to connect with fellow farm, nature and animal people. I just finished a huge pile of cucumbers into pickles...so I can relate to your bean canning! Our beans won't be ready until the third week of August. We planted June 14th..a little late.
    Do come over for a visit!!

  20. Paula,

    I sure LOVE coming here and I miss when you don't have a new post for me! (A little selfish on my part, I know!)

    I love your magazine cover...it's WAY more interesting than mine was! lol!

    Thanks for your visits! I always enjoy your comments so much!

    Have a great upcoming weekend!

  21. Paula,
    I'm with you on Andy Griffith. I have driven my son and husband crazy because I can watch them over and over.
    I love the one where Aunt Bea gets looped on the elixer. Her "happy" singing is so funny.

  22. Hello. I just found your blog, hope to come back and visit!

  23. Hi Paula, I too am constantly making lists or I'll forget. I have so many compositions books showing the same lists over and over again on things I plan to complete. I'm just a list freak. LOL. I love the Andy Griffith Show and never get tired of reruns.
    Read your previous post about the snake in your chicken coop. Glad to hear Beau is OK. Did your Silkie make it?
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Irma :)

  24. Hi Paula ~ When I got home from garage sale shopping today, the apron/bonnet that I won from you was in the mailbox! I am sooo very excited ~ I cant wait to go out to my garden and wear it as a bonnet. I will enjoy it both ways, I am sure!! Thanks for the note and the little sewing machine, too ~ I absolutely love it! (My grandma always wore a bonnet and apron, but sad to say I dont have any of hers left.)
    I, too, watch Andy Griffith over and over ~ just love that show. Your magazine cover is great, too!
    Blessings 2 you,

  25. You sound pretty normal to me, Paula! (Not sure what that comment says about me, LOL). I like my lists divided up into sections~else they don't do me much good. I try to list my groceries in the order of where I come to them in the store--starting with produce.

    One random thing about me: I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches.


  26. Congrats to Linda and great job on the cover. Thanks for sharing that. I have already visited and created one of my favorite rooster that I will be posting on my site.

    I also love Andy and Barney. My other favorite is Bonanza. When I was growing up my mother was a single mother of six and I used to wish she would marry Ben Cartwright!

  27. Hi paula love the magazine cover.love to read all those thinks about you.Thank you for visiting my blog Take care~Kate~

  28. Congrats Linda!

    Loved the Meme...
    I think I'll do my list in an actual blog post. I'm hard up for stuff to write about since I got home, and this will fill the spot nicely :) Thanks!

  29. Congratulations Linda!

    Absolutely love The Andy Griffith Show. My favorite episodes are those with The Darlings. The music is always great! And I adore all of Aunt Bea's aprons. Wouldn't it be nice to have one of those?


  30. Thanks for playing along. Great to learn more about you!


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