I am Woman, hear me roar.

Yesterday turned out to be really.... uhhh.... exciting, to say the least. It's not every day I get to be FarmChick the Fearless Superhero, so I will bask in the glory for a while, anyway.

I usually go up to the barn after lunch to check on all the animals, especially in hot weather to make sure they have enough water. As soon as I stepped outside to make my rounds, I heard a commotion coming from the chicken coop. I ran up the hill and from a distance I could see that one of my Silkies was lying in a little heap on the ground. I frantically threw open the door to the coop and saw... (ugh)....a large black snake wrapped around my precious Beau. Wrapped around him several times, if you get my drift. I knocked the large ball of fluff and snake out the door of the coop, fearing that Beau was already dead. When I did this, the snake began to uncoil from around him and I immediately put my boot on top of its head while I thought about what to do next. I had nothing within arms reach to kill it with, but I knew if I let my foot up, it would disappear into the woods only to return to kill again another day. At the same time, I could see Beau was still breathing, although just barely. I picked him up and held him for a few minutes, and the whole time the snake was trying to wrap around my ankle. When Beau finally started coming to and I was satisfied he would be alright, I swallowed hard, picked up the snake from both ends, and proceeded to carry it down to the pout house to get my hoe and finish it off. And boy, did I finish it off. Roar. However, after all the Superhero adrenaline left my body, I felt a rather strong urge to pass out. I would prefer my life to be very uneventful for the next few days. Hubby, who was not at home when all this happened, told me how proud he was of me, and that made me feel good.

I decided to be kind and spare you the pictures of the 5+ foot long snake, so here instead is a picture of sweet little Beau this morning, doing just fine after his close call.

In honor of Beau's swift recovery, I feel like having a give-away!

The winner will receive this "Apron-Bonnet" I made from an old pattern Hubby's grandmother used. I had a couple of these in my ETSY shop a few months ago, and they both sold very quickly. With 2 handy pockets in the front, you can wear it as an apron, like this.... or, just button up a couple of buttons and cinch the tie in the back....

and it turns into a sun bonnet!
Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Even if you've never left a comment before, please do so because I would love to hear from everybody! I will draw a name on Sunday, July 27th, and announce the winner on Monday, July 28th. Good Luck!


  1. Love the story ,Sometimes a girls got to do what a girls got to do(LOL).
    The bonnet reminds me of one my Grandmother wore.She was the kind of girl that would have killed a snake if it got in her chickens.


  2. Wow! That must have been scarey! You are a hero!

  3. I'm so proud of you, Paula!!! I CAN hear you roar!!!!! You would die laughing if you heard my sister and I confronting a snake. I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard us. Why it takes a lot of noise to do the job, I don't know, but it seems to work!!!!

    Throw my name in that drawing!!!!! I would think of your snake every time I wore it!!!!!


  4. No way, never, no, unh-uh! My worst nightmare. I could have stepped on it,killed it... but not touched it - shivers are running down my spine (strike that - apparently I don't have a spine!)

    But I'm so proud of you - you're my hero!

  5. VERY COOL!!!!! congrats. yes you are woman...and I hear you roar!!

  6. That is one big snake! Do you know what kind it was?

    I would freak out if I saw that in my coop. I'm proud of you for taking immediate action and thinking clearly enough to take care of your chicken and the snake!

    I would wear the apron at the grill! Not sure about the bonnet part tho...

  7. Paula, you are a Superhero- I'm very proud of you.
    And I'm very happy that Beau is recovering.
    I love that bonnet/apron. You have a lot of talent---"I am Woman...."

  8. Hey Paula, check out this web site.


  9. Don- It was definitely the Gray Ratsnake. It was mostly black on top, but it's sides and underbelly was a silvery white. I've heard it called a chicken snake, but in all my years, I had never seen anything like this in person. The only experience I ever had up until now was snakes getting in the nest and eating the eggs. Imagine my surprise!! YEEECH!!!
    We mostly have the black racer around here, and they are good for keeping rats and mice away. They are small however... usually 2-3 feet long. This snake was over 5 feet!

    By the way.... if you win the apron, you have to send me a picture of you wearing it as a bonnet!! LOL

  10. I am so glad your baby was okay. He's gorgeous. I would have had a cow if I found a snake in my chicken coop! More power to you!

  11. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It's PAULA-SUPER CHICK!! Wow, Miss Paula, you are one brave lady. Little snakes don't bother me, but I don't know about one that size. You GO GIRL!

    Love that apron bonnet. I've never seen anything like that. Please enter my name.
    Patricia :o)

  12. OH MY STARS! I would have been scared to death. Snakes terrify me. But I guess we do things we wouldn't normally do when we are faced with a situation like that. Boy were you brave. Glad it turned out ok. Count me in on your give away.

