Thursday Busyness

Snow flurries and overcast skies greeted me at sunrise; pretty much a raw morning as the wind is whipping around, making it feel much, much colder. The high temperature today is supposed to be 24, so the daily pattern of “break ice, fill with warm water, repeat” will continue so the sheep and chickens will have something to drink. Meanwhile, Lily is tending the fire for me while I make a pot of tea, and by tending, I mean napping upright on her pillow.

On my agenda for today, along with a mountain of laundry: cleaning up the last of the decorations and messes from Christmas, like the one I made in my sewing room while wrapping presents a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been able to put off dealing with that by just staying out of that room, but yesterday I couldn’t find my scissors in the midst of all the clutter, so its time. I also want to finish binding a small lap quilt I made for myself. The fabric has a Christmas theme and colors, but I used some really nice warm batting between the layers so I’d still like to use it for a little while, at least until spring. 

I’d also like to warp up a couple of my rigid heddle looms today... I have some really pretty yarn I’ve been holding on to for too long~ time to make something with them. I love the way this yarn feels... soft and squishy. I’m thinking about making a small scarf with it. 

These colors are gorgeous, and I love how fine and delicate it is... even though it’s probably not as warm as the other, I’m thinking maybe a scarf from these as well.

Okay, time to get off the computer and get busy.... until next time~ stay warm, dear friends! :)


  1. Thanks for my Lily fixed and I'm still laughing because she just looks so darn adorable I wish I could squeeze her and hug her. All of the yarn is really beautiful and I wish I could knit but I don't have a lot of patience for that kind of thing. It's a wonderful thing to be able to do so is sewing which I can't do. Enjoy today's post keep them coming

  2. Hi Paula, So nice to hear from you. Yes, it is a brutal winter so far and you stay warm. Blessings.

  3. Hello Paula! Good to see a post from you again! I've been off the blogging trail for a while; internet service is so slow in the rural parts that I end up wasting a lot of time when I try to post something. The yarn is gorgeous! I need a new scarf; wonder if I could crochet one?

  4. Hello! Lily looks a tad w i d e r since I last saw her!!!
    Love the yarn and hope you will show what you weave.
    Your home is beautiful!

  5. Oh my, I'm smiling because it was so good to see Lily!! Love your yarns, really some nice colors!! Hope you're staying warm on the farm!!

  6. It was just so lovely to see your name in the comments, dear Paula... I still love your sheep and Lily... God bless.. xo

  7. Awww! Miss Lily is sweet...and it does look cold there! And...You have my radio!! Love mine...
    Stay warm sweet lady!

  8. AW! Lily is too cute! that Queensland Collection yarn is gorgeous!

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