Lookee what I got!

A special delivery came for me today packaged up so pretty....

A Snoot of my very own from Sweetnellie!

To say I have coveted Trish's beautiful little creations is an understatement around here. Every time she came out with something new in her ETSY shoppe, I would tell Hubby that one day I would have to own one, and bless his heart, he could do nothing but smile at me with that look of " what in the world is a snoot..." Well, the day I saw Imogen Poots, I knew she and I were destined to be together. I showed her picture to Hubby on several occasions, (hint, hint, HINT!) so this is my Valentine from him. (Notice the little red heart? gush, squeal) She's quite the little country girl with her quilted flowery dress and red knitted cap. Yep, I think we're going to be quite a pair.


  1. That is SO delightful! glad your DH got the hint (sometimes we have to use a mental sledgehammer but they are good to follow through on it right?) Thanks for visiting me - yes I had a fabulous b'day - even found new black dress shoes that don't hurt my feet - miracles from the Lord!

  2. Dress shoes that don't hurt?!!! Lordy, that IS a miracle!

  3. Imogen is quite a bubabubabubaBEAUTY! I just love her. I wish I could come to your farm right now for a visit. I have a feeling it would feel like home.

  4. De- come on over! I'll put the coffe on and get out the pound cake, and we'll just talk, and talk, and talk....

  5. I saw your comment over at Ruthann's and thought I would pay you a visit.

    You spoke of preachers called Brother...I am from Western Ky and my Hubby's cousin felt "called to preach"...well his nickname was Bubba ever since he was a little feller and of course he was dubbed Brother Bubba by one and all...LOL!

    I enjoy your blog and hope you don't mind if I come back?

  6. Hello my dear southern friend! Thank you ever so much for the fabulous comment on my blog! All of the wonderful southern ways you shared just warms my heart and makes me love everything southern all the more!! Thank you for taking the time to help me out, of course that's what down-south folks do best. You are a doll! If you think of anything else, why, come on over'n'stop by for some more pie.
    P.S. that little piggy is precious!
    Oh Honey!!

  7. I love the piggy! I tried to visit your etsy shop but couldn't get anything to come up. I'll try again.
    Love to see comments from all you southern gals. I am from GA--born and raised. Let's all meet at the Fraker Farm. I'll bring sweet tea that you could run your car on!

  8. OH, she is adorable. What a sweet Valentine's present from your hubby!

    I was reading some of the comments you have~I didn't realize that calling your pastor,"Brother", was such a southern thing! Being southern, I just thought it was 'normal', LOL! Have a great day!!

  9. What a darling snoot! I think I'm in love ...


  10. Thank you for dropping by my blog again! Always fun to hear from folks - are you having baby animals at your place yet? I'm getting antsy that FarmGirl Susan isn't showing her new lambs yet! Enjoy the recipes - the carrot salad was delish!

  11. LindaSue-
    We'll be hatching out chicks hopefully in April or May, and that will be the only babies we have this year. But I can't wait!

  12. That is soo cute!! I love it!! :)

  13. Imogen Poots is adorable! Thanks for coming over to the general store....That sight is really ME. I am as old-fashioned and farm-raised as they come. I long for the days of my youth. sigh......
    We still live in a small community-103 residents; nearest town is 430 and next after that is 8000. There are alot of older follks around but they are becoming fewer. My hubby and I garden and can and pass on the extras. People just don't know what they are missing.
    I love your blog and plan to visit again!!!!


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