Tag.. I'm it!

My lovely friend Ann from Annie Fannie's Green Acres has tagged me to tell 6 unimportant things about myself, so here goes....

1. I started going gray at 19. I'm 38 now and mostly gray, but the real reason I dye my hair is because I have a large gray streak that runs from my forehead all the way to the back on top. In other words, if I didn't dye it I would look something like a redneck Kitty Bartholomew.

2. Speaking of redneck... I tried snuff (dip) on a dare from my cousin when I was 10 years old. I threw up for three days. I cannot get near a can of Skoal Wintergreen to this day without dry-heaving.

3. Speaking of smells... if someone wears very loud perfume or cologne around me, I get a migraine. I once went out with a boy whose cologne made me so sick I had to tell him after 3 dates I couldn't see him any more. But, being the nice person I am, I never told him he was "Killing me softly with Polo".

4. I hear people talk about news flash moments they will never forget, like when President Kennedy was shot, or something like that. The moment I'll always remember is when Elvis died... I was 7 years old and had come in from playing outside, and my Mom was just standing there frozen listening to the news on the radio... it was really weird. And I really loved Elvis, too.

5. I get cracked up very easily at the worst possible times... like at a funeral or something where you're supposed to be extremely quiet. I'll start thinking about something really stupid, then I have to get up and leave because it will spill over into uncontrollable laughter if I don't.

6. I am still fairly new to the whole blogging thing, but my most humiliating blog moment so far came when I left a comment for someone, and then had to type the word verification twice. After I sent the comment sailing through the airwaves I noticed to my horror that I had accidentally typed the first word verification on the end of my comment. So in other words, it looked something like this...
"I really like your blog. frdpopshhthhmj"
I was so embarrassed I thought I would die.

Now that you know a lot more about me than you probably ever wanted to... I hope you all still love me in spite of myself!!

6/19/08- Rats.... I forgot to tag anybody!!!
Hmmmm.... how about......
Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries, Pam from Bear Creek, Laura from Harvest Lane Cottage, and Farm Girl Pam from Life on a Southern Farm!


  1. Paula you are so funny! The more I read about you, the more I see why we have become blogging friends. LOL. I also remember the day Elvis died and when JFK was killed and where I was and what I was doing! Have you ever seen Elvis in person? I saw him perform once, something I will never forget!....and the laughing at the worst times....I can see they will never let us sit together somewhere. You are to funny, thanks for playing along!
    Love, Ann

  2. You crack me up! You have a such a way with words :) I don't remember Elvis, but I do remember the shuttle explosion when the teacher died... Funny how some things just stick with you through the years. btw- I am glad you don't have word verification. I stink at reading/typing those...

  3. Very nicely written. You may have the makings of the next Erma Bombeck. I like the story about the boyfriend. I wonder if he still wears too much cologne?

  4. Annie- I never got to see Elvis in person... but I used to listen to his records OVER AND OVER. You and I will be sitting on opposite ends of the building at any social function, for sure!!

    Shannon- I also remember the shuttle explosion very well! I forgot about that one until you said that.
    I have "word verification dyslexia"- I always get it backwards. (I know- how dumb is that...)

    Don- last I heard the poor guy never got married... do you think I broke his heart, or was it that no one else could stand the smell either? LOL

  5. Thanks for sharing your facts(-: I was lets see...16 when Elvis died. I remember that day cuz I was visiting a friend and suddenly her parents were saying oh noooo... We went into the t.v. room and we couldn't believe what we heard. It was a sad day indeed. Hope all is well at the Fraker Farm!!!(-:

  6. LOL! I'm cracking up at your comment faux pas.

    I also cracked up at your redneck Kitty Bartholomew comment! ;-Þ

    Your Elvis comment just made me feel old. I also clearly remember the day Elvis died, and was very saddened by it. I had a 2 year old at the time, and there you were only 7. ;-)

    It was fun learning new facts about you, Paula, even if you did make me feel ancient in comparison. :-)

  7. Paula, thanks for the advice on the "gatorade" for chickens! I will have to give that a try.

    Elvis dying is the first historical thing I remember. Me and you are about the same age.

  8. Just love it ----- especially the snuff part!!!!


  9. Paula, it's fun getting to know more about you- wish we could sit around the kitchen table with a cup of coffee (and cake, of course) and just talk!! I have the "giggle syndrome" as well- makes me even more nervous to be in polite society! And those word verification thingies drive me crazy.

  10. What's not to love about you Paula? Fairly new at blogging, I love your page; wish, I could blog like you!
    I remember Elvis collapsing on stage I was watching, I think for a moment my own heart stopped. I was so shocked, and hurt by the thought of his drug use. Loved him!
    I have to say 9/11 sticks out in my mind as aI was in the bursers office at college when it all took place and heard the staff say the U.S. is under attack. Scared me silly...

