2 out of 3 ain't bad

Just in time for Mother's Day, the little terrorist is finally the proud mother to 2 baby chicks... hers and one of the Hostages. The other hostage egg was a dud, apparently. (Ironic?)

This weekend went by so fast... Hubby has been fixing the radiator on his tractor, so my potting/storage shed was put on hold temporarily. (Rats.) Still no pictures... I'm waiting until it doesn't look like a privy before I let you see it. I will give you a "tease"- we ordered the same color of tin that's on our barn, so it will have a matching roof! (squeal, gush) I will have my own "mini-barn"! I'm thinking about putting a little sign on the front that says "Paula's Pout House". (cute, huh?)

In the few short months I've been at this blogging thing, I have come to know which part of the country (or world) most of you live in who read my blog, either by you telling me yourself, or seeing it on your profile. And even though I don't know exactly where you are, it's nice to have an idea where of you and your families live... I try to picture in my mind the way the land looks, if it's a large city or small town, if it's been dry or raining... things like that. But when I hear of bad weather or tornadoes coming near where I know some of you are, I'm almost sick with worry, and hope and pray that everything is alright. (I guess that sounds sappy or dumb, but that's who I am.) That's the way I felt last night and this morning after hearing of some of the devastation in places close to where some of you live. I'm hoping this post finds you safe, and that all is well with you and your family.


  1. Perfect!!!!! Great pictures, too! I'm just luvin' this little terrorist!!!!!


  2. Now I am anxious to hear what kind of momma the little terrorist becomes.

    I appreciate your thoughts for all of the blogger pals out there.

  3. Those are cute biddies. I bet the little terrorist will live up to her name now. You know how Mother hens are.
    I am the same way about wondering if fellow bloggers are alright in all the bad weather that has been going on lately, too.
    I hope you had a great Mother's Day.

  4. Awwww...she looks so happy! And I'm jealous...I want a Pout House, too! Also...I'm good - nothing hit around here - baaaad lightening though!

  5. The chicks are darling and she knew they would be! She was so determined; hence the term terrorist! Anxious to see the pout house. Now is that pout as in pout because you don't get your way or poot rhyming with toot? I'm confused. Thanks for your concern about your readers. We did get 2" of rain and the river is overflowing but not affecting us. Lightning, thunder and wind with steady, strong rain. We live in southeast Iowa, about 35 miles from the mighty Mississippi and 2 blocks from the not-so-mighty Skunk River. We are safely on a bluff about 100' above the bank. It would take alot of water to get to us. I was raised right on the Mississippi and my folks lived there until '93 when they lost their home to the great flood. They live now in historic Nauvoo, Illinois where the Mormons are creating quite a rehabilitation of their former homestand. Joseph Smith made a settlement there when the Mormons were crossing the country by wagon. It's an interesting place. Our town has about 103 people; a restaurant, a tavern and a junk yard for car parts. I served 3 terms as mayor of this little burg and numerous terms in other positions( city clerk, utility clerk, treasurer ).
    My hubby is mayor now, having served as councilman for over 20 years. He is also the wastewater operator and water meter reader; plus he works 40+ at his regular factory job. I no longer work away from home. Wow! That is alot to swallow in one gulp! Hope to discover more about you and your family.

    Your friend,

  6. What cute pics of the little terrorist and chicks. Can't wait to see pics of your Pout House. I also pray and hope that our blogger friends are safe and sound. This weather has been so crazy lately. Take care.


  7. You have a merciful heart, Paula. :-)

    Here in northeast Texas, we were under all kinds of warnings last night, but we got little more than a hard (quick) shower and some awesome looking lightening.

    I love watching Mama chickens and their babies. This will sound silly, but it reminds me of all the cartoons I watched as a kid. So many of them had chickens! ;-)

  8. Oh my gosh....too sweet!!!! Congratulations to the little terrorist on her babies!!! hehe!!!

    I think you are so sweet to worry about everyone and how their weather has been! xoxo

  9. Cute little babies! I love the name for the "Pout House" HA! Can't wait to see pics of it all finished and ready to go:)

  10. What cute little chicks. I just love seeing baby animal pics. Looking forward to seeing your "pouting" shed photos.

  11. I'm so excited...thank you for the pics of the new mama and her babies. She looks like a very proud mama!

    I understand the worry about the weather; if I know that storms are rolling into a particular area, I wonder how everyone is, if they are safe. We were very fortunate; we had tornado watches for most of Saturday night, and I did stay up later than I should have. But as our local "weather lady" put it yeaterday, our area dodged a bullet that came so close you could hear it whistling as it went by! Just some rain and wind.