  13. Its is unbelievable what we can muenster ourselves to do when it comes to the life of an animal. You are a smart lady to do all that think'in in such stressful times. It sounds like your mind was going a mile a minute to try an figure out what to do. I'm proud of you for reaching down and picking up that snake. That was the only solution to surly know that it would not come back. Sounded like a big one too.
    My neighbor's recently had a big black snake get into their house and the wife saw the thing in the kitchen, she ran screaming. I told her I believe I would have broken every dish in that kitchen if that's what it took to kill that snake, because the onther consequence is living with a snake until you stumble upon him again. I ain't do'in that.
    Thank you for telling me about the electrolyte solution for my chickens drinking water. I'll get some today.
    Good Day

  14. Oh No honey! I loooove all my little chicks and other animals to death but that is what they would have in that situation, I am afraid to say! If I didn't kill them myself with a reaaaaaly long handled hoe trying to get the snake off!!! There is no way I could step on it. OMG!!!

    My SIL and I killed a 7 foot blacksnake under my clothesline about 20 years ago. We both had a hoe in our hands held by the tip end of the handles and started on opposite ends chopping it into a zillion pieces!! My hubby asked "Didn't it die after a couple chops?"....LOL

    You get an award for bravery my darling!!

    Oh Please add me in on the giveaway! Thanks for visiting too!!!

  15. Paula, you are my hero! I have a hard time swatting bugs, but i can tell you that one night something (a weasel we think) got into my basement and totally tore into one of my sweet, defenseless ringneck doves, right thru the bottom of the cage. At that moment, i could have killed that thing with my bare hands, and still will if i ever run into it. (I'd prefer to use a long pointed weapon tho...)And once that was done, i would probably have the very same reaction you did...bottom out! hahaha You can now officially rename your blog to The Fraker Farm Chicken Goddess! ;)

  16. Thanks for sharing all of your farm-stories with us! I live on a farm too and I have killed a few snakes in the chicken coop, too ~ it is always a scary thing!!! I absolutely LOVE the apron/bonnet ~ please enter me in your drawing ~ the fabric is wonderful!

  17. Oh my gosh....poor little Beau. I am so glad you got there in time to save him. I would have FREAKED out with the snake....you are definately a Superhero in my book. Great job saving your little man!!

  18. Hey Paula,

    Oh my goodness, that snake story gave me the heebie jeebies! lol! You are definitely a superhero in my eyes! Poor little Beau!

    I definitely would love to be entered in your giveaway!


  19. Oh my goodness, YOU ARE SO TOTALLY COOL!! That's SO much more impressive than shooting a skunk from 10 ft away!! Wow, you killed a 5-foot long snake WITH YOUR BARE HANDS??!!! I'm totally giving you a "Tim the Tool Man" roar!!

    I am so not worthy to wear your apron-bonnet.

    But if you pick my name, I promise I will wear it with pride!

  20. Paula, I just can't believe it- what an awful story. I hope Mr. Lovely Chicken has settled down now. Thank the Lord you came on the scene when you did. You're awesome!

    Please enter my name too, for the bonnet. It's wonderful.
    P.S. Just to let you know, I got tagged, and I'm passing the tag on to you among 5 others. I'll post the rules tomorrow on my blog. If you can't play, it's okay. I understand snake-fighting women are much in demand these days!

  21. EEEEWWWWW! I HATE snakes; I had a recent run in with one as did Shanda at Front Porches,Sweet Tea; we were joking that I scared him back to her!! Maybe he detoured to you? LOL! I don't know what I would have done, but you go girl!!! Yeah snake killer woman! I love it; and thanks for your comment on my blog! So sorry about Samson though:( I don't know what I would do with each and every one of them and mine don't think they are d-o-g-s either lol!I saw a quote today that I thought was too funny ( even though I DO have a human child!! ) It said "Children are for people who can't have dogs" Hee-hee; well mine are fur children LOL! Hey cute apron/bonnet; wow you are talented and generous too! Throw me in the ring too! And anytime you get to these parts you can come and visit Murphy and the rest of the fur babies as long as you like! Merrie

  22. Mercy, Paula! I'm not sure I'd have had the nerve to do that, though they say when a woman's kids are threatened, she can experience supernormal adrenaline surges and strength! I guess that's what happened to you! Poor little Beau. I can imagine how terrifying the ordeal must have been for him...for both of you!

  23. Paula you are awesome! You had me on the edge of my seat reading your post! I hate snakes. I can't believe you not only put your foot on him and held him down but you actually reached down and picked him up!!! Ugh! Good girl for saving your little sweetie!
    Oh, and that apron is adorable!
    Love, Ann

  24. Way to go snake killer!! You ARE awesome! I go into hyper-adrenaline mode to save my chickens too - it's rather freakish. Not that you're freakish.. but you know... *grin*

    LOVE the APRONNET too!! (Yeah, I just made that up).