    Stop by for a visit, peeps are posted.

  11. I don't remember my Elvis died moment. I did play his records over and over, too.

    I wasn't alive when JFK was killed. Does that make me young? I hope so!

    I do remember 911. I was in the car taking my dog to the groomer. It was a surreal moment.

    Who did you tag?

    God bless!

  12. Alright now, Paula. Linda has tagged me too. By time I get through with all the things you want or don't want to know about me, you sure will be tired of all about me.lol..
    thanks, have a good day!

  13. Paula,

    You ARE funny and interesting! I'm glad to hear someone else has the problem of cracking up when you're supposed to be serious....it happens to me in church sometimes (to me and my mom!)

    And I do remember exactly where I was when I heard about Elvis (I was older than you!).

    You really cracked me up with the word verification thing on the comment you left. Hopefully, it was someone nice! :)
    ~ Tammy

  14. I laughed out loud a couple times while reading more about you. I did the dip thing too on a dare, nasty!
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Paula you are a hoot and a half! Are you old enough to have seen the Mary Tyler Moore show where they were doing the funeral of chuckles the clown and she got the giggles? A priceless moment and you made me think of it in your 6 things! Have a great week - how did those pickles turn out?

  16. You, my friend, have a way with the word. Did you know that Elvis and I share a birthday? Well, actually,I was born on his birthday.
    And I was a Beatles fan! I actually have better memories of when Lynyrd Skynyrd died in the plane crash. It was a horrible experience.
    I quit dying my hair because my hair won't hold the color. It doesn't last a week!
    The more I learn, the better it gets. I can see us chatting into the wee hours with a big mug of cappucino.
    Do you remember the first record you ever bought? Mine was the Beach Boys-Help Me Rhonda/Don't Worry Baby. I loved those guys....
    I think there are a lot of people that overdo the eau-di-do-dah-day cologne. There must be a reason they call it toilet water!

  17. Enjoyed learning more about you. I also have fits of laughter at the wrong times. Thanks for sharing with all your readers!

  18. How cute, I bet that blogger is still trying to figure out the verification letters. Wanted to let you know I have you name in the drawing for the July 4th drawing. Hugs, Rose

  19. As usual, you always crack me up..especially the snuff (for me it was a giant green cigar) and the word verification....I don't seem to ever get it right on the first try!

  20. HI Paula, No worries on the typing thing I hope, as I sure cannot type and yours was not form you, it was the post! SO, don;t make a big deal of it.
    So sorry, for all your smell problems, that has to be hard.

    I also remember all those tragedies too, the Garth Brooks song is so tearful for me as he collects so many memories with "The Dance".

    I love seeing your farm grow and I did go take strawberry photos but I left them for the birds after seeing your garden.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    smiles, cyndi

  21. We have a lot in common...I also started to gray at 19 and have real issues with inappropriate laughter. Oh the stories I could tell! I enjoyed your blog. :-)



  22. Oh my goodness, Kitty -- I mean Paula, I think my face is going to hurt for days after reading this post. I am laughing so hard! LOL (See)

    You are absolutely the funniest little southern blogger I've ever met. And I like you all the more after reading this!

    P.S. I was letting my hair grow out to natural. I thought it would be a nice change UNTIL my little son told me that I looked like the villian in one of favorite movies. The guy with the white streaks that got struck by lightening! I colored it again that night! LOL

    Smiles --- really, really big ones,

  23. I just love your blog!

    Sometimes I get so wrapped up in keeping house, making stuff, and being a simple living gal -- I forget to wander over. When I do, it's always time well-spent.


  24. It's so fun to read about people, and getting to know you a little better. Your garden is growing so well. I can't believe your tomatoes. Mine are just blooming now.

  25. You are DEFINITIELY "IT"
    I laugh myself silly everytime I visit you.
    You get GIDDY at funerals?
    Okay,..... THATs a NEW one for me!
    ;) Oh dear.... you know next time I hafta go to a funeral... I am going to think of bloggin friend Farmchick Paula.* WHAT a riot.
    Have a hayday!
    Stay cool.

  26. I was attracted to your blog from Lea's page today and I about blew milk out my nose when I came up on the word verification issues! TOO Funny!! Sounds like something I would do - and probably HAVE done!!

  27. You know you are a sincere person when total strangers read your list of quirks and feels like they have known you forever!

    I also began to get gray hair at 19. What a whippin it is to color that stuff for the past er a 25 yrs. I have color stains on half my t-shirts.

    I didn't remember when Elvis died but I do remember when the Oklahoma bombing happened and I cried at work, called my brother and he cried.

    I also get migraines. When I have one, my sense of smell would rival a german shepherd! If I smell one thing it makes me sick. My poor hubby isn't allowed to eat when I have one.

    You are very funny!
    I'll drop in again!


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