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A view from my world

One of my favorite visitors...

Peanut beans...

Sweet corn...

Another welcome visitor... this little honey bee can have all the clover he wants.

The Little Terrorist and her babies....

My maters....

Ruthie and Whitey, my strawberry thieves...

My baby....

My other baby....

My Buddy.....

My Love.

How I spent my weekend... Part II

I hope everybody had a terrific holiday weekend... mine was great but very busy. I haven't been on the computer since Friday, so I have a lot of catching up to do! I can't wait to visit everybody and see what you've been up to the past few days, so I'll keep this post short and sweet.
These are just a few highlights of my weekend....

Cleaned out Daisy and Edie's stall. (Please disregard the objects in the bottom right corner... those appeared AFTER I cleaned.)

Got Daisy and Edie some fresh hay.

Made some homemade ice cream. (Mmmmm.)

Spent some time with our families. This is my Daddy on his little tractor he just restored. (He looks a little proud of it, don't he?)

Worked on the "pout house".


There. That's better. (tee hee)

Woo Hoo! I'm a Blog Star!

Today is a special day...I recieved this from my sweetheart lindanuts at Parker's Paradise...

I feel more like a "Rock Star"! tee hee Thank you, Linda!

I have also been tagged by Mare at Moon and Stars Studio to tell six unimportant things about myself. Here goes:

1. I hate celery. I love all veggies, and food in general..... except celery. Ugh.
2. I once had a pet rooster named Rudy, who followed me around everywhere I went. I could pick him up, and he would go to sleep in my hand. Gosh, he was a hoot.
3. When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I was stung 20+ times by a swarm of Yellowjackets. The only thing that saved me was my grandmother saw the whole thing and came running outside, picked me up and ran. I know she had to have been stung many times, too. She was a quiet, gentle person, who walked around very slowly on two arthritic knees. I never saw my grandmother move like she did that day! *sigh* My hero....
4. I wanted to be an Art teacher. I took art classes all four ye…

Welcome to my Home Sweet Home!

This was supposed to be posted bright and early this morning, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I am running a little behind schedule. I had an escapee up at the henhouse this morning. (Sarge was the culprit... imagine that!)
Anyhoo, welcome, and I'll try to show you around my place without boring you to tears.
Warning: you are about to see lots of roosters in the following pictures, so if the sight of poultry offends you, I suggest you sit this out.

This is the driveway side of the house as you come up the hill...

This is my little welcome sign at the front door... I don't know if you can read it or not, but it says,"Welcome to our Nest".

This is the living room. (The blue chair is "Hubby's Chair".)

This is looking toward the kitchen table. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all one big room.

This is the kitchen- see the island? Hubby made that for me. (blush, squeal)

Close-up of the island. (squeal again)

My Susan Winget cannister …

What's new for Monday?

I took a little stroll yesterday afternoon and took a picture of the best smelling stuff on earth... Honeysuckle. I think this is the most beautiful fragrance God ever created. I love mowing around the fence row this time of year, because it's like having a gigantic Glade Plug-in for the great outdoors.

The last few nights have been downright chilly here, with temperatures dipping down into the 40's. I've still been bringing Belle, Beau, and Cecil in at night until all their Silky feathers come in. It's so funny to see them in the morning looking back at you like, "well, are we going OUT or are we staying IN today?"

By the way, I'll be participating in Tour Tuesday tomorrow, so you'll get to see around my home! (I'd better start cleaning up the house now...) Heather at Simple Family Supper Lady invited me last week, but I couldn't get any decent pictures, so I'll be showing you around tomorrow. Be sure and stop by for a visit!

Lea at Farmhou…

Sit a spell....

The last two days have been very rainy and downright nasty... I wanted to post some pictures of our garden, but the weather hasn't been kind enough to get any decent pictures. I was also invited by Heather at Simple Family Supper Lady to do a Tour Tuesday - to take some pictures around my home to share, but it's hard to get good, clear pictures indoors when it's so dark and gloomy. Maybe this weekend the sun will be bright and beautiful, and I can take some pictures so next week you can get a look around my home.
Since I didn't have any of the pictures I had planned on having today, I posted this picture of my favorite place- my front porch. Sometimes I wish I could chat for a few minutes out here in the rocking chairs with each one of you ! I'll bet we would have a lot to talk about; share some laughs and some tears as well.... I have a feeling we would have a ball!

Weird Wednesday

First off, I want to know something from you, my dear readers... is it just me, or is the Blogger word verification getting HARDER? I tried my best at one on someone's blog the other day, and got it WRONG three times! I fully expect at any time to see something like this...

Hubby and I have been really wondering what the little terrorist's chicks are going to look like. Chickens have strange inherited traits sometimes. If you remember, Hamburger is the Dad, so will it look like this?

Or will it be a whole different line of genetics.....

Or if one of them is a hen, could it possibly be....

Sorry, people.... I just recently found some PhotoStudio software that came with my computer, so I'm just playing around with it today.
Like I have nothing better to do.
Which I do.

2 out of 3 ain't bad

Just in time for Mother's Day, the little terrorist is finally the proud mother to 2 baby chicks... hers and one of the Hostages. The other hostage egg was a dud, apparently. (Ironic?)

This weekend went by so fast... Hubby has been fixing the radiator on his tractor, so my potting/storage shed was put on hold temporarily. (Rats.) Still no pictures... I'm waiting until it doesn't look like a privy before I let you see it. I will give you a "tease"- we ordered the same color of tin that's on our barn, so it will have a matching roof! (squeal, gush) I will have my own "mini-barn"! I'm thinking about putting a little sign on the front that says "Paula's Pout House". (cute, huh?)In the few short months I've been at this blogging thing, I have come to know which part of the country (or world) most of you live in who read my blog, either by you telling me yourself, or seeing it on your profile. And even though I don't know exactly …