The peeps they are a growin'...

Belle, Beau, and Cecil are waking up to a rainy Saturday.... I think I'll stay indoors with them today, make some homemade hot tamales, bake a pound cake, and sew.
Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. Hubby says Iowa has been really rainy, too. It is bright and sunny here in Colorado on the last day of my vacation with the kids.
    The chicks are growing. It must be as amazing for you to watch them as it has been for us with puppies. I miss my dogs and look forward to seeing them. Vacation is always so bittersweet........
    Have a great day and TAMALES sound great!!!

  2. Yum, homemade tamales and pound cake? I wanna be at the Fraker Farm today! ;-)

    The peeps are so cute when they're small.

    We're having a glorious sunshiny day here in our part of Texas.

  3. Your peeps are still so cute. We are waiting for ours to be delivered. After seeing yours I can't wait. My son is the one who wants them but I think I am more excited now.

  4. Yeah! All my favorite things: Tamales, pound cake and sewing! I've been thinking about making tamales next week and maybe I'll make a cake too! Love the peeps!

  5. They are so adorable and growing! Enjoy your great sounding treats and stitching! blessings, Kathleen

  6. Oh they are soooo sweet! I can hardly wait to see what they look like all grown up.

    Sounds like a lovely afternoon. I am making a pound cake today as well. And then I'm going to smother it in fresh strawberries. Mmmmm ...


  7. How much does a pound cake weigh?

    Haven`t the babies grown, they are at what I call the awkward ugly stage, about to blossom and find their niche.

    Skippy didnt turn up, poor baby!

    Will call in again soon

  8. The peeps are adorable!
    Sounds like a great afternoon!

  9. Belle,Beau, and Cecil are growing. The hot tamales and pound cake sound good.
    We didn't get much rain here. Just a drizzle.
    That was good, since the "good truck" don't have wind shield

  10. Your menu sounds wonderful - for me pound cake is just that - a pound on me! THe peeps are growing fast - will be so pretty when they feather out completely.


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