50 Tons of rock and 1 Happy Hubby.

One of the projects around the farm that we worked on while Hubby was off from work last week was a gravel road leading up to the barn. We've had no way to actually drive the truck up to the barn since we've lived here, so all large items, such as bags of feed, hay, gas cans, etc. had to be carried up the hill by hand or wheelbarrow. (And in the mud after a rain!) This was something we've needed to do for a LONG time, but we just haven't had the extra money to spend on... well... rock. Lots of rock. Two dump truck loads, to be exact. But Hubby is happy, and we both agree it's money well spent. And it's one more project we can mark off our never-ending list. (*Whew*)
And now I would like to introduce.... Belle, Beau, and Cecil!

I shortened Kathleen's suggestions of Annabelle and Isabelle into "Belle" because we are thinking now we have 2 roosters instead of 1, but if "Cecil" turns out to be a girl, she'll be "Cecilia".
Thanks for your input- I think y'all are some pretty creative folks to come up with so many great names!


  1. Oh I have barn envy! That`s a great barn.

    If you tire of your hubby you can send him over here, I have a list going with jobs for my hubby to complete, some have been on the list for 10 years now....

    The triplets are gorgeous and I like their names

    Will call into your etsy store tomorrow afternoon to do some retail therapy.


  2. The driveway looks GREAT!! wonderful job! :)

    love the names...and the chicks are sooooo cute!!!! :)

  3. The gravel looks great.
    Those project lists just seem to take on a life of their own, don't they? !!!
    I love the names for the babies-
    Hope you have a fabulous week,

  4. My husband would have rock envy he would love to get 50 tons of rock. The drive looks great. After the winter we've had here in Northwest Ohio I can bearly see my drive the rock has sunk down in the mud. Those chicks are the cutest little things, it makes me want to pick one up and hold it. Their names are perfect.

  5. hello what wonderful chicks and what a great job on the drive way enjoy angie

  6. Enjoy your new road-- what a project! And the chicks are so cute- I like their new names.

  7. What a wonderful drive, I love the rock. Isn't it amazing how much relly different things mean to each of us. I would LOVE a road like that. And so practical too. Good to know you won't be shlepping all the feed and hay by hand any more. Maybe a Gator to run up and down the path :) And yes serious Barn envy here as well. I can see I need to drop by more often. The chicks are adorable, and great names.

  8. I have barn envy, rock envy, and triplet envy, so I guess I'm really in trouble here! LOVE the names you picked! Just perfect! Please keep us old hens here updated with pictures as they grow up! Cora

  9. Just lovely, Paula! That drive sure is going to make caring for your farm so much easier. I'm so happy for you.

    The chicks are just as cute as can be! What breed are they?


  10. Oh my Buhlaland has a serious crushed rock envy here! We have a 700 ft. drive and are about two years past the point where we should have re rocked. With a gas drilling boom around here - crushed rock has gotten pricey! Love the silkies - and their names.

  11. These chicks are soooo cute. My 15 year old daughter breeds dwarf rabbits and they are adorable when they are tiny. Also cute when they are big, too!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  12. That is the purtyest rocks I have ever seen! I love them litle farm chicklets too!

  13. Lots of work but satisfying, huh? the chicks are really sweet too.....we are at thinking about getting a few hens for eggs, since we are in a unincorporated area, we are allowed hens but no roosters.....poor guys..!

  14. The drive to your barn looks great! Isn't it nice when you can afford to do something nice for your place? You have a neat looking farm.

    What a sweet story about the 'bird man'!

    Love your chicks--our little hens aren't setting yet, but I plan to buy some others anyway--still, wish my 'girls' would get busy!


  15. I enjoyed looking at your blog. I was born in East Tennessee and go back as often as I can to visit my parents there. My husband and I spent a week with them for Easter and I posted some Sring time pictures on my blog when we returned home. Spring was lovely there but we are still having winter weather here in Michigan! My heart is in the Smokies! Country girl at heart - Kat@ mimisgarden.blogspot.com

  16. The gravel looks great! And you're right about it being expensive.

    I got my bag on Saturday!! I had some family things going on or else I would've written and thanked you earlier. I love it! It's the perfect size!

    My boyfriend was looking at it and said "Why can't you do stuff like this?" I said "That's what Etsy's for!" hee hee.

  17. Awww! What kind of chicks are those?


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