Filling in the blanks...

2018 went by so fast... hardly had time to realize it until it was gone. It seemed like at times it would be a year of "losses".. but then a bright spot would always appear. Starting in late January, we lost one of our ewes, Dolly, who'd been sick for a few months before but took a sudden turn for the worse in cold weather. Then we lost our sweet red rooster, Big Otis, in the spring along with another sheep from our flock, Meatball, who passed unexpectedly one morning. I found him unable to get up and by the time I got back to the barn with my vet on the phone, he was gone.... now our little flock of sheep is down to four, and they're all ten years old, so time is catching up with them as well. *sigh* We also lost two hives of honeybees this year... we're still scratching our heads over that one. We will hopefully try again this year if we can find some nucs from a local beekeeper.

In November, we found out Lily had an inoperable mass in her stomach and we had to…

Thursday Busyness

Snow flurries and overcast skies greeted me at sunrise; pretty much a raw morning as the wind is whipping around, making it feel much, much colder. The high temperature today is supposed to be 24, so the daily pattern of “break ice, fill with warm water, repeat” will continue so the sheep and chickens will have something to drink. Meanwhile, Lily is tending the fire for me while I make a pot of tea, and by tending, I mean napping upright on her pillow.

On my agenda for today, along with a mountain of laundry: cleaning up the last of the decorations and messes from Christmas, like the one I made in my sewing room while wrapping presents a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been able to put off dealing with that by just staying out of that room, but yesterday I couldn’t find my scissors in the midst of all the clutter, so its time. I also want to finish binding a small lap quilt I made for myself. The fabric has a Christmas theme and colors, but I used some really nice warm batting between the la…

One One Eighteen

10 degrees at 8:00 a.m., and everything was so quiet and still..... the new year is off to a cold start. No resolutions, no goals or expectations for the next twelve months; just to try to be a better version of me.
Oh, and start blogging again. Well, that and eat healthier. And a little more exercise wouldn’t hurt... *sigh*
Hello, 2018!!

A long time coming....

So much time has gone by.... where do I start? If anyone is still out there, I'll just say for the record that although I've been away from my blog for what seems like forever... I never forgot about it- or all my blog friends either.
I'll try to give an update on what's been going on around the Fraker Farm for the past year... I almost always talked to my dad several times a week, and in February of 2016 I had tried to call my dad for a couple of days but he never answered his phone. It was not unusual for him to not to answer on the first few tries because sometimes he just didn't hear the phone ring or he was outside when I called, but he always called me back after seeing my number on his caller ID. When he didn't return my calls, I started to worry. I drove to his house to check on him the next morning (I live almost an hour away) and found him on the floor. He had been there for at least 24-36 hours, judging by the condition of his clothes. He was alive, …

Big Otis

All the hens are crazy 'bout that big orange rooster. (Must be the eyebrows.....)

Saturdays are for.... Sewing

Made a moose. With a scarf.  Which is perfect for a chilly, snowy (yes, snowy!) day like today! Happy weekend!

Morning Farm Foto- Working Girl