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My Little Creative Corner of the World

This is my little craft room after a clean-up. On this rare and special occasion, I took a picture of my normally cluttered work space to remember how it looks when everything is in it's place. If only it would stay like this! Oh well, at least I have the photo as proof it once looked this way....

A Warm Winter's Day

Winter in Tennessee can be a strange experience. 24° one day, 60° the next. I have lived here all my life, and I’ve never seen a “predictable” winter. Smokey, our fierce and loyal watchdog, (I greatly exaggerated the fierce part) took advantage of one of our recent warmer winter days to um, basically, sack out. Funny thing was, he made it look so enjoyable, I decided to join him.

Can I Please Have a Treat?

This is the look I get when I go to the barn empty-handed. Daisy, one of our two very spoiled sheep, thinks she is in deprivation mode unless I have something for her to munch on every time I come around. I haven't got the the heart to tell her she has plenty of pounds to spare. Don't we all.

Why I buy industrial-size bags of sunflower seeds.

I've always been a bird watcher..always listening for the sounds, and matching them up with each bird as long as I can remember. I love hearing a woodpecker off in the distance, only to have it appear from nowhere. Instead of spending hard-earned money on a bad habit, this is my fix. There is nothing I enjoy better than filling up the bird feeders every morning, and listening to all the little chirps as they talk to each other. It's almost like they're saying "There she is! She's bringing breakfast!"

Welcome to the Farm!

This morning when I woke up, I knew this would be the day I start my blog. Well, actually after 2 cups of very strong coffee and a shower, the inspiration came. Anyway, welcome, and I hope to meet alot of my fellow bloggers. (I just now realized this could easily be spelled incorrectly as boogers.) I have chores to do, but we'll talk again soon, and I'll let you in on what I'm creating here on the farm!