How I spent my weekend...

This past Saturday was the annual spring "Plow on the Mountain" for the local antique tractors and horse and mule teams. The location this time was at a beautiful farm halfway between Crossville and Pikeville. (TN) This is Hubby's day to shine- I'm just the photographer. (That's him in the picture above.) He lives for this stuff... unfortunately, we don't have very many events like this around where we live- the land is much too hilly in most parts. I don't know exactly how many tractors and teams turned out this time, but we had some pretty bad weather in this area the day before, so I know the number was down some from the fall plow. I just thought I'd share some of the pictures with you today.

This was one of several beautiful teams of mules. There were also a couple of teams of Belgium horses, but I didn't get any pictures of them. (Dernit.)

Red vs. Green- Red wins every time in my book!

This was a very impatient fellow- he kept pawing and braying while his team was out there, as if to say, "let me in the game, coach!"

This is a true action photo- I was hanging on for dear life with one hand while trying to steady the camera with the other. (Jeez, the things I do for the perfect picture.) I told Hubby if he felt a big bump, not to worry- it was probably just me getting plowed under.

Go, baby, go!


  1. Wow... those mules ARE beautiful! I love the huge belgians that pull the plows, but I love horses in general so maybe I'm biased.

    Those are probably the best looking mules I've seen though. Wow.

    oh yes, and of course your hubby on the tractor!!! :)

  2. how fun! i wish i could have been there!
    btw, my package arrived safe and sound and i love them even more in person! thank you!

  3. oh, i love those pics Paula!!! I love sharing in your farming experiences with you and your hubby!!! :) Nothing cuter than a man on a tractor!!! I LOVE watching my hubby on one!!!! ;o)

  4. Beautiful mule and a good reminder of the definition of country - where real people grow real food - doing real work! Great shots - how are your chicks and tomatoes doing?

  5. "She thinks my tractor's sexy"! I never got that song 'til now. Great pictures.

  6. Hi Paula, I just read the comments you left on my blogs.... thank you, you are always so sweet. I would love to go to flea markets where the Minnonites(MS?) and Amish sell their things. I have got to show my sweetie your tractor pictures. He was not sure about the country life and I finally won him over. Boy, has he adapted well! Instead of motorhomes and boats, he now talks about getting a tractor. He is forever stopping and taking a look at whoever has them for sale. So good to visit with you, blessings, Kathleen

  7. LOVE>>>LOVE>>>LOVE your photos. YOu have a great eye. What fun!! Do you use your wool or sell it? I need tips on farm living so when I get mine I will be all set. You are welcome to come to my farm any time as well....when I get it. Until then....I will dream and enjoy your beautiful blogfarm.

    Karen Eileen

  8. I am going to have to show those pictures to my husband when he gets home. He will love it.
    I sure am glad you didn't get plowed in.Lol....
    Great pictures.

  9. you really were right in there. the color is great. looks like a beautiful day. i think your DH is in his element there.
    thanks for alerting us to the giveaways. you know, i won that darling belle pootsie. i will be posting her. and it's all thanks to you and some phenominal luck!

  10. Jen- Hubby had a Belgium draft horse once and would LOVE to have another one, but they eat so much, we just can't afford one right now. We'll keep dreaming!

    jayedee- I'm glad to hear your package arrived safely- I know you'll give Hildy and her chicks a good home!

    Katy- Thanks for the sweet words... and you're right- a man and a tractor are a sight to behold in my book!

    LindaSue- My Silkies and my 'maters are doing great! I'll have to update everybody on them soon with some new pictures.

    Debbie- I like that song, except for the line "if it runs like a Deere, man, her eyes light up"... it's the wrong tractor! LOL (needs to be a red one.)

    Kathleen- you make sure your Hubby sees the pictures... no Farm Guy is complete without his tractor! Or two. Or three. LOL

    kareneileen- I can't wait to see your farm when you get will no doubt be a farmgirl's paradise!

    ga. farmgirl- I really had to hang on tight... that's one bumpy ride hanging halfway off the back of a tractor with a camera in your hand!

