Sneak peek #2 and.....Lettuce? Yes!

I had a big surprise waiting for me when I tipped the lid of my little greenhouse this morning.... I'll let you in on that in just a minute, because the first order of business today is the unveiling of two more items that you have a chance to win. To all of you who have entered my GIVE-A-WAY so far- thank you, and good luck! If you entered on Monday, you don't have to enter again since I've already put your name in the egg basket, but you can still leave a comment if you'd like. And I do appreciate all the comments on the first two items... I love making things that I would enjoy having for my own, and I'm always glad to hear when other people like the same things I do! And all the comments on the photo of Hubby and I were very flattering, but I only posted it to see who would kiss up the most to win. (LOL- just kidding!)
I also want to thank those of you who posted on your blog about my give-a-way... that is so very sweet of you, and I can't tell you what it means to me. If you haven't entered yet, PLEASE don't be shy- I want you to have a chance to win, too! Good luck to everybody, and remember-these items will be in my shop next week after Saturday's winner picks out the item of their choice. The two items for today have a bit of a poultry theme... but chickens are kinda my thing anyway.

Item #3 - Hildy and her babies
Momma hen Hildy is 11 inches tall while sitting (16inches total) and makes a great shelf-sitter while she watches over her brood. Her two baby chicks measure 3 and 4 inches tall and are busy pecking and chirping.

Item #4 - Rooster mini wall-hanging

This mini measures 18 inches long x 12 inches wide and has two small hooks on the back for hanging. Applique rooster scene on a navy blue background fabric with a "chicken wire" border.

There are two items left for Friday, and then the drawing is on Saturday, so stay tuned!

Back to the greenhouse:
This is what I found this morning- it seems like it happened overnight!
The score so far out of 24 plants each:
Lettuce- 18, Bell Peppers- 0, Tomatoes-0 (although I think I see a little sprout....)


  1. geez louise! i MUST have both of the chicken items! i adore chickens! just love 'em to pieces! in fact, i have a hundred of the little buggers brooding in my living room, much to my husbands chagrin! LOL

  2. Hi--hope you are enjoying all that rain:-0!! Our little bridge at the end of our road was too high to cross by yesterday evening. My hubby got out this morning,so it is down some.

    Love your craft items! I'm a sort of chicken girl myself, so I know why you love them! I'll try to get your give-away mentioned on my blog if I can get the link right!

    Have a great day.


  3. I'm so excited about your little plants. It never ceases to amaze me the wonder that God created in one small seed. Just gives me goosebumps!

    I must say, your chickens are toooo cute! You do such nice work. I like to create too. It is just something that I so enjoy.

    Be blessed, Lea

  4. whatta go on the new sprouts! we don't have veggies but our fig tree is going crazy....seems like every day, more leaves...ain't spring grand?

  5. Wow!!! Just love that chicken!!!!!
    Great job!!!!! And nothing cheers a day up more than seeing those sprouts shooting up. Our green beans popped out a few days ago. Now, if I can keep the blue jays out of them. . . .They seem to love those tender new sprouts!!!!! Cora

  6. OK...first of all...those things you are having up for grabs are AWESOME!!! I just love them!!! You are so thoughtful!! :o)

    AND..your lettuce is AWESOME!!! That is sooo fantastic! i am so happy for you!!! :)

  7. I am so envious of your greenhouse....We can't even get into our garden to plant the potatoes and onions this weekend! The ground ic cold and not at all solid enough to till. We still have asparagus to cut off and all our perrenials to cut back. the whole place needs a good raking. This early Easter throws everything off schedule for us. We use our plantings and garden as a bird sanctuary and cut back in the spring. My daffodils and tulips and hyacinths need some air and sun to grow. Looks like a working 3 day weekend.....
    I, of course, will be anxious to see your drawing!

  8. I just love your craft items, those chickens are SO cute!! But the totes are still my favorites!!

  9. All your seedlings growing inspire me to get mine started. And oh dear, I've noticed that some mint snuck into my garden space. . .it could be an exciting summer!


    PS: I would love to be entered in your drawing.

  10. Look at those chickens, and the rooster, my kitchen theme is roosters and the wall hanging would fit right in! Draw me~

  11. So cute! I think you are a great crafter.

    Ummmmm where is your post on the gorgeous new arrivals, hmmmmm??? Time to show off your new babies!

    Hope the seedlings grow large and strong.


  12. I absolutely love Hildy and her babies are just too cute! The wall hanging is terrific. You are very talented.

    I was tagged I am tagging you......just list 5 unusual things about yourself, then tag 5 more people. If you would rather not, that's quite all right too!!!

    Anyway, just want to thank you, too, because your blog always makes me smile!

  13. The chickens are adorable!! Lettuce to go with the tomatoes - add some bacon and it would be a good sandwich.



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