Farm Find and a Friday Funny.

On days when I have indoor chores (blech), I sometimes take a little break and go for a walk around the farm. I'll meander up to the barn to see if Daisy and Edie are behaving (and the answer is usually no), check on Hamburger and the girls, then wander off to the field, turning a few minute break into an hour and a half. Every once in a while I'll come across something out of the ordinary. This is my find for the week:

I found this little nest laying on the ground next to a cedar tree. I'm pretty sure no eggs were ever hatched in it because it looks unfinished. It was probably a work in progress, but the terrible wind and storms we had two weeks ago may have blown it out of the tree. I had to bring it back to the house and look at it for a while. I'm always fascinated by the different materials birds use for their nests, and how they can build such delicate but strong structures using only their beaks.

Now for something funny- I have exclusive video of the little terrorist in action. After watching this, you'll understand why Sarge and the girls are glad she's in Solitary. But you know me- I can't help myself- I love to ruffle some feathers because, well, as Farm Chick, that's my job. Oh, and be sure to turn your volume up. You don't want to miss the sound effects.

By the way, if you heard heavy breathing toward the end, it was me. My shoulders were stuck in the door of the Solitary Confinement coop for a second, and my life flashed before my eyes. I guess that serves me right. (Stop laughing.)

Happy Weekend, everybody!


  1. How about that henatude! She has you beat LOL. I didn`t hear any heavy breathing, just as well too, it`s family hour now LOL

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who pesters her chickens! hee hee. I love when mine are in the nest laying an egg and they got all hissy when I put my hand NEAR them. hee hee.

  3. oh my gosh...LOL...the terrorist chicken cracks me UP!!! LOL I like how cottage rose put it...the "henatude" ROFL!!! Too funny!!!

    I posted some pics of my hubby on his you did here a bit back!!! I thought you would appreciate them!!! =o) Hope you have a wonderful weekend Paula!!! xoxo

  4. I know how that little hen feels. There are some days when I could just rip people's arms off and beat them with the bloody stumps! LOL She is such a funny little hen. I wish her all the best.

  5. Paula- That's hilarious!! She will make a great mama. Very protective. That nest you found is pretty. My kids would have gotten a kick out of finding something like that. All we saw this morning were three dead birds and a dead mole in the front flower bed. Our cats love us. LOL. Have a great day.

  6. Lol @ Terrorist chicken!

    Nice blog, I shall pop back and check out how you're doing!

    Love the tractors, chickens and veggies!


  7. Thank you for posting the film of the hostage situation. She quite seriously means to win!!
    Do keep us updated!
    I think birds nests are so pretty. My (almost) 9 y.o. grandson found one two weeks ago, and wrapped it up to take to school. One of his friends didn't believe it was real, it was so perfectly made- which led to a wonderful conversation about God's care of even the smallest creatures. My grandson was fascinated with the construction and the materials used in the nest.
    Oopps...didn't mean to go on and on. I enjoy my visits here so much.
    Hugs and Blessings,

  8. Cute little nest. I love the video it was so funny. The funniest part was the great lenghts that you went to to bring your audience this little tidbit of interest. Hope you got out okay. I'm like you and I'd rather be doing things outside instead of inside.

  9. O my O my O my---that is one feisty little hen!! She makes the funniest sounds. I laughed so hard, then I got to thinking--she is trying to have babies there and you --the henyard bully--are trying to share this most private moment with the unknown public. I laughed even more. Every time I see anything chicken these days, I think of you. Send me your address, Paula. I just may want to send you some "chicken" things. Did you see the apron 'flirty' over at glad tidings? made me think of you. Keep us updated. We gotta know how many chicks come from this hen. Is she past menopause? Is this a change of life brood?
    Have a great weekend, Paula!

  10. ROLF! Too funny...what a hissy fit she pitched! Well, who wouldn't? Thanks for the laugh today, I needed it!

  11. Oh Paula talk about a doberman heart in a chihuahua body! The little terrorist is a hoot! Thanks for the grin - and about pestering things - well goodness if we didn't get to pester them what fun would that be? Enjoy your Sunday - life is SO sweet isn't it?

  12. I love reading your blog!

    Chickens have a mind of their own don't they? Very Funny!

    Farm Chick I have been tagged and must tag 5 people. I hope you will stop by my blog check it out, then write a 6 word memoir about your life and post it on your blog for us to read.

  13. I too am amazed at how birds can make nests with just a beak. I think you should make a video of what the hen does when you try to take her eggs.

  14. Don't you just love finding little treasures on walks? I have one little nest stuffed with cotton and cottonseeds that the bird gathered during harvest time. Your determined little hen is a hoot. How many eggs is she sitting on? Blessings, Kathleen

  15. Hey, I found your blog. Love it. I want chickens so bad. I am trying to talk my husband into letting me have some. He is so against it. Any suggestions?

  16. i am lovin the hostage crisis! poor lil terrorist! she really means to see it thru, doesn't she?

    i have a little banty partridge cochin that setting her third clutch. she hatched out 12 babies about 2 weeks ago (i brought 'em into the brooder before she realized they had hatched)....and i just moved her over to another nest i'd been collecting eggs in, and right back down she settled. this little girl would try to set golf balls, if i'd let her! lol

  17. She finally has an egg and how dare you even look at it! LOL What a great video ... and it does serve you right! LOL

    Where will you put that little bird nest? I've seen them used in decorating on the front porch or even around the house. Such a precious find.



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