Time to lose those winter coats, girls.

This coming Saturday has been designated "Shearing Day" for our two lovable but VERY spoiled sheep, Daisy and Edie. (God help us.) While they love attention, shearing is a whole different ballgame. Daisy, who was bottle-fed by me for the first six weeks of her life, loves it when I brush her face and legs, but is terrified of the sound of the clippers. And when Edie (the one on the left) is put into the head gate, she just assumes that her time has come and that this is the end, and starts bawling like a baby. Needless to say, NO ONE is looking forward to Saturday. Since they are the first sheep we've ever had, we're new at this shearing business, and still learning as we go. They both turned one year old in February, so this will make the third shearing for them. There's an interesting and sweet story about how we acquired these two girls, but I'll fill you in on that some other time. (Ahh, suspense.)
I'm a little slow at announcing- but you can now visit all the items from my GIVE-A-WAY in my ETSY shop! Jennifer at JandJacres, the winner of my drawing, picked the "Stars and Stripes" tote bag as her prize, but since I had a lot of good response about that item, I'm planning on making another one similar to the one featured in my give-a-way.
Happy Wednesday, everybody!


  1. Awww...so cute! Daisy and Edie? Where do you come up with these names? And I can hardly wait for that story! I'm going right now to your Etsy store to check it out!

  2. Best of luck with your sheep Paula!!!! :)

  3. Hi Paula, your sheep are adorable! What do you do with their wool after you have finished? Do you spin? I love all of your handmade thngs!Good luck this Saturday! blessings, Kathleen

  4. I have all the same questions, Paula???? Names, do you use the wool, etc!

    Poor girls! My sister just finished the feet thing on the goats, and it's the same trauma there, so I know what you are in for. They can really bawl!!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  5. Southern Mom- Thanks for the comment Debbie; actually Hubby named Daisy, but when we first brought Edie home, she had her head buried in the feed bucket all the time. So I said, "We should call her Eatie because she eats all the time." But I changed the spelling a little bit.

    Thanks, Katy- want to come down and help? LOL

    Kathleen- unfortunately, Daisy and Edie are Suffolk sheep and their wool isn't really suited for spinning; but I am planning on ordering some wool cards to practice "combing" (cleaning) the wool. Then, if I ever get the chance to learn how to spin, I'll know how to clean it as well. Spinning is something I would love to know how to do!

    Cora- We have to do the hoof thing, too. (sigh) There is no more heartwrenching sound than an animal (especially sheep or goats) bawling when they're scared. Even though I know we're not hurting them, it just breaks my heart!

  6. Hi. Enjoyed my visit here so much.
    Good luck shearing Daisy and Edie.
    I know about those head gates too. But they sure do come in handy, don't they?
    Can't wait to come back and read the story of how you acquired the two girls.

  7. Hi, had to visit the farm again...always an adventure! Daisy and Edie are lucky sheep...

  8. AWW how cute. Looking forward to hearing the story. Now I'm off to checkout your stuff.
    BTW there really is no pattern for my sewing bags. I got the instuctions several years ago from a Create and Decorate mag. I just changed it a little bit to suit me.

  9. The chicks are growing so fast! I love your sheep. I have always wanted a pygmy goat but Mike says they are full of mischief--so, no I can't have one.You picked great names.
    i have to say that was a big undertaking that driveway. It looks huge! But come wet, muddy or icy weather, it will be so much nicer than grass.
    p.s. our dachshunds carry on when they even suspect I have the trimmers out to do toenails. Mike has to hold them and I trim. It is an awful job. I seem to clip one too short every time and it is always one of two dogs--either Tate or Loyal. They bleed so bad when you get too short. I think that is my most dreaded chore of all time. I much prefer the lap-warming and face-washing.....


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