Weird Wednesday

First off, I want to know something from you, my dear readers... is it just me, or is the Blogger word verification getting HARDER? I tried my best at one on someone's blog the other day, and got it WRONG three times! I fully expect at any time to see something like this...

Hubby and I have been really wondering what the little terrorist's chicks are going to look like.
Chickens have strange inherited traits sometimes. If you remember, Hamburger is the Dad, so will it look like this?

Or will it be a whole different line of genetics.....

Or if one of them is a hen, could it possibly be....

Sorry, people.... I just recently found some PhotoStudio software that came with my computer, so I'm just playing around with it today.
Like I have nothing better to do.
Which I do.


  1. That is just the thing to do when you are super busy! Thanks for the nice chuckle on "Hump Day"

  2. I'm not sure I'd even fry up those chickens if they turned out like your photoshopped pics! Goodness! I'm laughing girl - those are a hoot! Weird Wednesday indeed!

  3. First, yes the verification is harder and I thought it was just me and my bad eyesight.
    Second, I vote for weird chick #2. That was funny. I do things like that when I have a lot to do also. It sure is more fun. Have a good weird Wednesday!

  4. LOL LOL LOL ~ you are tooo funny Paula!


  5. ROFL at the pics!!! Too funny!

    I totally agree ~ the word verifications ARE getting harder sometimes. I noticed that too. That's why i don't have them on my blog for people who leave comments...they are such a pain!!! LOL

  6. Oh goodness if they turn out like the last two pics you may want to have them tested HA! Great one Paula:)

  7. *looks suspicious* has monsanto paid a visit to your farm? is this the future of genetically modified poultry? inquiring minds wanna know! (or maybe they don't *shudders*)

  8. I'm cracking up at your hilarious photos. ;-Þ

    It seems like some days, the verification letters are harder to see than others. I detest them. I unchecked that option on my blogger for that reason. Of course, the first time I get majorly spammed, I'm sure I'll be re-instituting it. ;-)

  9. Yes, the verification is getting harder, its not you and love your Photoshop will be interesting to see how the chicks look as they grow....hopefully not like the second or third photos though! LOL

  10. Sometimes, it's easier to give up. When the letters get so tiny, I just guess anyway.
    The chicks--well I do think the one does look like Hamburger. So sorry....He's not so bad! Better that than either of the alternatives. LOL

  11. Thank GOODNESS i am not the only one who is having troubles reading those verification codes! I was starting to worry about my sanity!
    No matter how those chicks turn out, we will still love them... :)

  12. Dear Lord, let's pray that the chicks don't end up looking like those last two! The verification thing is definitely tough! I feel like I'm competing in a spelling bee sometimes.

  13. The verification words are TOTALLY getting harder. Those two chickens look very much alike. And they also look like they are wearing fur coats. Odd for chickens, I suppose, but the latter specimens can certainly afford it.

  14. Oh ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    love the genetic pics. that made my day. so funny.

    congrats for mama hen!! how fun!!

  15. Do you have any owls around that one looks just like an owl. Your photostudio pics are funny.

  16. Thanks for the much needed grins today....

  17. Oh Paula, you make me laugh. If I saw chicks like that, I would give up on chicken raising!! blessings, Kathleen

  18. LOL - your pictures are too funny! but I guess that's OK for weird Wednesday.
    I agree the Blogger verification is harder, but I've never had 3 strikes yet. Thanks for the warning :(

  19. TOO FUNNY!!! Thanks for the giggle and helping us all get through the week!


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