Another project off the list

You may remember the road to the barn project we finished a few weeks ago.... since then we've been working on a place for Daisy and Edie to spend their summer. The grass around the barn has been picked down and tromped on this winter, so we fenced in a small section of the pasture field for them, complete with a little sun shelter. Hubby finished tying in the fence last night, and this morning, the girls are checking out their new digs.

This is the view from the other side.....
(our house is in the background- see D & E's matching log cabin in the corner of the lot? LOL)

Hostage Crisis, Day 4: the little terrorist is sitting tight in Solitary Confinement. 17 more days to go until hatching.

Which brings us to a dilemma- the Solitary Confinement coop was supposed to be Belle, Beau, and Cecil's new outdoor home.... because they need a new place SOON. My living room is starting to smell like poop. Hubby? I love you.... Ready for a new project?


  1. I just looked at the road to the barn. I know what that is like. Congrats. on the road!
    The pictures look great. It is really looking green and pretty there. The fence looks so good. You and your husband certainly have been busy.
    I hope the little terrorist gets her eggs hatched soon.
    If yours is like my husband, I bet he is ready for a new project!
    Enjoyed the pictures so much.

  2. Paula, when I come over lets have a picnic under that shade tree in the corner of that pasture. I am in love with your farm!

  3. Your place is GORGEOUS! If you were closer, I'd come over, we'd sit on that lovely porch a spell, and I'd teach you to knit! ;-)

  4. Love the fence... and your log home!

  5. Looks like a lovely place to spend the summer :) You guys have been hard at work and it shows!!

  6. Completed projects!!!! Just wonderful! Hope the little terrorist behaves for you! Just loved the pictures!!!!! Cora

  7. Daisy & Edie are going to be two very happy girls with all that new green grass to munch on. And it looks so lovely as well.

    I can hardly wait to see those new chicks. I can just see the determination in her face! LOL


  8. What a beautiful farm you have Paula and love all the pictures you share with us! My favorite is your sweet hens! Just adorable. You provide a loving home for them!!!! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Maryjane

  9. Your property and everything is just soo beautiful! And i love that fence looks fantastic!!!

    oh my seriously crack me up! i LOVE your posts!!! They always make me smile!!! Your chicken trying to hatch the eggs cracks me up!!!! LOL she just wants to be a mommy, eh? LOL have a great day! :)

  10. Hey, Paula...I was on the phone with Alabama Girl last night and she was looking at my blog...anyway, I told her to look at yours. She's in love with Daisy, Edie, Hamburger, and of course the 'little terrorist'. She wants you to adopt her!

  11. Good Morning, Paula.
    Everything looks wonderful.
    It's a beautiful farm.
    Anxiously awaiting the outcome on the hostage crisis...please keep us updated!

  12. I think I'm going to have to lock mine up, too, to get them to set!! At least the others are safe from her, LOL! Your home is beautiful!! Your whole place looks so green and perfect! Happy spring!!!!!!


  13. Wow you and hubby have been hard at work. Beautiful home. It looks so peaceful and lovely. I'm sure Daisy and Edie are going to love their summer place. As for the terrorist. The yearn to be a mother was just more powerful than the urge to supply eggs for breakfast. Looks like another project is in order. Sorry, Hubby.

  14. Hi again I just got tagged and now you're it.
    Please stop by when you can to check out the tag.

  15. That fence looks fabulous, Daisy and Edie are going to be so happy in their own paddock.

    poor Sarge, I think you pick on her LOL



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