An Award, a Giveaway, and more!

I had already planned on doing a lengthy post for today, but it got a little longer when I heard the big news- I have just been given my first award as a blogger! (squeal, blush) I was one of the lucky recipients of a "You Make My Day" award from my kindred southern soul De at Bowls-n-Annies. Thank you so much darlin'- I love ya! I think I am supposed to pass it along to 5 (?) people now...(bear with me, I'm still learning the rules of Blogdom...) but narrowing down my favorites would be nearly impossible, so how about I just list a few in no particular order:

De (Bowls-N-Annies) - De is one of those rare people that if I ever met her in person, I know it would feel like we'd known each other all our lives. De, you ALWAYS make my day!
Katy (The Country Blossom) - Katy just bubbles with so much enthusiasm for EVERYTHING from her Bible studies to cleaning her toilet! Katy, you are so much fun!
Lea (Farm house Blessings) - Lea is another one I feel a special kindred to, and all the warmth of her home really shines through her blog! (and I look so forward to her Monday recipes, too!)
Cora (Hidden Riches from Secret Places) - Cora's whole life is an inspiration, and I enjoy her thoughtful writing so much... you can tell it comes straight from her heart. Thank you Cora for sharing with us!
There are so many special places I love to visit, and even if your name isn't on my list, please just know that if I have ever left a comment on your blog, then I really enjoyed my visit!

Now, on to our next topic.....

I'm having my very first GIVE-A-WAY, and the winner gets to choose their own prize! And it doesn't matter if you are a regular visitor, or if this is your first visit to the farm, I want everybody to enter!
There is only one thing I ask you to do if you enter: Please tell a friend about me and my ETSY shop!
Here is how it works: I have 6 new items that will be for sale in my ETSY shop next week. However, you will get a sneak peek at each of them this week BEFORE they go into my shop; 2 items today, 2 on Wednesday, and 2 on Friday.
Here's how to enter: You can enter the drawing by leaving an "ENTER ME" comment on any one of the three posts this week- the deadline is this Friday night (March 21st) at midnight.
Here is what you'll win: On Saturday, March 22nd, I will draw a name from the entries and the winner will get to choose one of the items from this week as their prize! The nicest part about all this is, even if your name isn't drawn, you'll still have the chance to buy your favorite item from my ETSY shop if it isn't chosen by the winner! (Of course I know that's not as fun as winning it, but...)

Now for your sneak peek at the first two items.... (Remember- these will be in my ETSY shop next week, unless one of these is chosen by the winner!)

Item #1: "The LORD is my Shepherd" Tote Bag!

This bag measures 13" wide x 12" tall, and I made it with sand-colored fabric with patchwork fabric trim, lining, and straps. "The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Psalm 23:1" is machine-embroidered beside the woolly little sheep applique. It would make a perfect book bag, or even a lunch sack!

Item #2: "Stars and Stripes" Oversized Tote Bag!

This bag measures 13" wide x 15" tall, and has a prim-looking star fabric that I machine-quilted to give it a puffy, full appearance. The bag also has navy blue fabric with tiny white stars trimming out the top and the long strap. The inside is lined with a denim-look light blue fabric. Bag has a velcro closure at the top. This would also make a really nice book bag, or a great beach bag for summer!

Don't forget to enter! And that means all you "lurkers", too- I want to meet everybody who stops by!

O.K., are you still with me?

One more thing...

I should have done this already, but I guess I've been working up the nerve... Allow me to introduce myself-

(I'm the one on the right. Thats my eye-candy Hubby on the left.) My real name is Paula. You can call me by that name if you want to, or Farm Chick will still be o.k., too. I just thought you might want to put a face to either of those names, however scary the face might be.
And remember, I'll always be a Farm Chick, no matter how cleaned up I was in this picture.
(Ya can't see my nails, can ya?)


  1. Oh my daughter wants your berry hat/apron. You ship to AU? and she also wants to know what other fabrics do you have in it. I couldn`t find your bags on there?
    I like your work, very impressive.
    I am putting some pics up tonight of my hen house, if you want to pop by!

  2. OK...first off let me start by saying that you are absolutely beautiful!!! I love that pic of you and your hubby!!! It's great to "meet" you finally!!!!!!

    Next...let me say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! Those sweet comments you left about me with that blog award made me laugh...(about the toilet part...AHAHAHAHA!) I really appreciate it!

    And last...OMG...I am a total handmade tote/purse LOVER!!! I love love love those bags you made!!! I am totally going to enter...does this post count or do i need to do it on a different one? I would sooo love to problem is..if i won...i don't even know what I would pick!!! AACK!

  3. I don't remember how I found you!! I know I came over from another farm blog. Hmm.

    Please enter me in the drawing, I love your Etsy shop!!

