Stand-Off Over... Gardening Begins

Smokey is smiling because all is well!
A peaceful (and anti-climactic) ending came to our Hostage Crisis this morning when our little terrorist hopped off her captive eggs and never went back. Apparently she decided she was not ready for motherhood after all..... or maybe her circulation was being cut off from the rather large objects beneath her. Either way, life in the hen house will be getting back to normal shortly. (Well, as normal as can be expected around here.)
We're one step closer to having the garden I've been dreaming about for a couple of months now. I've started off my indoor greenhouse project with head lettuce, bell peppers, and heirloom Brandywine tomatoes. Hubby ran a disc through the garden yesterday, and the ground looks ready to plant in now. I love going barefoot in the spring and summer, so I can't wait to feel the cool dirt between my toes. (I hate shoes, and yes, I am a Redneck Woman.) I'll be keeping you updated on how the greenhouse is coming along in the next few weeks- I'm hoping it's a success!
Also- I'm planning a very special post for Monday, so be sure to visit the Farm that day. Have a great weekend, ya'll!


  1. Hi
    I like your blog.
    I have alot of hens too and 5 roosters, they all live very happily together but breed like rabbits! Also have 9 geese and 5 ducks, all fairly old now and starting to show their age. We get very upset when any of them die, they have all been very much a part of our family.
    I will call in again soon.

  2. I came over here from Farmgirl Fare. I love reading about other people's farms and animals.

    I agree with the love of walking around barefoot. My boyfriend calls me his 'little redneck.'

  3. I came over here from Farmgirl Fare. I love reading about other people's farms and animals.

    I agree with the love of walking around barefoot. My boyfriend calls me his 'little redneck.'

  4. YAY!!! So glad she decided to give it a rest! LOL That was just too funny! :)

  5. Paula just set steady in the boat and see what God will do.

  6. i am a self-confessed redneck woman myself. why, i remember going to a one-room schoolhouse and going to school barefooted every day until it was so cold, we could stand it no longer. our teacher didn't ever say we had to wear shoes. she left it up to our parents.
    we are so anxious to start the garden. we don't have but have always wanted ,a greenhouse. we have to go to a friend's. we are expecting snow/rain and 29'--but our hearts say----rake, cut back, clean-up, get ready.........
    i'll be back to catch the surprise...

  7. Just hearing about your garden is getting me all excited about my own. I am a little concerned about the clay soil and am reading a Storey's guide to help me with that.

    So glad that Banty gave up her hostages. She needs a good name!

    Blessings, Lea

  8. Don't you just love the smell of fresly turned dirt?? I could almost smell it just from reading your post.

    Glad the hen decided she was done being broody!

    Tell Hamburger my number is unlisted!


  9. It's good to see that spring has come to your neighborhood. Can you send her my way?? Our greenhouse is moving right along. They have tomatoes, onions, beans,
    and spinach for starters. Glad to hear the hostage situation turned out well :)

  10. Please give me pointers on bell peppers. My daughter talked me into buying one last year. It has been inside all winter and is about 3 feet tall with 4 leaves. It looks rather pitiful. We did get two bell peppers off of it. One was puny, the other was decent.
    You have beautiful hens!

  11. I'm so glad it all ended well!!

  12. WHEW! That was a cliff hanger! I am glad it is over and ended happy! I love happy endings!

  13. Cottage Rose- So glad to hear from you! And all the way from Australia... wow! Please come back again!

    Jennifer-I'll just be a happy redneck, won't you? Shoes and hot weather don't mix for me!

    Linda- school kids today don't know what they're missing do they?

    Lea- I think I'll start calling her "little Hitler"! LOL

    Kay- fresh dirt has a certain something that tells you "spring is here" doesn't it? By the way, Hamburger is in therapy now that you turned him down. LOL

    Shannon- you may be a little slow getting spring up in the New England area, but I'd still love to visit sometime! (Especially in the fall!)

    Whatevergirl- the bell peppers are something new for me, too! My Daddy could grow them like crazy, so I'm hoping it may rub off on me. I'll keep you the meantime, have you tried replanting in some fresh peat/potting soil mix? (Just a thought.)

    Pam- I'm glad it ended with no bloodshed, too... I thought Sarge was going to rally the rest of the girls into action! (That would have been an UGLY scene...)

    De-I love happy endings, too! I kinda wished for a more exciting ending to tell, but happy is better!

  14. So glad the hostage situation is over! What a hoot! Ya gotta love those little banties!

    I've enjoyed reading through your blog, smiling a whole lot, wishing I could borrow that guy out on the tractor! I'll be back! Cora


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