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People have asked me on occasion how long I've had chickens, and my answer is always the same.. "All my life." And it's really the truth- I've had poultry in some form or another since I was very small. And my love for chickens all came about as the result of one sweet old man.

There once was an elderly gentleman who went to our church named Cecil, and everybody called him the "Bird Man". He kept chickens, turkeys, and birds in general in all colors, sizes, and breeds. My Daddy kept chickens, too, usually no more than 10 or 12 at a time, but we were regular visitors to the Bird Man. When I was about 5 years old, Mr. Cecil came to me before church started one Sunday morning and said, "I've got you somethin' in the car, so see me after church." Well, I couldn't imagine, so I spent that whole service wondering what an old man could possibly have for me. Candy? A toy?
After enduring an entire church service wondering about this mystery, (which to a 5 year-old is much longer than eternity) I ran out the front door and to Cecil's old black Chevrolet. He reached into the back seat, and pulled out a brown paper bag with small holes poked in the top. He said, "Now you take these home, and give 'em a little water and some cornbread. And you be sure and take care of 'em, o.k.?"
My heart beat out of my chest as I peeked into the bag and saw three little balls of fluff looking back. I instantly fell head-over-heels in love. From that moment on, Mr. Cecil would bring me little chicks every spring. He always gave me roosters, and I know now he was culling out the ones he didn't need, but just to know he thought enough of me to trust me with their care meant the world to me, even now. The Bird Man passed away many years ago, but he left a little mark on my heart that time will never erase. I still think of him every spring when I know the baby chicks are arriving in our local feed store, and I always turn into that excited little tomboy once again.

By the way, I think one of these chicks should be named.... Cecil, don't you?  :)


  1. Hi Paula, what cuties!! I have had the chance when I was young to have had people like Mr.Cecil to impress a memory in my heart. I feel we are so blessed to have had that happen. As for names.... Annabelle and Isabelle,because they are bells of the ball and of course the rooster is their Beau! Pronounced Bow and meaning a dandy! But I am sure you will watch them and come up with something! Enjoy them, blessings, Kathleen

  2. Oh Kathleen- how sweet are those names! I can never come up with names like that. My names are always some dumb nickname that sticks, like Icky, Spooky, or something. I love your suggestions!

  3. I'm impressed with Kathleen's names too! My names usually follow Paulas... Floppy. Fred. Barney. hee hee.

    I loved the story of your chicken friend. You're right... you never know what kind thing you do is going to stick with someone forever. :)

    I'm jealous that you got silkies! That will be my next chickens, I think.

  4. Aww, Paula I'm now more anxious than ever to order a few myself. I have to wait until the weather here breaks. Still calling for snow on Thursday & Friday~ I usually keep them inside for about a month or so when the temps are about 60 degrees or better, so have to plan accordingly.
    Your childhood story brought tears to my eyes as I remembered a few of my own. I love, love, love to spend time with our elderly folks. Also a tomboy myself, having grown up with 4 brothers. ("Anything they could do, I could do better") well; almost! Ta ta for now~ Mel

  5. I love love love our chickens as well! I totally understand your feelings! I am no good in the name category...LOL. We only named one of our girls and she was called Dipstick cuz she kept flying out of the chicken run and wanted to sleep in the rain!!! LOL

  6. The babies are adorable.

    What a precious memory. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Paula-- Thank you for the sweet and encouraging comment. I just started blogging and barely know what I am doing, but it is so cool to even get a comment. I also appreciate the your thoughtfulness about our loss. It was very hard but we are better today. Now that I have seen your blog I will definitely be back. I love chickens too. In fact that was the first thing we acquired when we moved to the country. I love to just sit and watch them. Well, I just wnated you to know how much your comment meant . Thanks again, Angie (Straight Paths)

  8. I have to go with what Kathleen chose for the names. Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory.

  9. sweet! And Kathleen's names have my vote too.

  10. I, too, love Kathleen's choice of names. I had immediately thought of Cecil as a name for the rooster, but Beau is wonderful, too.