  25. I can remember my grandma telling me stories about killing snakes out on the farm..she'd have to go out every morning and check the yard before she let her little ones outside....never knew anyone until now that had actually done it in person..Wow, Paula...I am speechless..and impressed!

  26. Wow, one more minute and Beau might have been a goner! Good thing you went out when you did. I gotta hand it to you for being brave. You are a superhero for sure!

  27. OMG you are courageous! There is no way I'm terrified of snakes and wouldn't be able to even get close enough to it. I buy this stuff called Snake Away and put it out all around the yard. lol Reminds me it's about time to get some more and do it again. What I wonderful give-a-way not to sound greedy or anything but I hope I win. lol Take Care and keep on roaring you deserve it for a long time in my opinion. :)

  28. Oh my! That is quite a story. I am constantly amazed by the strength shown by women protecting their babies!!!! Lil Beau is counting his blessings tonight and the first one is having the world's greatest SuperMom!!!!! I can let the little ones go but when they are threatening like that, well, a girl haas to take matters into her own hands. You are very cool under pressure....

    My fresh salsa-pico de gaillo-is on my recipe blog. Are you wanting the recipe for canning salsa?
    Since I have planted the tomatilla this year, I have a new recipe for tomatilla salsa, which is green. I hope it is like the green salsa we get in the restaurants...

    Love the bonnet apron. I know what you mean about being busy this summer. Our veggies are coming on strong and I am busy all day....

  29. Good for you! I can almost hear that roar down this way..
    Most of the time we don't catch the snakes and just find the dead chickens, so Beau is a lucky Silkie(and handsome too)
    That apron bonnet is so cute.
    When I was a child the women wore this huge sun bonnets when they worked outside. I was thinking the other day I needed me a bonnet.Hint hint...
    Have a great and snake free week, Paula.

  30. You are a brave, brave girl! I am soooo scared of snakes~can't stand them. So glad to see that Beau is okay~those little things are tough and can endure so much! We've had trouble with those nasty black snakes--hubby killed one a few weeks ago and there's one in the brush pile on top of the hill we need to get.

    Love the apron~my grandma had something similar.

    Hope you have a quiet day!


  31. This is my first time posting even though I read your blog every day. I don't know if I could have been that brave. I hate snakes! But I guess if I was home alone and there was no man to call I would have done it to protect Beau.


  32. Thank you, Susan- and it's so good to hear from you!!

  33. Good Morning! Thank you for commenting on my blog! It's nice meeting you. I'm in the mountains of NC, east of Asheville. I love TN!!! My mom is from eastern TN. my daughter is in Nashville. I would move there tomorrow is I could.
    Anyway, I've enjoyed reading here. That chicken is so pretty. We used to raise chickens when I was younger, remember I had a pet chick that was bald. It later died of natural causes. Which I was kinda glad then I wouldn't have had to see it die "the other way".
    Your black snake story reminded me of the time I had to unwrap one from around my sons neck. Yes, he came home, nonchalantly, with one laying from one hand, up over his shoulders to the other hand, arms stretched out!! After I took some pictures, it got nervous and started constricting around his neck. That's the first time I'd ever touched a snake. But we got it off him (while dh stood looking at us like we were out of our minds for even getting near the thing) and ds let it go in the woods.
    Well, this has turned into a long post :) so, I'll stop.
    Patty H.

  34. Paula, I have tagged you on my blog. If you have the time to play, please stop over and get the rules! Take care, Debra

  35. OMG! You are a real pioneer woman now!! You should have made shoes out of that mean old snake. It brought tears to my eyes...I had a black silkie that I LOVED. One night my boys forgot to put her to bed when my hubby and I were out....something got her that night. She was my little sweetie. Her name was Emma. I am glad yours is going to be okay. Most people don't realize that you can love a chicken!!

    Thanks for stopping by again. It was good to hear from you,


  36. You are super woman. I'm very impressed and wish I was that brave. We recently had a little bitty snake trying to get in our front door and all I could do was stand and scream and run in place like a little girl. But hubby felt like the big protector when he killed it.

    You go Girl!!

  37. Paula, I got the electolyte powder for the chickens as you recommended. It is much cooler here today, barely 71 with a 90 percent chance of rain. The chicks are loving it and so am I.

  38. Oh my goodness! You are a BRAVE woman! I would have been sooo freaked out! You did a GREAT job and saved Beau just in the nick of time!!! He looks like he is doing great and you truly are a SUPERHERO!!!! :)

    And Wow...a giveaway too! How absolutely fun!!! I would totally love to win! That is just absolutely tooooo cute!!! Thanks for the chance!


