Take me home, country road.

Hubby and I are always talking about how sometimes we feel like we were born in the wrong time... kind of like the way of life we enjoy is outdated by about 50 years. We love our slow-paced, simple lifestyle, and have no desire for lots of material things. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by new technology and the fast-paced world around us. We don't want newer cars, expensive gadgets, or a bigger home. We don't take vacations, because we can't afford them for one thing, but also because we just love being at home. Home. The place we've worked so hard at making our own. The place where all our little animals live and seem to be so happy to see us in the morning when we feed them. The little place in this great big world that God has blessed us with. Why would we ever want to leave, even for a day?
I took this photo last fall at a local plow day. It's one of my favorites because every time I look at this picture, it makes me think of time when the world turned a little slower than it does now.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more!!! We can't afford vacations either...and sometimes I get annoyed with technology. But...I just remind myself that God has us here right now for a reason :o). Have a wonderful day!

  2. WOW! I can't believe someone else feels the same way I do. I am such a simple person and loving it.

  3. As I get older I enjoy staying home more and more. Too bad I still have to travel so much for my business :(
    I strive for a simpler life!

  4. It's like you've read my heart!

    Be blessed, Lea

  5. We can afford vacations now, but guess what...we are always ready to be "home" before it is over...
    Lovely post!

  6. We share your feelings. It's like the world is spinning out of control. I am so relieved that I grew up in a quieter time, a less progressive time--when picture tubes were round--if you had one.
    I love your ideals......
    We live 8 miles away from where they hold Midwest Old Threshers Annual Reunion. This year will be the 59th reunion.People come from all 50 states and alot of other countries to visit. We don't go anymore because it has grown out of proportion to the environment. They have like 250,000 visitors and it is a town of 8,000!!! We do like to go about 45 miles south to a much smaller show. It is delightful and fun. Most of it is in a farmers field that has just had a crop removed. There's a tiny train and lots of horses and an old fashioned ham 'n beans dinner.
    a step back in time, for sure...

  7. Hi,I so agree with your words. When we lived in town, our home was paid off, and we traveled with our 3 young children almost all of the time, (we homeschooled then). Then we finally got our wonderful home out here in the country... we waited for years for this to happen. Now our children are almost grown and have their own lives, we don't travel as much because we have vacation here every day!We are glad we traveled when our children were young, it made good memories for them, but home memories are so much better! It makes me sad to see how fast this world is turning, but what would I do without being able to visit on the computer! {: blessings, Kathleen

  8. You have expressed in your words everything that I feel! I could have written that post myself. I love being at home. I hope someday that I can be in the country again. But until I do I will read your blog and enjoy your country life.


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