The Girls have got it goin' on!

Well, as you can see, there are some sore bottoms around here lately. We had an extremely hot and dry summer last year, which seemed to take it's toll on everybody-especially the hens. There were a few months late in the year where we were getting NO eggs at all. We had all but given up on our older hens, but when last years' hatchlings got all their egg-laying parts in gear, the older girls took notice. The newbies were showing them up, and I heard there were rumours going around the henhouse about the chicken recipe in my latest issue of "Taste of Home". Not only have the old gals got it going on, their eggs seem to be bigger than they used to be. Show-offs.


  1. We old chicks will not be outdone!!!

  2. I forgot. I love those pale blue eggs. Does one chicken lay different colored eggs? Or do they only do one color???

  3. Hey neighbor! I actually have 4 hens that lay blue/green eggs, and 9 more that lay just plain brown ones. The blue egg layers are a breed called an "Auracana". They are very beautiful birds, and very funny. I have one I call "Sarge" that is at the top of the pecking order. She won't let any of the other hens eat until after she does. It's hysterical! She is one of the spunky "old girls"... I may have to do a post with some pictures on her soon. Talk to you later!

  4. We're so hoping to have our first chickens this year and your post has just encouraged me all the more! How fun!


  5. Your blog is adorable! :) We have chickens as well! We love our "girls". It's sooo cold here in PA though..they are laying less...we have a light on during the day in the coop and let them out when it isn't too cold. They are still laying though, thankfully! :) Your blog just makes me smile!!! :)

  6. Well, well, Miss Martha is not the only one that gets her eggs fresh from the farm. I wish I had this option!

  7. Women are like that, aren't they!! LOL!

  8. DH doesn't desire to keep chickens here (bad experience as a boy I think) but OHHH that big basket looks like breakfast, lots of angel food cake and some great egg salad to me! Good for the newbies - stir up those complacent old gals huh?

  9. I love your photos too!!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I love it!! :) Thank you for adding me to your blog list too!!!

    Your mother's quote of proverbs 22 is so right! I bet that does keep a person in line, huh? LOL i will have to remember that with my children! LOL

    I am not sure what kind our chickens are. My mom and my hubby would know...i will have to ask them.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing more of your pics!!! :) I will be back often! Have a wonderful day!!! :)

  10. Looks like a great collection! Hens here are on strike due to the cold weather according to my friends that have them. I am looking forward to getting a few hens of my own this year. I have requested chics that lay the blue eggs as they seem to taste just a little bit better?!?

  11. Shannon-
    Oh yes... the blue eggs have gorgeous orange/yellow yolks-makes beeeautiful pound cakes!!!! And believe me, I've put away a pound cake or two in my life.

  12. How fun to have chickens! I have always wanted to raise hens! I am so glad you are sharing your farm-girl experiences. I would love to see pictures of your hens along with all their cute names! love your blog too!
    God Bless!
    Warm Pie, Happy Home

  13. Found you through Ruthann. I had an Auracana and a Rhode Island Red. I live in Southern Cal. I am by far the only person my friends and family has ever known to own chickens. My dear ones are gone now...but I loved them dearly. Some day when I have my ranch I will have lots and lots of chickens.

    Karen Eileen

  14. I have chickens, and they are just now starting to lay again after a LONG winter. We live in northern Indiana and have had a doosy of a winter. I also have 3 Auracanas... love them!


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