  39. Snake killin' chicken saving WOMAN! Oh Paula I loved it - you did what had to be done and did it well. A snake in the chicken house is absolutely no good - Her new country woman name is Paula Killer of Snake Invaders! Woo HOOO!

  40. OMG! You are a much braver woman than I am! Thinking of you standing there with your foot on the snake and it trying to wrap itself around your ankle - yuk! But you do what you need to do in a situation. I probably would have found myself being much braver than I think I am if something was trying to kill one of my chicken! You are my hero!!!

  41. Oh, Paula, I just now got a chance to come and read and know how you must have felt about that nasty snake in your hen house. I am so glad Beau is alright! I have still been able to keep the snakes out of my hen house after the bull snake event. Just sprinkle ammonia around the outside of your hen house and chicken pen. The snakes can't stand the smell and it won't hurt your chickens. Good luck and take care, oh, your bonnet is just precious! blessings, Kathleen

  42. You are a tough Lady!! And I love the apron.

  43. Girls just want to have funnnnn, they really do. But messing with that snake did not sound like having fun! I am so glad Beau is alright and he should be forever indebted to you and his hens too for giving them back their man, I mean rooster. Cockadoodle do to you kiddo-LOL! My grandmother always wore one of those bonnets and she would make me wear one too. How cute.

  44. Paula, That is so scarey!I am so glad you got there in time to save poor Beau.He is a beauty!

    I did not realize black snakes would try to kill chickens.We have lost a few this week also, not sure what too though.They just disapeared no signs what so ever.

    Snapping turtles in our pond have killed 4 of our ducks,that was heart breaking.So it was time to bring out the gun for those nasty things.I now have 8 dusks left and they are like pets they know there names and all.As do most of the chickens.

    My great dane Dutchess was just bitten last month in the face by a snake.It was near me and she attacked it.It was almost dark and I never saw it till she yelped.We killed it.I thought it was a copperhead but it wasn't.Thank the lord!I forget what my hubby said it was,looks like one but without the stubby tail.Dutchess recovered after a couple days and the swelling was horrible.

    Stay safe!Love your blog!I'm glad Beau is safe!

    Well I had better go,Jen

  45. Paula, I am so glad Beau is okay and that you made an quick end to that snake! I want chickens so badly, but I could definitely live without the predators!

    One of the adventures of living in a rural area...sort of like our litter of coyote pups this spring or the skunk family that loves our pump house. *Ü*

  46. Wow...you are a super hero...I cannot imagine doing that...your little chickens are really blessed to have you watching over them. Love the apron/bonnet..Come over and visit my blog. Kathy

  47. Shew!! Good job. I would of been terrified! Your mothers instinct kicked in when you saw that little chicken in need of help. Good job mommy. Your bonnet apron is adorable, I would love to win it. Have a blessed day!

  48. Hi Paula. I'm really pleased you saved your silkie. We had a lot of trouble with pythons here last summer and ended up having to put chicken wire inside the chicken coop walls to keep them out. Funny, as we've kept chickens for over 10 years and that's the first time we had any trouble.

  49. Glad your silkie is ok and your a brave woman to take on that snake!

  50. HI- I love your blog! Especially the pout house and the tour of your beautiful home! Glad you got the snake and poor Beau! Give him a hug for me- karen

  51. How terrifying! Of course, isn't it strange how we tend to go into robot mode when faced with situations like that one? Some little light goes off in our attics and we forget to be afraid and just focus on solving the problem. I'm always amazed at the lengths I will cross to ensure the safety of my animal-babies.

    Excellent post! Love the bonnet/apron. What a neat combo!!! My friend over at Tabletop Homestead, Judy, would LOVE that!!!!


  52. HI I just found your blog today and hope I'm still eligible for the beautiful apron/bonnet?

    I live in Australia and am therefore suitably nervous about snakes as a very large proprotion of ours are deadly. The trouble with that is that aside from pythons (which can bite, but aren't venomous) it makes you pretty scared of ALL other snakes.

    You most definitely rank as a very brave lass in my books! I bet this will become one of those legends that the chooks pass on to their chicks for generations to come!

    Have agreat day!


  53. Oh what we won't do for our beloved farmyard friends! You are my hero Paula! So happy that Beau is well.


  54. Little blog fun...I've been tagged so I have passed it along to you to share 6 random things about yourself, see my blog for more details if you want to participate, don't feel that you have to. Have a great week ~Kim

  55. Paula -
    ohhhhh- in the words of Indiana Jones "I HATE snakes!!"
    What a woman - you go girl!!
    Glad we popped in to see what you were up to - saving the world & all!!
    Since we're here - enter us in that contest for that pretty little apron/bonnet - that is so cute - never seen anything like that before!
    Have a great weekend warrior girl!
    Karla & Karrie

  56. I could not have picked up that snake. Maybe for my chickens but I doubt it. Great job!


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