The Countdown begins!

This is it... 3 more days.

Some of you have asked about the little terrorist and her "habits" while on the hostage eggs, and from what I can tell, she has only been off the nest probably 6 or 7 times to eat, drink, and poop, then right back on she goes. This is not unusual for a broody hen, especially a bantam breed- they are usually more motherly than the more domesticated large breeds. (Although some of them have their moments, too.) From the time a hen starts sitting on the eggs until they hatch is usually 21 days.

You better stay out of my garden, wabbit......

or I'll open up a can of this on you....

That's more like it.


  1. we're counting down too! the hatch date for my little partridge cochin hen is sunday! i'm debating on whether or not to slip a few more eggs under her when these hatch! lol
    probably not though......this is her second back to back i should wait a few weeks, doncha think?

  2. Paula, you crack me up! lol. I can't wait to see your new hatched babies. If you think the little hen is a terrorist now, just wait till she catches you looking at her babies! Wear lots of arm protection.. I am telling you this out of much, much, experience!! LOL. blessings, Kathleen

  3. Oh my gosh..i sooo have to have my mom read your two are like one in the same! I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE your humor!!!

  4. Can't wait to see the little ones:) I pray all goes well with the hatchings.

  5. Your pictures bring back so many memories of my childhood. My dad was always raising chickens.

  6. I'll say this for the little Terriorist....she is dedicated!
    I can hardly wait until "hatch day!"

  7. she's a darling and we will all be bummed if she doesn't have chicks!I'm watching for those bunnies,too. they nest under our summer kitchen!
    do you have an ant problem there? I am plagued by ants today.

  8. pictures as soon as they are born!
    she is gonna be such a good mum, how many eggs is she on?

  9. jayedee- yep, I think I'd give that hen a vacation... her rump is bound to be a little tired!

    Kathleen- I'm thinking of investing in some kind of "full body armor"... LOL

    Katy- I'd like to meet your Mom, then... she must be a little warped like me! LOL

    sea2shore- thanks for the sweet words, Reggie!

    Renna- my Dad did too... I always named them for him! He was never to sure about some of my names, though... LOL

    Pam- I can't wait, either! I hope they all hatch because she sure has been a determined little thing.

    lindanuts- no ant problem here yet, Hubby has already dusted... spiders have been a BIG problem. (and wasps, too! ugh)

    Rose- good to hear from you! She is on 3 eggs- 2 big green ones (the hostages) and one of her own.

  10. I can't wait. We have a rooster now and I'm thinking next year I'm going to allow a hen to do the same. how fun!!!!

  11. Loved reading about your setting hen! We have one that is named Killer because when she bites you she doesn't let go! You know not to mess with her when she is ready to sit on eggs!

  12. Wow... she is a little determined thing isn't she? I can't wait to see pictures of her with her babies. I hope she gets a good hatch out of all her hard work!!!

  13. I am watching with great her name really Terrorist? Maybe she'd act better if you named her Sweet Pea....
    the chicks will be blessed to have such protective mom though...

  14. Thanks so much for the update! I can't wait to see what kind of Mother that little hen will be! :)

  15. I have got to talk hubby into letting me have chickens! For heavens sake, I have 3 acres and a barn!!!! I neeeed chickens...right?
    Your blog is just wonderful, and it gives me a wonderful feeling of being home, thank you!
    Hugs, Donna Lynn

  16. You are just too funny girl!

    You have got me hooked on the terrorist story. When her first picture loaded, my heart skipped a beat waiting to read what has happened now. Now I know how some folks feel about their soap operas! LOL

    Smiles ... really big smiles,

  17. Bantams are my favorite kind of chicken! Great pictures, happy hatching!

  18. Love reading about your chickens. :)

  19. That's just hilarious! I need a can o' that too, just in case! That little hen looks like she'd tear your leg off if you got too close.

  20. Paula, Sounds like the little Hen is going to be a good Mom. Hope her little chicks have a better personality! Will be back to check on what they all look like. Thanks for all your sweet posts on my blog. How do you keep the bunnies from eating your fresh growing garden? I need some pointers! I went out to check on my cabbage and they look like a lawn mower went over the top of them!
    Love, Ann

  21. Guess I didn't read far enough down..(-: I see she is a bantam(-:


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