Comfort. Food.

Having lived my entire life in the South, I know a little bit about comfort food. Chicken 'n dumplins, creamed corn, sweet potato casserole with brown sugar being the main ingredient; you get the point. This is my favorite morning comfort food: homemade biscuits, topped off with butter and honey from my Daddy's bees. My dear Mother gave me many pearls of wisdom down through the years, but none as important than this one... "butter makes everything better." This is the rule I live by. As you can see, I make quite possibly the ugliest biscuits ever, (I cut them in half so you couldn't see the tops) but it doesn't matter- they don't last long enough around here to be judged on pretty.


  1. Hi Farm Chick! I'm so glad you accidentally discovered my blog! I really like yours~and those biscuits (which seem to resemble mine, LOL) look really good this early Saturday morning!

    Honey from your Dad's bees? Sounds great. We are looking in to raising bees, but still in the 'planning' stages.

    Come back and visit soon!

  2. Found your blog through a series of other blogs. One of my favorite sayings is "everything's better with butter..." Thought I was alone on that one-LOL! Great blog.

  3. Hi Farm Chick!!! I found your blog from your comment on RoseMary's blog!! I've enjoyed my visit and will be back soon!

  4. I'm here from Beemoosie's blog and this is a treat! Those biscuits look fine to me, it's the taste that matters anyways! Fresh honey is the best and so good for you! Enjoy!

  5. Hi, I found you from going blog to blog. I thought I would say hello since i am from Memphis, before that Paris, TN. So we are neighbors.
    Will come back later to say hi...

  6. I couldn't agree more!!! :)

    I hope you don't mind..i added you to my fave blog list on my blog!

  7. Ya mama was a smart cookie! Yummy, I smack with my lips, not with my eyes!

  8. Biscuits are created to soak up butter and honey - oh my what bliss! Pretty biscuits must come out of a can - because I make good biscuits but they cannot truly be called pretty.

  9. My biscuits are awful, BUT hubby makes great ones AND my grandmother, who is no longer with us, had the absolute best!! She never measured anything so no one can duplicate the recipe...But my feeling is, no one would've been able to make them like her anyway.
    YOU FORGOT TO LIST GRITS!! LOL! Would you like a little grits with your butter?? MMMMMM!!!

  10. whatevergirl-
    Mammaws ALWAYS make great biscuits! Mine used to make fried apricot pies out of her biscuit dough... Lordy they were good!
    OH YESSSSS... I love 'em grits. Hubby can't stand to look at them (he says grits looks like "upchuck") so I usually don't fix them at home, but I get them at the Cracker Barrel everytime we go just to gross him out!


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