Farm Happenings

Just so you'll know.... I'm still here! So much has been going on the past couple of weeks, I don't even know where to start, but here is a little update on a few things-

I'm getting ready to make a batch of zucchini pickles. (My first time-wish me luck!)

Yellow squash.

My sweet potatoes are getting runners and will soon be covering their little bed with vines.

My tomatoes are doing great... the peppers are slow.

I finished the landscaping around my new walkway...

The beans are being watered with a soaker hose, but they are looking terrific! The corn is to the left, it's looking good, too.

The Little Terrorist and her babies. (Who aren't babies anymore!)

The newest resident of the farm... "Tiny"- a silver Japanese Bantam.

After having some problems recently with the Burb, we took it to our mechanic and he gave us the bad news... it was terminal. We were looking at having to replace the motor. (Ugh.) So after much thought, Hubby and I felt we needed to just say goodbye to the old gal. *sniff sniff* Rest in peace, Burb.

Her replacement....
I love it!! I had a 4-Runner once before that I drove for 11 years and foolishly sold when we bought the Burb. I missed it so bad.... I'm glad to have another one!

Sunsets have been pretty, but still no rain!!!

I have chores to do now, but I'll be dropping by for a visit at your place later on today!!


  1. Everything on the farm is looking wonderful. I can tell a lot of hard work has been going on. I haven't had zucchini pickles before. Good luck on them, and I am interested in the recipe too.
    The new 4 runner looks great so did the sunsets, and we are waiting on that rain too. Hope we all get it soon.
    Have a good week.

  2. I found your blog a little while ago. I love reading it, and you take suck lovely photos. :)

  3. Your garden look wonderful! Sorry about your truck, but congrats on the new one! I love the pics of the chickens.

  4. Everything looks great! You'll do just fine with the pickles, have no fear!
    The Little Terrorist looks to have turned out to be a great mom- those babies are thriving!
    Congrats on the 4-Runner- it's a beauty.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Your garden is wonderful - mine is not worthy of a picture - well may be you could be the "right" and mine would be the "not right" - I plant a big garden and then get too busy and the weeds overtake it! LOVE the new wheels - woo hoo!

  6. Oh, Paula, I have missed you so much! I didn't want to email in case something was wrong but I am so glad to hear you're ok and you're back. Your garden has progressed faster than ours, though we have peppers on , as well as tomatoes and tomatillas. Our potatoes are blooming and our onions are getting so big. The green beans will be blooming soon. This is our first year growing tomatillas. They are doing well. We have had a lot- a lot of rain. Mike built the garden up a few years ago. He had 2 loads of black dirt brought in and every year he adds composted manure and top soil. He loves his garden. I love the produce! Asparagus is done for the season. That's sad. We haven't had enough sunshine. Mike needs to thin the kohlrabi. Your bean rows are so long! How big is that garden? We don't have room for cor. You are so lucky to have that. Do you freeze or can? I freeze corn--have to buy it at roadside stands. We can't grow zucchini either. Our garden is cursed with squash bugs and nothing seems to get rid of them. I did find a new recipe for zucchini relish that is delicious and as soon as those zucchini are at farmers market, I am going to make me some! Sorry this is so long but, dang, can you tell I missed you?

  7. Good to read your post, Paula...really missed news of you and the farm.....I always have to get my "Fraker Fix" ya know?
    We are sweltering in heat but our veggies are doing good and our fig tree is going nuts, you can almost hear it growing.....
    I've never made zucchini pickles either so let us know how it goes, ok?

  8. I just found your blog and really enjoyed this post! The pictures told a story and I loved your gardens! Good luck with your new car!

  9. Your garden is looking great! We started pulling veggies from our co-op this last weekend. Deee-lish! Congrats on the 4runner. My SIL had one for years and loved it :)

  10. The garden looks good enough to eat Paula! Love the new car too:) I pray you get some rain there. Glad your back!

  11. I sure have missed you...but I can see why you haven't been around here on your you've been busy! Your garden looks great, love the new 4-runner, and your landscaping looks wonderful! I'm glad to hear what's happening on the farm! Oh and Tiny is a cute one!
    ~ Tammy

  12. Hi Paula! It sure looks like you have been busy, but it is so good to see you are posting again! Thanks for stopping by my blog.Your gardens are wonderful! Here in Upstate New York we have been going between dry spells and heavy rain. Yesterday we had some pretty heavy thunderstorms, with hail the size of gumballs! The weather is really wonkie here. Today we expect more rain, but it sure is chilly! Geesh!

