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I am a little down today, so this post probably won't be a real upbeat one. We lost our garden last night. Our beans, corn, okra, and my little sweet potatoes are all gone. The temperature dipped down below freezing just long enough, and despite our best efforts, they all got frostbit. I'm not one to throw a pity party for myself, but I do feel really bad for Hubby, since all his hard work is gone in one night. We had such high hopes this year, especially after the deer and the drought ruined it last year.

While surveying the damage, I noticed a little bluebird was watching me, and that always makes me feel a little better....

We will buy new seeds and start all over again, since that's all we can do now anyway.

Sometimes I wish I was more like Daisy and Edie.... never wondering why things happen the way they do, but always just trusting in the Shepherd's care.

Which brings me to my new Six Word Memoir- I was tagged this time by my good friend Mel from Nickers and Neighs. I think my new one will be "LEARNING TO TRUST MORE, WORRY LESS."


  1. I'm so sorry. :-(

    I'm thinking God sent that little Bluebird of Happiness as a reminder that He is indeed still on the throne, and He is watching over you! ;-)

  2. Bless your hearts, I know you must be sick about all that work. But cheer up, you still have time to get more in the ground.

    "Sorrow looks back... Worry looks around... But, faith looks up."

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your garden.
    Sending you hugs.


  4. Oh Paula ~ that is so discouraging and so sad. I'm sorry. I know the care you put into all those little seedlings.

    Well we'll just pray for a wonderful new garden just overflowing with goodies!

    Farmgirl hugs,

  5. oh no!!!! :( I would feel pretty bummed too! I am so sorry Paula!!! If it makes you feel any better....i was bumming yesterday too...although what happened for you guys was worse...yesterday...our one dog got loose and killed a chicken. She carried it around by the neck while my husband tried to get her. :( it was HORRIBLE!!!

    Here is to happier days ahead!! xoxo

  6. Oh, Paula...I'm sorry.

  7. Sorry for the loss of the garden. I pray the second time around is better for you. Blessings

  8. RATS!
    WE ARE all in agreement. It just plain ole STINKS! BUT: LOOKING at your other "friends" who wrote in and share your pain... I bet if we could we'd all pitch in and HELP you replant! I would!!
    As for what you shared with me about your Mom.. Im huggin you, and WILL be praying for you too! ~What say, May 11, you n me put on our HAPPIEST SOCKS, and sing: .... hmmm what are we gonna sing? Write me back and let me know and I'll be singing it all day with you. Hugs, Lea

  9. Oh Paula, I'm so sorry! Such hard work to have it gone! You're in a valley right now, but God will help you to climb out of it. Don't get discouraged. Hugs and blessings, to you, Kathleen

  10. Poooey! is all I can say! But this time I can truly say, I understand! We always get told to put our Florida gardens in the end of Feb or beginning of March. And just when we do, we get that late freeze, too! Never fails! And if we start later, it gets too hot and we get nothing.

    Hate to say it, but my money and time are better spent at the vegetable market since my thumb doesn't appear to have ANY green in it.

    As for the bluebird???? God's wonderful reminder that YOU are so much more important to Him and knows all about what happened.
    Look up, move on, make another plan, and whistle a hymn of praise!


  11. Hi Paula, that is so discouraging when you spend so much time on your garden and overnight, its all gone. Here in California we don't have frost to much, but we do have gophers and ground squirrels that are thiefs in the night!
    I think that little Bluebird was sent to you to remind you that God loves you!
    Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog. You sound like a very special lady.
    Love, Ann

  12. Oh, I am so sorry about your garden. We lost ours twice already this year thanks to sudden temperature drops. It's very frustrating. Thank goodness we live in the south and can replant without worry, eh?

    I just hate the wasted seeds and time!


  13. I'm sorry to hear about your garden. I know how it feels last year I was so excited for my daffodils for Easter and two days before everyone was coming, it snowed, they were all ruined for that season, I was so depressed.
    The bluebird is a sign of hope. Daisy and Edie do have the right idea. I often think I would like to have my cat's life sleep all day, dine when ever you want and the biggest crisis is how to get the toy that just rolled under the couch.

  14. Hi Paula, I felt such twangs of sadness when I read your post. Your feelings came through so strong. I am so sorry about your garden. But I know you will over come cause you are THE FARM CHICK! You are a very positive person and that will make the difference! Love, De

  15. Awhhhh how disappointing, the next crop will be bigger and better.

    Big hugs

  16. Reminiscent of last spring for me, when the frost got all the fruit trees here.I definitely empathize with you. I watched those little seeds become plantlings. While it may be too late this year to start your own again, there is plenty of time to get some from the greenhouse. The bluebird of happiness is there to bring you good fortune and happiness. Unfortunately, there will be more work involved, but there will be rewards. We don't have anything in but onions, radishes and potatoes.
    Lots of work ahead......

  17. Yes please more pics of the babies, they would be at that gawky ugly duckling stage.

    I lost another hen to that falcon, I have tried to befriend him, feed him mice (had to buy frozen ones from the pet food store n kept them in my freezer (gross) but I am well past being nice to him now...one of us is gonna lose this battle!!!

  18. So sorry to hear, it does happen now and again, but at least it's still early enough to start over. Chin up and hang in there!

  19. I am so sorry about your garden...ugh! I'll pray your second crop is 100 fold bigger!!! What a beautiful picture of the bluebird, I have only had a few fleeting glances up here of one.


  20. Just kick at the dirt and think about what it will look like in three months! I can imagine your backs feel a little sore just thinking about doing that again.

  21. Hi Farm Chick Paula! I am so glad that you stopped by the blog and liked your stay. Please come back often! Did you enter the Name That Photo Contest? You could win homemade cloth napkins!

    I get my lye from an online soap/candle supply company called Camden-Grey Essential Oils. It takes a little while because you must send them notice that you don't intend to blow up the world with your lye purchase and then they are just lovely about sending large amounts of it -- very handy!

    Only Ace Hardware stocks Red Devil drain opener these days -- which works but not as well. I'll happily send you all of my tried-and-true soap recipes. We are big believers in sharing the wealth!


  22. So sorry about your garden I know how you feel. Same thing happend to us last year. We were ok here in Mid Missouri. I got up about three times to check temps. Only got to 34. I had no frost damage. Thank Goodness. You can replant, its still early
    I really enjoyed visiting your blog.

  23. I'm so sorry about your garden! It is heartbreaking when something like that happens.

    But God knew you needed a smile so He sent that little bluebird.

    Soon your new garden will be planted and growing beautifully!



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