Welcome to my Home Sweet Home!

This was supposed to be posted bright and early this morning, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I am running a little behind schedule. I had an escapee up at the henhouse this morning. (Sarge was the culprit... imagine that!)
Anyhoo, welcome, and I'll try to show you around my place without boring you to tears.
Warning: you are about to see lots of roosters in the following pictures, so if the sight of poultry offends you, I suggest you sit this out.

This is the driveway side of the house as you come up the hill...

This is my little welcome sign at the front door... I don't know if you can read it or not, but it says,"Welcome to our Nest".

This is the living room. (The blue chair is "Hubby's Chair".)

This is looking toward the kitchen table. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all one big room.

This is the kitchen- see the island? Hubby made that for me. (blush, squeal)

Close-up of the island. (squeal again)

My Susan Winget cannister set. (huge squeal)

This is my view from under my pot rack looking toward the living room.

This is the laundry room/pantry... ugh, we better leave that door closed.

My best friend gave me this little Singer sewing machine frame- the sewing machine was long gone, so Hubby painted it for me and put the top on to make a table out of it.

I love this picture... The lady in the painting looks so much like Hubby's Grandmother. I don't know if you can see it very well, but she is saying table grace.

My sewing room... see the treadmill? I put it in here to remind me to take a break and walk when I'm crafting . Do you think it's working? Uhhh, no.

My retreat....

The guest bedroom....
And finally- the Master bedroom. We have patio doors leading to a little porch outside, and this is the view.I hope you enjoyed your tour... maybe next time I'll take you outside and show you around the barn where all the other members of our family live. Thanks, Heather, for inviting me!


  1. Great house! And I love your little island table, it really adds something to the kitchen!!!

  2. Paula, your home is lovely.
    I really like how the kitchen and living areas are so open, and you can see into the living room from the kitchen.
    The island is a perfect touch- it is beautiful!
    The treadmill in your crafting room is a good idea....I have one, too- only mine sits in an unused area of our living room....it folds up to sit out of the way- it hasn't been unfolded since it was put there (shhhhhh!!!!)- in January!
    I love all of the "poultry" !
    You have a wonderful home and you have made it beautiful.
    Thank you for the tour!

  3. Hi Paula,
    wow I just found you from Doreens(Vermont Harvest Bears, great girl) blog, you had left her a comment. I am drooling of the simple elegance and serentiy your home. i sure would love to have your butchers block AND those floors to die for!
    please feel free to stop by my blog and leave a comment to sign up for my 100th post giveaway, the drawing is Friday. The coffees always on...Ill sure be back, what a delightful blog you created. Peace, kat

  4. Paula, I want to know how come you're living in my dream house? ;-Þ

    Seriously, your home is positively gorgeous, inside and out (like the lady who resides in it, no doubt!). If I were to be able to design my own home, fit to my specifications, it would be practically identical to yours, right down to the combination living room/dining room/kitchen. I love it!

    When you said we'd see alot of poultry, I was expecting the 'live' kind. ;-Þ

  5. I love your home Paula!!! It is beautiful!!! Your island is FANTASTIC!!! I want your hubby to make me one too LOL!!! I love your canister set as well!!! Thank you soo much for sharing these pics with us!!! :)

  6. What a lovely home! Hubby did a super job on the table and the island.

  7. Hi you have a beautiful house .I visited back through your blog it seems we have a lot in common.I really enjoy the pictures of the chickens. I would love to have some but I don't have a chicken house.
    Best Wishes

  8. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL HOME! Thank you for sharing pictures! Love your island! Your hubby did an amazing job! LUCKY! Ü

  9. What a beautiful home you have, Paula! Your dh did a great job on that Island--I love the color of it, too.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  10. What a wonderful cheerful place you and your hubby call home. It's filled with lots of light and love if the blushes and squeals are any indication. Thank you for sharing your nest. I have enjoyed visiting your blog very much the times I have dropped by.

  11. AH! Your house is adorable! Love the rooster motif! Of course, I was attracted to the roosters, the gorgeous woodstove, and that awesome kitchen island right away. It looks like a very happy, comfortbale place.

  12. Thank you for participating in "Tour Tuesday"!!! I enjoyed your tour VERY much! Your home is beautiful and you can just feel the peace! Your husband did a great job with the island.... want to lend him out?? LOL!!! The guest bedroom is so welcoming, I collect quilts!
    Have a blessed day!

