Cheetos Feast on the Fraker Farm.


  1. Cute, I'll have to see if my chickens like chetoos.

  2. Oh What a riot! It's just like my house. When special treats are given out, and you don't gobble them fast enough, you loose to the faster eater around here! (except we don't have chickens, we have a cantankerous African Grey parrot on the loose!)

  3. How cute! Pooch didn't look too sure about competing with the chickens for his cheeto. ;-Þ

  4. I didn't know chickens liked cheetos! what fun!

  5. You are so funny! Your dog looks almost like he felt "above" having to share with the likes of the chickens!

    By the way, my animal loving daughter loved the video (she was standing beside me).

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I have 3 little ones that watched the video and they loved it. We are getting ready to get chicks next spring and I heard mommy we will need cheetos for them.

  7. Always a joy, my friend.
    Chickens are so funny...
    My weinie dogs LOVE Cheetos, too!
    and they sure wouldn't want to share with any chickens.

  8. What a sweet and gentle dog!

  9. I was hoping you would give me one too! I love those extra crunchy cheetos. Your dog looked like he was surprised the chickens didn't grab it out of his mouth.

  10. Hey Paula,

    Check out my blog....I have something for you!

    ~ Tammy

  11. HI Paula, that is so cute. Its nice to see your dog and chickens get along so well. I want chickens so bad...sniff sniff...
    It looked like when I give out treats, the dogs and cat all line up and want the same thing....even Alabaster the bird gets a treat or he yells. Thanks for sharing the video.

  12. I agree with the chickens and Smoky - cheetos are great treats! Chickens are pretty much omnivores - if they can get it in their beak -it's food. Smoky just shows a little more class -taking it gracefully (and not wanting chicken pecks on that sensitive nose!) what a hoot thanks for sharing

  13. Your dog acts like our outside dog with the chickens... they're always trying to steal his food and treats and he just lets them rather than snap at them. Your chickens really love cheetos! That is too funny!!

  14. I Love it!

    So adorable, that your dog is ever so gentle. Has he ever encountered a not so nice chicken/rooster or is he just gentle by nature? I have discovered, chickens don't seem to be picky eaters in any way shape or form...

  15. Mmmm. Cheetos.

    I like your feedjit thingy. I'm gonna try and make one on my blog.

    Is your silkie a blue?

  16. I love this!! Did Smokey ever get any Cheetos? Just can't blame the chickens for trying to keep them all! Thanks for the smiles!

    I haven't forgotten about the tag....just haven't had any "blogging energy" at all! I promise to get at it!!
    Have a great week...

  17. My chickens do that to us, too! When we eat on the porch, the chickens surround us... sitting on the railing, arms of the chairs, chair rungs, table -- everywhere. The moment there is a break in the shoveling of food into our mouths -- the chickens pounce.

    It's always entertaining!


  18. That's so cute! Poor doggie looked afraid to take one in front of your rooster. LOL

  19. I love those Cheetos, my dogs love'em too! I especially love the Cheddar Jalapeno flavor but can't find them at the store anymore. :(
    That's a very cute video. I thought for sure the chickens will grab the cheetos from your dog.

  20. Oh, how funny! I just loved that brave little chicken trying to take the cheeto from Smokey. For us, it is the dog who is taking the food from everyone else! Just precious! blessings, Kathleen


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