These are a few of my favorite things...

Good old farm trucks.

Good old farm trucks with a load of mulch in the bed.

My new sweet potato bed.
My new walkway.

Hubby using MY tractor for a change.

Dirty feet. It takes a lot of work to get feet looking like this. (But even more work to get them clean before church on Sunday morning.)


  1. I love that walk-way... that looks great!!! And I agree with the dirty feet thing... nothing beats bein' barefoot on a warm day!

  2. I love the new sweet potato bed, the new walkway and your hubby using "your" tractor, pictures.
    Dirty feet are worth the clean up, arent' they?

  3. The walkway looks great. Love your sweet potatoe bed.
    Hope your have a great day.



  4. I love your walkway. I am looking forward to barefoot weather, myself. ;-)

  5. How dirty do feet get? I've used a dilute bleach and hot water solution as a foot bath before! Love the walkway - oh Paula - home grown sweet taters - I grew them in West Texas but my soi here is too heavy. I have yam envy.

  6. Hi Paula, just love the walkway! I love walking barefoot on the cool porch in the hot afternoon. So worth it to get dirty! blessings, Kathleen

  7. Good 'old' farm trucks? Come on--that's not old! But it is nice to see it being used as trucks are meant to be. And dirty feet are the best part of summer. We went to school barefoot until the snow flew right up until 6th grade. I prefer it to any shoes!! Do sweet potatoes vine? I know they are the perfect vegetable for eating. We eat quite a few but we have never grown them except for the ones suspended in a jar of water.....

  8. Love your new walkway, looks great. You sure do work that hubby of yours real hard, send him over here for a holiday HEHE (I got lots of jobs to keep him busy)

  9. Great pics Paula!!! I love your fave things too!!!! :)

  10. found your blog and I'm loving it. I have been finding farm blogs that inspire me...yours is doing a great job at that ;)

  11. Dirty feet? are hard workin feet or Having fun feet. Either one is good. Love the walkway. Boy it seems like you are always so busy.

  12. Nice photos! I am inspired to get moving on tidying up things around here and your walkway looks nice and tidy!

    The feet, on the other hand...

  13. Dirty feet are great. If you don't come in with dirty feet, bedding on your socks and poo on your sleeve, you're not a farm chick! LOL I love your new walkway. Did you make the stepping stones yourself?

  14. Your walkway look so wonderful! We are currently using old black rubber mats over clay that gets squishy when it rains. LOL It's like an obstacle course ... I sure am going to miss that when I get a walkway like yours ... NOT!

    I love all those things too. I don't have a tractor but I love my tiller. She's my friend!


  15. Pretty cool stuff going on here Paula!

    I wish I had one of your trucks - I neeeeeed one!



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