One One Eighteen

10 degrees at 8:00 a.m., and everything was so quiet and still..... the new year is off to a cold start. No resolutions, no goals or expectations for the next twelve months; just to try to be a better version of me.
Oh, and start blogging again. Well, that and eat healthier. And a little more exercise wouldn’t hurt... *sigh*
Hello, 2018!!


  1. Love that-"a better version of me." So glad you are here again! I missed ya!

    1. Thank you, Debra~ I'm trying to do better. LOL I've missed you, too!

  2. Hello Paula!! So great to see you back, I have missed you and Fraker Farms!!

  3. Well lookie Here! Who it IS??Hahaaa... SO glad you came to your senses and blogged...always knew you couldn't stay away for long!
    But don't worry...We ALL are bad bloggers these days.

  4. I happen to enjoy seeing pigs butts, i love any living creature that has 4 legs, cows, pigs, horses, dogs and cats. welcome back to blog land. how is Lily? hope all is well with her, and would love to see a photo

  5. 2 more days and our winter bomb is over. Back to 50s and 60s. Oh! Welcome back.


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