New beginnings

I want to say first of all how much your encouraging words about our garden meant to us this week. Hubby worked the ground last night and now we're ready to start the garden all over again. I'm going to the feed store this morning to buy more seeds, and hopefully we will get everything in the ground before the rain and thunderstorms arrive.
Since it's supposed to rain tomorrow, I'm planning a day of sewing with some patterns I bought on EBAY a few months ago. One is for an adorable pair of "Sunbonnet Sister" dolls- I don't know if you can tell much about the picture, but they wear beautiful long dresses and old-fashioned bonnets. The other is a McCall's pattern for a set of hand-embroidered items. My beautiful friend Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries has inspired me to try this! If you have not seen some of her work, you really need to go visit her. My mother also did hand embroidery, and I wish she was here to help me, but I'll just have to do the best I can. I really want to learn how, because I think it is a beautiful (and dying) art.

Hostage Crisis, Day 12: If Hubby and I were half as determined with our garden as the Little Terrorist is about her eggs, we'd have one heck of a crop! Look how spread out she is.. she's really sitting tight. Of course, if I'd been sitting that tight for 12 straight days, my butt would be the size of Atlanta.
8 more days until hatching!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your frost-bitten garden. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to have to go back and doing everything again.

    Even though your initial garden didn't do so well, think of the cute little baby chicks that will come out of the hostage crisis! Nothing like a couple of fuzzy butts in the spring time! :)

  2. I hope your new garden flourishes and does FANTASTIC for you Paula!! :)

    Oh my gosh...your chicken totally cracks me up! i LOVE your updates about she has been sitting there for 12 days STRAIGHT?? Like...doesn't she get up to eat or go #2 or anything like that?? LOL

  3. Those sunbonnet dolls are adorable! I love to do embroidery:) It's really relaxing to sit and do it at night. I have not had any time though to finish the one I already started. I need to put that on my to do list;) Good luck on the garden!

  4. i just know you're gonna have an awesome garden this year in spite of your false start/setback! it does get a little disheartening sometimes, doesn't it? but then we have things that brighten our day like your little hostage crisis lol

    are you gonna brood the fuzzy butts or let the terrorist do it for you? if you brood 'em, i'd slip a few more eggs under her and let her go again!

  5. I hope that all goes well with the garden.
    8 days and counting....I can hardly wait for the outcome!! Thanks for the update!
    Have a wonderful Friday-

  6. I am so happy to hear you will try again with that garden! I have been hauling my little bonsai trees in and out of the garage every night since this cold front came thru several days ago. I hope it is over for good! I love that plucky little hen! She is so determined!

  7. I hope you'll show us your finished products after you've sewn and stitched!

    I love seeing pictures of hens on nests. :-)

  8. Hi farm chick,

    I can hardly sit still waiting to see the outcome of The Terrorists hatch. What breed of Hen is she? I placed an order a week ago getting 5 New Hampshire Reds, 5 Barred Rock, 5 Delawares, 5 Arucanas, and 5 buff Orpingtons. They will be shipped out June 18th or 25th. The Orpingtons are suppose to be wonderful setters, we hope that's the case and that we get to experience peeps on our farm. Wish us luck!

    Sorry, to hear about the frost ordeal, God bless you. I hear the call for dinner (hubby cooked tonight) I better run ta ta for now.

  9. Hope your garden does better this time...I'm sure it will! We have tornado watches here tonight - hope it doesn't hail and knock all my plants down. :(

    Embroidery is so relaxing, I haven't done any in years, though.

    Can't hardly wait for pictures of the new chicks!

  10. Your patterns are just delightful! I love embroidery too. It is such a relaxing pasttime and an artform unlike any other. Hope you'll share your completed work!

    Best wishes on your garden. I am reminded of James 1 ~ "the trying of your faith worketh patience." I just love you get back up and begin again.

    Can't wait to see those chicks!


  11. Ohmigosh Farmchicky Paula,
    I USED to have a lil hen THAT LOOKED JUST LIKE THAT?! I have to ask: WHAT KIND IS SHE?... I bought mine out of a "mix" at the feed store as a chick so didn't know what she was? Mine always hatched out lots of babies, and would set in a FLOWERPOT! She ended up getting EATEN BY A POSSUM. :( I was so upset. Maybe I can get some more like her if you know the name...
    Can't wait to see her babybrood!
    My little hen like that was so GENTLE... when she WASNT setting. haa
    Have a beautiful day,

  12. Hi Paula, first of all, thank you for your sweet words about my work and my blog.. So sweet of you! I can't wait to see your dolls and your embroidery! I just know it will all be beautiful. I just have to laugh everytime I read about your little chicken. I have had chicks hatch out here two different years, but it looks like no one wants to sit this year. Good luck on your garden. Blessings, Kathleen

  13. She's beautiful! I love the picture of your little broody hen!

    Too cute!


  14. I never realized how many sayings there are in our language involving chickens! "Sitting tight" being one of them. Just the other day I used "madder than a wet hen".

    It's certainly going to be fun to see what the chicks look like. I'm sure I'll let a few of my girls keep their eggs when they get older and start to go broody. It's fun to watch the whole process. And you can't beat letting the hen do the work, right? Who needs an incubator?

  15. Thanks for the update on the terrorist long does it normally take?
    hope the fresh start garden does very well and all the cold weather is gone for you....
    I do embroidery too and know you will enjoy it...what are you going to try? pillowcases? I know an ebay seller who has the nicest preprinted pillowcases so if you are interested, email me through my blog...

  16. Last year we had that late late freeze, the end of April, for 3 nights in a row. Not only our garden but leaves on the oak trees were killed. It is disappointing. Then the horrible drought we all had here in the south to top it off. That is why farmers are a special breed. Tough as cowhide.
    I just know we all will have a great garden this summer.
    I love those patterns you have, especially the sunbonnet sister dolls. I can't wait to see one when you get it made.
    Good luck on the garden.(we just planted our main garden Saturday.)

  17. I checked in to see how the hostage crisis is going. Wow, day #12. Doesn't she eat or go to the bathroom?? So funny. Good luck on your garden, keep up dated!
    Love, Ann

  18. I'm just lovin' this litle terrorist of a hen!!!!! She just looks like she's honkered down there for the season!!!! Do you know how many she is sitting on?????

    I'm still "grieving" the loss of your garden! But I'm so glad you are beginning again! I hope the double work brings double blessings!!!!


  19. My butt is already the size of Atlanta and I haven't been sitting on eggs!!


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