Meet my Therapist.

I may have mentioned this before, but in my previous career, (before I became Farm Chick) I was an orthodontic assistant in a very busy practice. At one time, I was working with a staff of 12 other women plus the doctor, not to mention a daily merry-go-round of patients and their parents. I'm not really what you would call an introvert, but I do go a little crazy having to be around lots of people all the time. I LOVE ME SOME PERSONAL SPACE is what I'm saying. However, going from the hustle and bustle of a job like that to a daily existence with no human interaction (except Hubby, of course) has been quite a change, to say the least. Don't get me wrong- I love my life now, but I do find myself talking to our animals an awful lot these days. I talk to Smokey the dog, do lots of "baby talk" to the sheep, and I also discuss the finer points of egg production to the chickens. (They act like they hate it, but I know better.) But the other day, while I was in the barn getting the lawnmower out, I was just rambling on and on to Smokey, when suddenly I realized, I have been complaining to the dog for 15 minutes about how high gas is. I am a highly rational, somewhat educated woman- and I am complaining to the dog. I quit talking and looked at Smokey and said out loud, "I must be going nuts." He looked at me with his head tilted as if to say, "That's o.k.- but are you not going to finish what you were saying?" What a sweetheart. I don't need a shrink with this little guy around. Surely I'm not the only one that does these things...who (or what) do you vent to?

Indoor Greenhouse update:
I've seen an encouraging sign from my little Bell Pepper patch- 7 sprouts. Yay!
Psst- don't tell anybody, but I've been talking to them, too. Well, actually, name-calling and threats have been involved. It seems to be working!


  1. Oh, what a wonderful little counselor. Sounds nice, out of the hustle and bustle. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a fantastic post!! We are very much alike in this way!! I talk to my dog all the time! I realized as the kids got older and are out and about more, it's me and Jasmine and she get's to hear it all!!!

  3. Wow! We have so much in common. I was just out talking to my baby biddies(chicks) when my husband came by and asked who was I talking to? Earlier I was I out talking to the goats and giving them some advice and telling them some are due a hoof trimming. Then I was in the barn loft talking to the hen that keeps trying to sit on eggs when there is not a rooster in sight.
    A good day indeed!
    Enjoyed my visit.

  4. You make me laugh on this one. When my children were small,every thing I said was gold. When they turned into teens, their ears dropped off somewhere... so I started talking to the animals. They seem to enjoy it so much more than my teens did! Have a wondeful weekend, blessings, Kathleen

  5. I thought I was the only one! It's so great to know I'm in good company here. Buster hears everything, and is a great keeper of secrets and private matters. I love his little wrinkled forehead and how he looks up at me when I ask an very deep, pondering type question!

    Pearl, my resident squirrel, seems to be a good listener, too. She spends hours just hanging out of her house as I discuss droughts, watering, weeds, and other backyard wisdom with her.

    My sister lives behind me, and her goats hear my ramblings and begin calling over the fence, too. So, we have quite a group discussion going here! No lack of listeners!


  6. I had a nice time reading your posts. Those silkies are adorable. I have three on order from the feed store. They will join the others in my new hobby of chick-rearing. I talk to the racoons who will soon become my enemy!

  7. I'm so glad I'm not the only one!
    At least Chance listens which is more than some people in this house do! Plus when I call him, he doesn't say "Just a minute." That drives me nuts!

  8. Hoorah! the peppers are sprouting. We love our peppers. Mike got the onions, potatoes and radishes in today. There is so much work to be done in the spring. Soon we'll be eating asparagus every day! Love that part of spring. And the morels will be popping up.
    As far as talking to your animmals goes, I think it's a universal thing. I talk to all of our doxies and I know a zillion people that do, too. Or cats, or birds, or plants. I talk to photographs sometimes. uh you'll think I'm nuts!!!!

  9. You crack me up. ~smile~
    Just the other night I was talking to my little dog. Every time I said, "I'm your momma." He would turn his little head sideways and give me a "hug". I was so tickled, I did it over and over. ~smile~

    Dogs are wonderful with their unconditional love, aren't they?


  10. I love your therapist! Stop by my blog and meet a few of mine (same hairy variety).
    Love your sheepies too! I'm on etsy - never seen you there - off to check out your shop!

  11. Oh my, Paula, you have really given me a case of the giggles with this post. I think there were be a lot less stress related disorders in this world, if folks would only talk to their beloved pets. Of course, if I don't have a furry friend around, I'm not above talking to my plants either! They always listen so intently. LOL

    You make me smile!


  12. That was good for the best laught I've had all week!!! At least he was an attentive audience and didn't interrupt you!!


  13. Bless his little heart! I have to say, I want to be you when I grow up! I am in a high-stress job, and I dream of growing tomatoes, raising chickens, playing in the dirt, and having a dog therapist!!! I Really mean that too. I love farms!


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