  13. I loved your tour! You home is beautiful. Our kitchen, dining and living room are all one open area too. One day...after we paint I'll do a house tour! And in our office is an eliptical trainer...it doesn't even make a nice decorating accent, let alone get me moving!

  14. What a beautiful Home you have! I loved the sewing table turned into a stand. Love all the Roosters! Hubby did a great job on the island and I love the color of it:)
    Last but not least, I really liked the painting you showed. It's sweet and a great reminder. Thanks for the visit.......

  15. Thanks for the tour, nice place! I plan to do an inside tour with before and after pictures as soon as we get the trim boards up.

  16. Paula,loved your home tour. Love the island table,sooooo beautiful.
    Your floors are gorgeous. I can't wait until we have our floors finished.
    Will be checking back for your outside tour.

    Irma :)

  17. Wonderful tour. I l-o-v-e the island, wish I had room for one. And the sewing machine table is to die for! WOW!

  18. What a charming house. Lucky you!

  19. Paula!!
    You are welcome ANY TIME! Someone as sweet as you... Ü
    Thank you so much for stopping by! I too, will by dropping by your place OFTEN! Your blog is beautiful! I can just tell that i will be 'in love' with the Fraker Farm in No time at all! Ü

  20. Hi Paula, what a beautiful home and what a organized and wonderful homemaker you are! I bet your chicken coop is just as clean!!Just loved the tour, blessings, Kathleen

  21. Paula, your home has so much personality and warmth....lovely floors and nice comfy furniture, ...not too big..just right....
    thanks so much for sharing...

  22. You have a lovely home. Thanks for a great tour. I absoloutely love you Singer. My grandmother has one that I keeping trying to get her to let me have.

  23. Paula,

    I'm so glad I found your blog through reading someone else's. I don't even remember which one! I love reading it so I had to save it to favorites!

    I love your home! Is it cedar siding? We have a cedar home too. I love the open floor plan of your home....and that island...oh my goodness I love it! And your husband made it...he did a great job...that makes it even more special!

    Stop by and visit my blog sometime too!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  24. What does hubby do for a living; farmer, carpenter, insurance salesman, lawyer? He certainly is talented with those woodworking tools! I love-love-love- the island. I watch that HGTV and see them repurpose furniture all the time and never find the knack to see what other thing certain things could be. Was this island something else in a previous life or did he design it?
    Everything about your place is warm, cozy and inviting. The wood stove must be such a joy in the winter. It is quite attractive and must keep that huge area toasty warm.
    I can definitely see me staying in your guest room-indefinitely! LOL
    I gotta get busy and make our home cozier. Every time I think I have everything I want, my daughter tells me I have too much clutter and I need to 'pare down'. Too many 'things'. SIGH..............
    I love your home, inside and out, and I love you,Paula!

  25. cking out plans and I am looking at an open floor plan such as yours.

    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hey! We go to the same place for retreat! :) Your house is lovely....

  27. Hi Paula,
    I came over from Lea's blog Farm House Blessings. I love this post and there is so much I want to comment, but I'll try to keep it short. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the painting of Grandmother saying grace. I love how there is a warm glowing light shining down on her. Love the island hubby made and the sewing machine table your friend gave you. I so enjoyed the tour of your home. Thank you for sharing.
    Patricia :o)
    PS: Love the roosters, too!

  28. I squealed over the island too! How amazing is that!?! I have a handy hubby too - although he is in denial! I loved the tour of your home; thanks!

  29. WHOOOhOooO I THINK my post makes 30 comments on this! Okay FARMCHICK... YOUR NEST IS GOOOOOOORGEOUS! LOVE IT! Thanks for the tour! Love how you feather your nest and poultry is a very good thing in MY book!
    I cant wait to meet the furry/feathery fam.

  30. What a haven! Love the open floorplan. Love it! And that island, I'm squealing too!


  31. What a darling home! You have decorated it so great! I love all your ocuntry touches. The island your DH made is wonderful! You are so blessed to live in the country. Thank you for the tour! To me your pantry looks really clean and organized!

    Hugs, Sharon

  32. You have an absolutely beautiful home. I love The island your hubby made. Your home looks so country and inviting I felt like sitting and visiting, but the tour group was going on to the next room. I have that same welcome sign. There is just something about nests and eggs I'm drawn to.
    The canisters are so neat. I like the doors off the master. I would love to tour the barn next. Thanks for the tour I love to visit friends' houses. Talk about rambling on, wew. I got a little excited about your house.

