We have a winner- and I've been tagged!

Hubby took some time off from work last week so we could work on some projects around the house, so I didn't get to "blog" as much as usual. It's nice to be back, and I'm excited to have a lot of new places to visit, as well as some catching up to do with my "old" friends as well! You'll be hearing about those projects Hubby and I have been working on in some upcoming posts, along with some pictures of my new baby chicks for spring. (Be patient, Cottage Rose... you already know the inside scoop on the babies! LOL)
I hope everybody had a blessed Easter- we had Communion at our little church yesterday, and I always enjoy it so much... it's such a special service.

The biggest news today is to announce the winner of my drawing. So Hubby did his part, and the winner is...

Jennifer from JandJ Acres! Congratulations to her. I'll be putting 5 of the 6 items in my ETSY shop this week, as soon as she lets me know the item of her choice. Thanks to everyone that entered... this was so much fun for me!

My lovely blogging buddy Pam from over at Bear Creek has tagged me to tell 5 unusual things about myself, so here goes:

1. I have one sibling; a brother, and I am 11 years younger than him. (Can we say accident?)

2. I play this in a bluegrass gospel group....

3. I come from a large close family that include lots of aunts, uncles, 1st cousins, 2nd cousins. Here's the unusual fact- they all live within a 20 mile radius of each other. Same goes for Hubby's family.

4. When I wash my hair, I have to go outside to comb it out. Even if it's 20 degrees outside. I can't stand to have to clean up hair off the sink, countertop, floor, etc., so I just go outside.

5. I know people are trying to go "green" these days because gas is so ridiculously high, but this is what I drive because it scares people and keeps them from pulling out in front of me. (To heck with the fact it gets 12 miles to a gallon.)

Well, there you have it... Pam, I hope you're not sorry you asked! LOL


  1. Ok, I just finished my hissy fit and I am sucking it up now and mumblin a congrats to Jennifer!

  2. Oh, De- You're such a good sport! You can blame Hubby! LOL

  3. Congrats Jennifer!!! That is sooo awesome! :)
    Paula...your suburban is just like one my mom used to have but sold it about a year ago (cuz of the gas prices and such) Same color and everything! LOL Hope you had a great Easter!

  4. Very chic.....
    I, too, am a sport and congratulate Jennifer for winning. I envy her position and am truely happy for her.
    I also drive an SUV--an Explorer and have for 10 years. Now my hubby says I have to trade it off for some economy thing. I am-------mixed up. I love my ride, the roominess, convenience, the guages and knobs and all the niceties---and I have to trade.
    Love bluegrass! Have a great week...Keep up posted on the peppers! and the peepers! LOL

  5. congrats jennifer! now miss paula! get busy and add those yummy gooies to your etsy so i can buy 'em! LOL

  6. So I'm sure that the rest of your post was great, but I didn't get past the "JENNIFER WON!" part!!! Yay!!! And thanks to everyone for the congratulations!

    Woo-hoo! Okay, gotta calm down the coworkers are gonna think I'm getting excited over part prints. hee hee. Yay!! I'll e-mail you soon with my choice!! Yay!!

  7. Congratulations to Jennifer!
    Paula, I loved your tag answers!!
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. I'm so happy for you, Jennifer ~ you lucky girl!

    Wow ~ I was so excited to hear that you play in a Bluegrass gospel group ... my favorite music in the whole world! Do you all have a CD?

    So nice to learn all these lovely things about you ... I like you even more than I did yesterday ... and that was a lot!

    Be blessed,

  9. Pouts, sniffle...okay, I'm over it! Lucky Jennifer, congrats! Have a great week Paula!

  10. Congrats to jennifer. Sorry I missed the giveway but glad to find your wonderful blog. I'll be stopping by more often.

  11. Okay, I finished reading your post today and I love that you posted a picture of your gas hog!! Believe me, if I didn't have a 102 mile round-trip drive to work, I would be driving an SUV. *Tim Allen grunt* hee hee

    That's awesome that all of your family lives close by.

    And I remember my great-grandma always telling us to never brush our hair anywhere but the bathroom. I'm impressed that you go OUTSIDE to do it though. :)

  12. How fun! Congrats Jennifer and we are all looking forward to the NEXT contest aren't we????
    Interesting facts about you Paula - especially playing the bass - sometime you'll have to load an audio clip so we can hear you!

  13. I've just bumped into your blog today after seeing the name in a few blogrolls... hello! You seem like my kind of girl! :)

    My DH and I both drive gas-hogging SUV's. I do a lot of other things that are good for the environment, but I wouldn't give up my SUV- I just love being up high and feeling safe in it.

  14. Congrats to Jennifer, lucky duck!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  15. My friend had a chicken house massacre. Stupid weasel!!! Three one night, and the other eleven after they battened down the hatches!
    (She was going to let them have babies and give me some to start my coop this spring) So, anyway, we both have to order all new chicks. After her kids mourn the old girls :( Any tips for weasels or fisher cats?? (If you have those nasty critters around you??) My greenhouse has a coop but it is at the back of my 8 acres and I can't see or hear it from the house so I am worried :{
    On your post; I traded in my Avalanche gas hog for an Element this fall and I LOVE it! Environment, environshment, I like getting 24 miles per gallon! Hubby says, "The more you drive, the more we save!"
    Thanks for sharing I really enjoy your blog :o)

  16. LOL Love your post! Especially the truck! but I don`t have truck envy ... my truck is bigger than your truck LOL
    Congratulations to Jennifer, I secretly had my fingers crossed for Katy. Next time, Katy, I will cross my toes as well.


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