And.... October.

*Tap tap tap*
Hello? Anyone still out there?

Thanks to those of you who have sent emails checking up on me and making sure everything was okay. I never meant to be away so long....
So much has happened since my last post; along with the usual "busyness" of summer, my aunt and uncle were involved in a very serious car accident in July. They have both recovered for the most part, but since they are in their late 70's, it was a long road for them. Hubby and I tried to help them out as much as we could, so along with taking care of their place and my Dad's yard as well as our own, summer came and went before we knew it.

In August, we had to have Daisy put down. Those of you who've read my blog for a long time will remember her story~ she was our very first sheep; a bottle lamb. One day I found her limping very badly on her back leg, not able to put any weight on it it all. I wasn't sure if it was a hoof problem, so I checked it out but didn't find anything. By the second or third day, it was clear she had either dislocated her hip or worse, it was broken. And by this time she was in so much discomfort, she had stopped eating. We had a vet come and look at her but she advised that any type of treatment would have a slim-to-none chance of working. So, I made the decision no one wants to make, but in the best interest of the animal, you know it's what you have to do. It's been almost two months, and I still look for her every morning when I go to the barn....

On a lighter note, guess who just turned four years old last week? 
This gal.

Remember the "spring chicks" in my last post? They're all grown up now.
And one of the chicks turned out to be a rooster.....
Meet "Big Otis" and his girls.

And the silkies? 
Well, they have such a sweet life, they might just outlive us all. :)

Happy Friday!!