  13. Hi Paula, your garden looks great!! We have the opposite problem of yours--we have too much rain and not enough sunshine. My poor plants just look stunted.

    Love your little Silver Japanese bantam. We finally let our chicks out into the run today. All eight have survived, so far, and with the one that Lucy hatched, we are finally working up to a nice number of chickens.

    The landscaping on your walkway looks great. I'm sure you shed lots of 'sweat' on that job!


  14. Looks like your gardens are doing well!!! And i just love the lil terrorist and her are growing FAST!! Does she still take care of them or do they do their own thing now?

    I love your new car! it looks great! :)

  15. Welcome back Farm Chick Paula.
    I understand gettin the chores done early.... it is like a sauna here too!
    The terrorist and her babies are beautiful! Love the newby too!

  16. Your garden goodies are looking great, Paula. I'd be tempted to snatch some of those green tomatoes for a mess of fried green damaters, as my dad liked to call them. ;-)

    I can imagine that life on the farm is a very busy place in the summer time! :-)

  17. Love your new 4-Runner! She's very cute....does she have a name yet? I love your beautiful garden!

    :0) sharon

  18. I love your garden and your new vehicle. Your garden is so huge. I am very impressed. I didn't see a single weed. It puts mine to shame.

    Happy Tuesday. Kathi

  19. I have a great recipe for zucchini pickles I previously posted. If you click under recipes on my blog you can find. They were soooo good, everyone raved about them so I'll make lots more when I have some zucchini. Your plants look good!

  20. Hey Paula everything in your garden looks great! Love your chickens and good luck on the zucchini pickles, I have never had or heard of that before!
    Love, Ann

  21. Hey Paula, I have just tagged you! Come on over to my blog and see what it is all about.
    Love, Ann

  22. Love your new wheels.
    Your garden is really looking great. I like the idea of a separate bed for your sweet potatoes. Your recipe for sounds great. Will you share it?
    Love how your walkway turned out.
    Hope you have a great week.

    Irma :)

  23. Those veggies look fantastic. I'm so happy for you. I can almost taste the goodness!

    Mine is gone. Just gone. I knew it was a long shot where it was located, but despite all odds I hoped beyond hope. Well we're digging up a new spot to use next spring. Maybe you could come by and wave your magic wand around. I want it to look like yours!


  24. You gardens are looking so great! We picked our first squash the other day and cooked it with some onions. I love fresh produce. I love visiting your blog, it is great!

  25. Oh Paula, I just want to come and visit you! Your pictures are beautiful. blessings, Kathleen

  26. I'm just downright jealous of that garden!!!! It's my only dislike of Florida ---- gardening seems to be almost impossible, except if you have recipes for spanish moss and wild grapevines!!!!!

    LOVE the new truck!!!!

    Let me know how the pickles turn out for you!!!!!


  27. I hope you like comments from random lurkers! I love the farm! I too have some of the same veggies and fruits growing right now; strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, we just ate the first crooknecks tonight. AND I have bantams! But, ssh, don't tell anyone -I live in LA. Yeah, the big city. My entire yard is smaller than your bean field. Yes, it is.

    PS Yay for Toyota!

  28. Your place is looking great! And I like your new ride too!

  29. Everything looks great in the garden. You'll have to post about the pickles-I've never heard of them.

  30. Ooooo... a 4-Runner! Nifty! How are you holding up with gas prices at an all-time high? We still have our truck but use my little Hyundai more than ever. Gas is $3.95/gallon here. Diesel is even worse.


  31. Wow, no rain? We've had a thunderstorm every day the past few days. My cousin told me we've had over 9" of rain this month! Your garden looks wonderful. I so wish I had some zucchini. I think next year I'll put a garden in, now that we're settled in. The little terrorist's chicks are very interesting. I see a bit of Hamburg in the lighter one. Has the terrorist begun laying again? Congratulations on the new truck! We need a new one too but I can't convince hubby.

  32. Visiting your blog was a joy! So many things to see, The "Garden" is beautiful and that Chicken house is to die for...I'd love to have it ...with all that I've seen I'm sure you must be tired! With a new canner and that big beautiful garden, I'll be glad to read any post you have time to write. You make life a spice Ginny


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