    I, too, have had people like Mr. Cecil in my life. You just never forget, and it doesn't take much to bring the memory back. If only we would remember to make those lasting impressions on the children around us! It takes so little to make a BIG impression! Cora

  11. That is the sweetest lil fluff balls and now I gotta go blow my nose. You keep doing this to me, you make my chin quiver and my throat choke and your pull on my heart strings with all this Mr. cecil stuff! Of course the boy is Mr. Cecil.

  12. Those are too cute! I have never lived on a farm BUT I did have a horse growing up! Does that count? LOL

  13. Hey, Nothing can be better than having fond memories your story is so touching. I too vote for the names Kathleen has picked there is no way I would have thought of those. Mine would have been something like... Baby, Sunshine, and Homer. lol Take Care, Vickie

  14. Okay I just had to come and leave another comment and this one is about your craftiness. WOW!! I've just been browsing through and saw all these wonderful things...the Stars & Stripes oversized tote bag is nice and the Rooster Mini Wall-Hanging is beautiful and oh my gosh the Ozark Sunbonnet is breath taking and I love those Sunflower Fabric Bowls. WOW WOW WOW

  15. I like Kathleens names too!

    Gosh they are cute, who can`t resist a fluffy chicken? (and how can anyone eat them (insert sad face))

    If you don`t go with Kathleens names, I have given this some thought and I think Norman Hoot is a great name for the little boy.


  16. Hi Paula,
    How about "Bandit" for the rooster.

  17. we have strange taste in names around here, i.e. mary mary the denizli roo and tudrustle the pilgrim gander lol
    so i better not try to think of any for vote will be with kathleen's suggestions! don't you just love silkies? i have some showgirl eggs coming soon.....can't wait!

  18. I know what you mean about people influencing your love of Chickens. I have chickens, but my love of cows was inspired by the HUNDREDS of hours I spent out in the milking parlor with my grandfather!!!!
    Enjoy your site!

  19. I love your story so much. It provides me some insight into your personality.
    The names suggested by Kathleen are pretty close to perfect. I would probably call one Priscilla/ Prissy. And I do like Cecil---and I like Felix. Oh and Hester is a good girl name....

  20. Oh Paula, that is such a heartwarming story. It brought little tears to my eyes. What a legacy the Bird Man left for you and now he's still reaching out and touching all of us. Amazing!

    Okay the names I'm thinking of are: Samuel (for the rooster of course), Angelina & April. But I like all the choices so far!


  21. They're so cute! I just want to reach in the picture and touch their little feathers. I love baby chicks and chickens in general.

    Your story about the Bird Man was so sweet!!

    I can't think of any creative names except maybe Hamburger Jr. for the boy - just kidding!!

  22. I am so wishing I had one of those little sweeties. I had a black silkie. Her name was Sophie. She would walk right in the house if the back door was open and make herself at home. I sed to say, "It's okay, she's wearing her slippers." They have the cutest little fzzy feet. Something got my little Sophie in my back yard. She is in Silkie heaven wearing her slippers with all of her little silkie friends. Some day I will get more chickens....until than, I will watch yours grow.

    Karen Eileen

  23. OH.MY.GOSH. I cannot believe I have found someone else who has had a lifelong love of chickens, esp. babies, and has Silkies, of all things! I have even posted about the first time I got them as a child at Easter and how I love to go into feed stores in the spring! This is too much! So nice to "meet" you!

  24. Ok, here's my vote - You must name your rooster MR CECIL - not only is it a great memory for your friend, old Mr. Cecil, but it's also my granddad's name. Ok there's my two cents.

    As for the girls, I'm thinkin' old names - what's your grandmothers' names? Mine were Gladys Ola My great grandmother loved gladiola flowers) and the other Ruth.

    Well, whatever you name them, they sure will be cute. Can't you just imagine Mr. Cecil flipping his headfeathers this way and that? Ha! And I DO love Kathleen's names, too!


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