    I am anxious to see your shed....what fun!

    I hope you have a great Monday!

  12. Hi, Paula, I could not wait to check and see if the babies arrived. How sweet! I bet she will be a good mother. I can't wait to see your "pout house"! How wonderful! I hope it gets finished soon. Blessings, Kathleen

  13. 66% hatch rate isn't bad at all!! It looks like she's still got the attitude look on her face though. hee hee.

    And it was really windy here all day yesterday... a really cruddy weather day. Gotta love Spring!

  14. well good for the lil terrorist! you're gonna have a ball watching her raise those babies!

  15. This is awesome! I happened over to your blog through Peggy at Hidden Haven, and I ended up staying to read the whole page of posts. (Of course, I especially enjoyed the monster chicken story.) I'm heading right over to put you on my links so I can stop by more often. Again - really neat blog.

  16. Congratulations on your new arrivals. So sweet!! Our chics are 'backordered' :( until next month so we are on hold...
    Almost got a white silkie but someone said they were big time hostage takers. While your situation turned out well, I thought I might be a little too green ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hurray for baby chicks! And for the little Mother too! Is that a smile i see on her little beak??
    We are all fine here in Upstate New York. Thanks so much for thinking of us.... :)

  18. Please send me one. I want chickens so bad, I could almost taste them. Oh no, I'm not wanting to eat them, I just want some to feed, clean-up after and love. Hey, it sounds like I'm talking about my husband. They are adorable and so is their Momma.

  19. I have absolutely delighted in your tales of your little terrorist! She is Beautiful and love your bonnets too!
    Sandra Evertson

  20. Hurray! They finally arrived. Maybe her frazzeled nerves will finally calm now. Whew!

    Your potting shed will have a tin roof too? How wonderful! I just know it is going to be delightful.

    Thank you for your prayers. We are down near the border of Alabama & Mississippi and the storms were overhead. We spend the evening huddled in the hallway trying to keep the children smiling. But all is well and for that we are very thankful.


  21. The chicks look wonderful! Look at those cute little masks they're wearing! I wonder if that might have anything to do with their dad...LOL And the little terrorist timed their hatching just right, didn't she? What a smart hen she is.

  22. OH How adorable. I'm sure she will be a wonderful mother. looking forward to seeing your "Pout House".

    We've been pretty lucky here in Ohio wather wise. Lots of rain but not much else in my area. Stay Safe and Happy Blogging.

  23. If I were a widget genius I'd figure out one to let our regular visitors know "it is OK where I am" - because I also think of y'all when bad weather reports come in. Your little terrorist had 2 out of 3 - pretty good odds. Now to see if she'll finally let someone near the nest! BTW - we call our little dogs rat terrorists - they are rat terriers but their attitude is a hoot!

  24. Congrats to the mom, Paula!! Mine is still setting--her second attempt. She backed out on the last one:(

    I'm like you, I think of all my friends in blog land when those tornaodes get going. Glad all is safe with you!


  25. aww my MIL used to have those type of chickens. I like the little one with the yellow face.

  26. Hi Paula, What adorable little chickies! I stopped by tonight to check on the little terrorist! Looking forward to seeing your potting (pouting) shed! Will be back to check on it!
    Love, Ann

  27. CUTE chicks!!! I have a BROODY banty right now, too... only problem is we have NO rooster! She is MEAN though.. I bet she would be a great mama... maybe next year!

    I am like you... I want to know what it is like where my readers live. I am "nosy" by nature so I created "Tour Tuesday" at my site. I would love to have you join us next week! Check it out at www.choosingsimplicity.blogspot.com

    Have a great day!

  28. Cute, Cute, Cute!!!!!! They are way purtier than our two chicks. What kind are they? Can't wait to see your "pout" house.

  29. Awhh they are so cute!!! What are their names, they are gonna be black and white eh? how are the silkies?
    Looking forward to what you have to show me

  30. Those chicks are so cute. What kind of rooster is that? Is the hen an aracauna?

  31. I think that's so sweet that you think of us when there's bad weather in our parts of the world...I was just thinking to myself that I would now keep you and your farm in mind in the event of the same (and thinking that was, in fact, kind of sappy) but then I read your post and had to smile! I guess a lot of us are alike whether we're separated by miles--in some cases thousands--or likely have never met! Anyway, I love your blog, thanks so much for the pictures and postings...they're a breath of fresh air and bring closer to me a lifestyle that I would love to have but am not able to. I feel like a part of it, though, from reading your blog. Thanks for the blessing!


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