  33. Paula your home is absolutely lovely. I like the great room concept of open kitchen and living - why be isolated from the rest of the house when we are in the kitchen? Terrific island - your DH is same kind of clever fellow as mine sweet fella. The chickens and country decorating - all just perfect. I'm super impressed by the amazingly shiny floor - whoo hoo gal - you are a great housekeeper! Thank you for letting us see your home - it is exactly "Paula"!

  34. Hi Paula! (farm chick paula) hehee!
    How crazy is it that i had two Paula's post on my blog at the same time!? Ü
    Thanks for visiting!
    I KNOW! The 'Robins' are very good parents! My hair has never been the same! LOL! Mr. Robin obviously loves hair since he has been going for mine every time i try and take a picture... My little 8 year old daughter has decided that we are going to 'save' her hair to put into a 'birdy ball' - the kind that you hang in the trees with yarn and soft things, for next season when they are all building their nests. Ü
    have a wonderful weekend! You will have to let me know when the bluejays are hatching!!

  35. I love your home and enjoyed the tour :o)

  36. Your home is absolutely stunning -- inside and out! That does it: you need to come to Georgia and teach me your ways. Please be my decorator!


  37. Hi i am new to this,and like you i just love chickens, cats and dogs.Love all of your chicken items, i have lots of chicken bits and bobs,have just bought my self a new camera, so once i have worked out how to up load pictures i will let you.You have a lovely home.Take care Kate

  38. Paula, Thanks for stopping in my blog and commenting. I'm still loving your house!

    I'll be back soon.

  39. Paula, thanks for the nice note but, being a master of slight of hamd, I accidently lost your email address when categorizing my contacts. I know, what a goofball. Sorry....
    Believe it or not, I actually saved the body of the letter but lost the address. I can't explain it. I guess this must be one of those quirks that makes the hubby love me!

  40. Came here via Tour Tuesday. What a beautiful home you have!! LOVE the island and the little Singer table. Oh and the guest room. Are you taking reservations?!

  41. Your home is as lovely as you are!!! Love the island - the blue color is the best.

  42. I loved the tour. If I gave one I would have to do a week's worth of house cleaning before photo time.lol..
    It all looks so comfortable and like home. You should all be very proud of your accomplishments.
    Have a good day.

  43. Just as I imagined it, home sweet home! I just love all of it, De

  44. I loved the tour of your home and all of your rooster decorations. My kitchen is full of roosters too. Your canisters are great! I almost picked those same canisters up at a yard sale several weeks ago. I could have gotten all of them for $3!!! Upon better inspection though I found they had quite a few little chips so I passed. Yours look great on that island made by your very talented hubby. Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  45. What a beautiful home! I love your stone chimney and woodburner too. It's our goal to put one in this year too, in order to save on heating costs.

    I love how you have one large room to incorporate your kitchen, living room and dining room. I don't like a lot of walls around me, so this open design is very appealing. I plan to do something similar with my kitchen and living room.

    Your home is very tastefully decorated without a lot of clutter. It looks very inviting. Thanks for the tour!

  46. What a cozy adorable home you have! Thanks for sharing. xorachel

  47. Beautiful home!Is it a log cabin?I love your chickens.We have 46 chickens they are such a joy to watch.Stop by my blog sometime to see pics of them.LOL Jen

  48. Hi Paula...
    What a pretty home you have... sure can tell it's filled with love. I'm a rooster-fan, too and enjoyed seeing some of yours. Beautiful canister set! Thanks for taking me on a tour... was fun!


  49. thanks for the tour, the picture of the grandmother is very much like one that was at my aunt's house (where my grandparents lived when they were alive) my mother has a picture of the grandfather praying at the table, it is really sweet.

  50. Great stuff! I love what you did with the Singer sewing machine. Great Idea.

  51. Thanks so much for inviting us in. Um, it's hot, may I have some lemonade. ~grin~

    Seriously, I like your place. You've made it really nice.

    God bless!
    Laura of Harvest Lane

  52. OMG!!! Your home is absolutely beautiful!! I love it. You are such a sweety. Thank you for the post. I love that poem too. It means so much to me, I really feel it. How special your framed print it. Beautiful...

  53. Paula.....I love your home and I will be right over to visit!!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your island..that is just beautiful!!! Lucky gal.


  54. I love your home, especially that island. The blue is great!

  55. I just discovered your blog through Sharon. You have such a beautiful home and farm. I love your kitchen. Those canisters are beautiful. I'll be back.



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