    Linda- I'm so tickled you won! Belle is such a little sweetheart!

  11. What a wonderful day! You know tractors & freshly plowed fields just take my breath away! I love those photos! The action photo is my favorite ~ what fun!


  12. Thank you, Lea- we had really bad storms here on Friday, but Saturday turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day. Hubby was happy!

  13. I love your pictures of the mules and all the work being done!

    Is your farmer driving a Farmall H or is it an M? Whatever it is it looks perfect.

  14. Don- It's an H!
    Did you notice the wheels? It has the original steel-style spoke wheels, but at some point, someone converted it to rubber tires.
    Thanks for asking!

  15. Hey, I'm glad you didn't get plowed over while taking that picture. It looks like ya'll had a great time. I love looking at your pictures they are beautiful...full of nature.

    I love your post about complaining to the dog and it brought a smile to my face to know that I'm not alone others are out there that do it.

    Take Care, :)

  16. Your farm looks like a fun and happy place to be!

    Thanks for the tip about the contest, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I can certainly see why you don't have time for American Idol or any other kind of idols! ;-Þ

  17. How fun! Looks like the perfect weekend to me. I could almost smell the freshly turned dirt - nothing better! Your pictures are greats.


  18. Oh, Paula...I love the photos. What a weekend!! I know exactly where that event took place!!
    I love the song you posted. I've been a Tennessee girl all my life-my family has been in this area since 1800. Love of this place runs deep in my heart.

  19. Vickie, Renna, and Kay- Thanks so much for your sweet words! I'm no photographer, but it helps having beautiful scenery around!

    Pam- I wish you could have been there...this place was absolutely beautiful! The Sequatchie Valley is truly a sight to behold!

  20. Looks like it was a beautiful day! Those mules are something, aren't they?? I've always wanted some--I think, LOL! I'm really better with smaller animals.

    You are a brave girl, riding on the tractor like that! I don't like to ride standing!

    I'm glad you came through all the storms okay. There have been some 'doozies' this year, so far!

    Great pictures, Paula.


  21. I love your pictures--very green!!

  22. Ugh. Your pics are just too wonderful! Love, love, love them - and the teams! Wish I could've been there. I really miss the farm.

    Thanks for the plug and kind words about my blog.

    I got my sunbonnet yesterday and will post a modeling pic as soon as this stupid zit goes away. I'm almost 40 years old, geez, much too old for acne!

    Oh, and Freddie the Fraker Farm Fowl is now one of my official blogdom mascots! I LOVE him! When I see him, I will send up a little prayer for you and yours!

  23. Hi Paula,
    It's good to read of farm things. When we moved to town, my husband sold his tractor. He really misses it.

    God bless!

    Happy at Home

  24. Paula those pictures are wonderful. Oh, I'm so glad you did't get plowed under. What is it about a man on a tractor? It looks like your hubby or anybody would have liked a weekend like that.

  25. Rose Mary- I'm a little intimidated by those big animals, too! You're right... we've had some really strange weather lately.

    whatevergirl- Thanks for stopping by!

    Mrs. Pharris- Thanks for the sweet words... zit or no zit, I'm ready to see you wear it! LOL Thanks for giving "Freddie" a good home.

    Laura- Thanks for stopping by, I know your Hubby has to miss his tractor. Maybe my pictures will cheer him up.

    Jaderocks- It was quite a day! Can't you just see the headlines in the paper..."Local Woman gets Plowed Under by Husband." LOL
    (It could only happen in Tennessee)

  26. Just surfing the blogs and stopped by for a visit.

    Nice Blog!

  27. That is a very cool Farmall H. My uncle still has a Farmall M he bought in 1940. It is huge compared to my little Farmall B, but I love the Farmalls. Go Red Power!


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