  4. Katy- any comments about the give-a-way is an entry, so Good Luck!

  5. Love the picture - always fun to put a face to a blogger. Yes indeed - you are both quite attractive. Thanks for stopping by my blog and looks like you are getting geared up for your Etsy shop and gardening - I also have one of those mini green house things on the counter - DH had to rig a grow light because my seedlings were getting too leggy. Have a terrific week - love Resurrection Sunday week (we call it Easter but nowadays you never know what folks think).

  6. Congrats for the award and the ones you choose, all great! I LOVE the handbags, they are just lovely, what talent you have and it was nice to see a photo, cute couple!! What a fun giveaway, I found you from the farmgirls!

  7. Paula, you are a beauty queen! I can see how you snagged that hubby now! I wanna win, enter me tooooo! I love your stuff and I will spread the word!

  8. "Enter Me"
    Hi, Farm Chick how exciting to enter a contest on blog. Thank you, for the chance to win one of those wonderful totes. And thanks again for stopping by my blog I will have more strawberry recipes posted in the near future and surely rhubarb will be there as well. I'm so craving my rhubarb!
    Good luck everyone

  9. ME!!! ME!!!! (HANDS WAVING frantically in the air!!!) Running to post in my blog about you, your stuff, your giveaway, your wonderful blog, your handsome hubby, anything you want, I will do!!!!! Cora

  10. I agree with Katy and're beautiful!
    Congratulations on the award!!!

    Yay for giveaways!!!! The totes are terrific.

  11. Me too! I found your blog last week and love it......I'll be glad to promote your store too...

  12. Please enter me in the giveaway too!!

    Love your Etsy shop!..and your handbags. I agree with and your hubby are georgeous!

  13. Way to go, Farm Chick! You earned the award. I really enjoy myself on your blog. I would be honored to be entered in your drawing.
    BTW- you are a handsome young couple.

  14. Paula / Farm Chick

    Love your blog! This will be a daily read! Good luck on the Giveaway!

    I'll have to check out some of the other sites when I have time to look around.

    Rhonda / Sis (in law)

  15. Miss Farm Chick Paula, you are just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside! Thank you so very much for the kind award. You'll never know how much it brought joy to my day!

    I have posted my award on blog today with a little note about your delightful blog and handmades.

    Have fun with your give-a-way! What a nice way to meet other kindred spirits!

    Blessings & joy,

  16. i love love LOVE the totes! do i have to choose between them? 'cause i don't think i can! throw my name in the hat for the giveaway, and if i have to, i'll pick one later lol

    i just blogged about your giveaway!

    keep up the good work! i just adore your blog!

  17. Thank you for sharing. Your bags are adorable.

  18. I just hopped over here from Lea'sFarmhouse Blessings. Love your totes and bonnet/aprons
    never saw one that you can use like this. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks Dorothy

  19. P.S. Dorothy is my mom ... so if she gets picked you can find her through me! I haven't quite talked her into setting up her own blog yet ... but I'll keep trying!

  20. JayeDee sent me over. Nice give-a-way and congrats on the award. I love to find other farmer type chicks, nice to meet ya. I will mention your give-a-way on my blog!
    PS. Your picture isn't that of a girl digging in the dirt.

  21. JayeDee mentioned your give-a-way and I thought I 'd pop over and check it out.
    Congrats on the award!
    I'll mentioned your give-a-way on my blog. Please enter me in the drawing. Those totes are looking very nice.

  22. Adore your creations. Please enter me. Hugs Jean

  23. Enter me!! The bags are adorable, you are gorgeous, and hubby is, well, hubba hubba!!


  24. you didn't honestly think that we were going to think you'd be the one with the mustache, right? ;)

    Lovely picture!

    greetings from the netherlands! :)

  25. Please enter me love your blog first visit here came to you from cottage rose.You are so clever i will be back im going to peek at etsy

  26. Paula,
    I was sent here by Kay@ the Rustic Cottage. Please enter me in the give away for your hand bag/tote. I just love the stars and stripes one. You are a beautiful Farm Chick. Don't worry about those ol fingernails.
    I'll spread the word about your site.

    You can email me at

  27. Paula, so nice to see you!! You are beautiful you silly woman, how could you be shy to peek out from behind the computer?!
    Your work is wonderful too, so please enter me in you drawing!! I'd be honored to to but your Etsy shop on my blog!
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  28. What a beautiful blog! I will save this in my favorites! Count me in for the give-a-away! What a beautiful job you do with your crafts!

  29. I just wanted to say that i DO plan on posting the award you have given me! I am really honored by it..and plan on blogging about it tomorrow!! Hope that is OK! didn't want you to think I forgot! :) Hope you are having a wonderful day!!! xoxo

  30. ENTER ME!

    You are obviously very talented, and though all your things are adorable, I especially LOVE your "The Lord is My Shepherd" tote. :-)

  31. The bags are gorgeous! I really like your blog. Nice to meet you.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. I'm Amy and I found your blog through Don. I am enjoying reading your accounts of country life. I'm a country gal myself and have come full circle. I now live in the house I grew up in, and I love it! Nice to meet you!


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