You like me! You really like me!!

Sorry to rip off Sally Field's Oscar speech, but I think it's very appropriate today.... I've been given an award!! The lovely Tammy from Country Girl at Home has given me the "Arte y Pico" award... I'm so honored!!! Especially to win an award I can't even pronounce!! (you should hear me try to pronounce it with my Southern accent... it's awful...)

Now the rules to this award are the following:
1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribution to the blogging community.
2) Each award has to have the name of the author and link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.
3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that presented her/him with the award.
4) The award winner and one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico" blog so everyone will know the origin to this award.
5) To show these rules.

Hmmmm... it's so hard to narrow it down to only 5 from all the places I love..... I love to visit everybody! But I'll play fair... (humphh- that's a first.) I award the "Arte y Pico" in return to:

Kathleen from Eggs in my Pocket- I love all of Kathleen's garden and animal stories... and please check out her Yesteryear Embroideries blog... you will be amazed at her gorgeous work!
Mare from Moon and Stars Studio- Mare always posts wonderful pictures of a wide variety of things, from her artwork and handmade jewelry to her grandkids and flower garden! Stop by her place and just admire her beautiful watercolors!
Doreen at Vermont Harvest Primitives- Miss Doreen's blog is so much fun to visit, because she makes the most wonderful little primitive dolls and they have such personality, too. I personally gush at her creations... I think you will, too!
Renna at Finding my Knitch- Renna does some fabulous knitting..(Ugh, I am so jealous.) But she also blogs about her family, cooking, and being a slave to her cat. Never a dull moment at Renna's place!
Dani at Eagles Wings- Dani always writes such beautiful things, and she also posts really neat pictures of people and places from a long time ago to the present day. You never know what you'll see next!

Thank you again, Tammy.. this was fun!

Some of you have asked about how I arrived at the name "Pout House" for my little potting shed/lawnmower shed/ junk depository.... and I don't really know, except when Hubby first moved the chicken coop (which is what it was in it's previous life) right beside the house, we joked and said it looked like a fancy outhouse on cinderblocks. Once it was finished, it didn't really look like a normal potting shed with the lean-to's on each side, but I didn't want to keep calling it the "outhouse", so I just combined outhouse and potting shed. At least I think that's how it happened....

Speaking of, I have recently found out that someone has BEEN IN MY POUTHOUSE. Can you believe it, the nerve? I started seeing a little activity inside, so I decided to investigate....

Hmmmm... everything looks normal...

Sounds like there is something coming from the Wally World bag in the corner....

Great.... now I have to SHARE my pouthouse with a whole family of Wrens!!!
Jeez... I'll never get to pout in peace...


  1. That nest is adorable! I have been finding them lately in the strangest places! Maybe Mrs bird wants to pout too.

  2. Hi Paula. Thank you so much for the are so sweet :)!!! And thank you for the lovely things you said about my dolls...I always feel like they have so much personality but i'm SO HAPPY to know someone else thinks so too.

    I would LOVE to share my "Pout" house with wrens...that is soooo sweet. I can't believe they put the nest in a bag though...that could get very hot better instal a fan for them!!! We have a pair of wrens building a nest on the front porch in one of the little makeshift houses I put up this spring..I'm so happy to see them there and I love how vocal they are :).

    Have a wonderful day my friend.


  3. Love your shed.Congrats on your award. How sweet you share your shed with the wrens. I love watching the birds.

  4. WOW Paula! Thank you so much for nominating me for this award! I am so happy that you like my work and my blog! You know i love you and yours! This has just made my week! It's a wonderful award and the Moon and Stars Studio will "wear" it with pride! What a sweet little nest you found in the Pout House! Birds domestic and wild, will do anything to make their nests next to you! :)

  5. They once nested in a riding helmet in our tack room. We had to throw out the helmet because the bird poo would not come out of the velvet. It was terrible!

    I'm very glad that yours are in a Wally World bag!


  6. Thanks so much for the award...and thanks for the nice things you said about my blog...I really enjoy yours too...
    I am really amazed that wrens build their nests in such odd it just wrens?

  7. Congrats on your award and I LOVE your POUT house!!! THat is hilariously resourceful. Looks like the wrens thought so too.
    What are you going to do?

  8. Congratulations on the award. I love your acceptance speech, even if it was plagiarized. ;-)

    I feel honored to have had the award in turn passed on to me. Ah'm jest not wuhthy (my lame attempt at phonetically writing my southern accent!).

    I'd be thrilled to find a wren's nest in my pouting house, if I had a pouting house. They are such adorable little birds. :-)

  9. PS-I meant to add, though I can see how the bird's nest could certainly crimp your activities!

  10. Congrats on the is well deserved!
    What good company to have in your pout house!!

  11. Congratulations on the award! That is such a cute pout house.

  12. Hi Paula,
    Congratulations on your award. Though it doesn't surprise me...You are such a sweet and beautiful person. I always enjoy your notes when you stop by for a visit.

    Love your pouthouse (such a cute name, too). How sweet that you have to share with a family of wrens. That's just too sweet! Lucky you.
    Patricia :o)
    PS: I'm off to visit your recommended blogs. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun.

  13. See even make me laugh with your award acceptance speech!

    Oh and how cute that the wrens chose your pout house (which I love by the way!) I'd say they picked a charming little home!

    Have a great evening!

  14. Quite the resourceful little wren you have there. I am amazed at how willing they are to nest in anything that will hold still long enough!

  15. Congratulations on your award Paula. What a sweet bird nest. Kathi

  16. Congratulations on the award, dearie. You do deserve it. I, myself, have had many good hours in this warm, welcoming place. That's probably why the wrens moved in! We get them all over in our birdhouses and gourds. They squawk and raise such a fuss when we are near their nests but we love them. Your pout house is adorable and knowing that it is a 'chosen' space makes it very special. :-)

  17. Oh, Paula, I just love the nest in the wal-mart bag! You are so blessed that they want to make their home with you! Thank you for the award, you are so sweet and congratulations on receiving it, you deserve the honor!!Blessings, Kathleen


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