"Hope" is one of my favorite words in the English language. Hope is a word that can bring a ray of light to the darkest of situations, and can give you the courage to keep on going when you don't think you can. I'm amazed at how differently I use the word hope now than when I was younger. There was a time in my life when I hoped for things like a raise, the perfect house, a newer car, and so on. Now, I find myself hoping for a bountiful garden this year, that my friend Cottage Rose finds her lost pet, and for my little apple tree (in the picture above) to bear fruit this year. To some that may be simple-minded, but this is how my world is now, and these are the things that REALLY matter to me. And I'm so thankful it's that way.
What do you hope for?


  1. I think it's being in the country that makes you appreciate the small things. When I lived in the city, I hoped for things like a good parking spot, or that the workout machine I liked to use was free. Now that I'm back out in the country, I hope that my flowers grow (stemmy or no!) and that our garden will produce well this year.

  2. Hope is not a simple concept - it is the solid rock upon which we can build our lives. I like the line from an older hymn "my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness". I join you in hoping for apples, found beloved pets, and a good year on the Fraker Farm!

  3. I think that HOPE sustains us all for without hope, we have nothing. I sit here in Coloraado, knowing our pear tree is full of blossoms and join you in the hope that some coldsnap doesn't rob us of our fruits again. I also hope for a great garden for without the produce we gather, our winter will be bleak. I also join you in the hope your friend finds her beloved pet, for I know I would be devastated without any of ours.
    I also hope the economy gets on track so that my husband's job is secure. I hope that my daughter gets word this year that a baby girl is ready to join their family. I hope that my parents continue with good health. And I hope that the Fraker's enjoy a prosperous year on their farm-that I so envy.... (((((HUGS)))))

  4. I totally agree with you Paula!! Having hope is a beautiful thing!!! I loved this post!!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by and telling me about your smart daughter helping the lady who wanted a neti pot, thats so great! I too saw that Oprah show and it convinced me to try it, I"m so grateful for the relief! I loved this post on hope, so true how we use that word as we get older and wiser! Hope your apple tree brings you many sweet apples!

  6. Such a "hope filled" post, Paula! Yes, I love hope too! Today I hope that all the little flower seeds I planted burst with color this summer. I hope the hummingbirds visit us again this year. I hope that tomorrow holds as many smiles and as much love as today has!

    My little sister's middle name is Hope. It is such a lovely name and I think your next chicken should be named Hope! LOL


  7. Such a beautiful post. I also hope you get a bushel and more of sweet apples. Prayers to your friend that she finds her lost pet.


  8. I think that as we get older, we start realizing what the really important, special things are in life. Our perspective changes with age. I love the song that Dallas Holm wrote and sings "I Have Hope". He always writes such meaningful songs!

  9. This is a lovely post; a good way to start out the day!
    I think that is why I love Spring so much. Watching everything bloom again, seeing the promise of things to come...Hope.
    Thank you, Paula.

  10. There is nothing simple minded about your feelings at all. They are genuine and good. There is a little verse in 1 Samuel 16:7 that says, "God looks on the heart". And I know he is looking on yours and smiling! Have yourself a wonderful weekend, blessings, Kathleen

  11. I love the word Hope, also. It can take you a long way.
    Today--I hope that Annie the goat does not get her head in the fence one more time.
    Good luck to Cottoage Rose on finding her pet.
    I just know the apple tree will do its best on growing some apples this year.

  12. I, too, love that hymn, "my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness." That hymn is all about hope. One of the verses says, "When darkness veils His loving face, I rest on His unchanging grace!" Hope in God brings such peaceful rest, as He never fails.

    Hope in our daily, simple lives brings us the ability to move on from day to day. It is our faith and hope in a simple seed placed in the ground that brings us the fruit of our labors.

    It is our hope in a better tomorrow that makes us get up in the morning and start again.

    Today, I hope the little titmice in my birdhouse all make it to adulthood and fly safely on their God-given wings. I hope my beans and tomatoes and squash bear fruit! I hope Buster sleeps through the night!


  13. Such a nicely written and inspirational piece on hope. I was tracking with you with every word. Thank you!

  14. "If it were not for hope, the heart would break." I don't remember where I heard this, but it seems to fit. I really hope Cottage Rose finds her pet and the apple tree bears fruit for you.

  15. I agree with you all, without hope our hearts would be empty. My biggest hope is to be free from sin and pleasing to our lord. I hope ~ Christ continues to provide for all of us and our individual needs. For your friend to find her lost pet (our prayers are with you) and that your fruit trees provide as much fruit as you can handle. I hope ~ as well my dwarf peach and nectarine trees made it through our harsh winter. I hope ~ for plenty of veggies and fruit to fill our freezers and canning jars this fall. I hope ~ for peace... God Bless you all.

  16. Hope is good.
    I love those blossoms on your fruit tree, it is autumn here now and getting cold. All our leaves are turning gold and carpeting my lawn, I love that look too.


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