Friday Farm Fotos: Scenes from Hubby's Garden

Hubby has worked really hard on his garden this year, and it's beginning to pay off.
Everything he planted~ with the exception of one lettuce plant~ is doing great.

Here is part of our pest control crew hard at work.

Meanwhile, the sheep are keeping close watch on the garden while enjoying their fan.
(Notice they are not really keeping watch, but napping. *sigh*)

"Please take my picture!"

And even though she doesn't help in the garden very much, 
Lily is always close by just in case we need her.

 Happy Friday, everyone!!


Friday Farm Fotos: June Happenings

A stormy June sky turns into a beautiful sunset.

It's hard to believe June is already here~ good grief! 
So much to do outside... mowing, weeding the garden and flower beds, 
and with hotter weather comes the job of cleaning the barns and coops out almost daily to keep flies under control. We had a little dry spell a couple of weeks ago where the grass and plants slowed down, but we've had lots of rain lately and now everything is hopping again.

Hubby was off from work last week and he spent a lot of time working in the garden. 
He put up trellises for the green beans to start climbing, and also planted some cantaloupe. 
Some of the head lettuce is ready to pick so we had our first fresh salad from the garden this week, and it was so delicious and tender. 
The cabbage still needs a couple more weeks, but the hens are on the job making sure no bugs or worms get to it before we do. 

The bees are working so hard right now~ 
they've already made three supers of honey and working on the fourth, 
which is wonderful considering we had such a cool spring this year.

We had a batch of late babies this year.... 
but of course fuzzy-bottoms are welcome anytime around here. 

It's way past time for the sheep to be sheared, but our clipper blades just got back from where I sent them off to be sharpened so I've got a lot of work ahead of me. 
I'm pretty sure the sheep aren't looking forward to getting their yearly haircut either, 
but they've been so hot and miserable I know they will thank me for it later. 
At least that's what I tell myself... *sigh*

And Lily just wants to stay out of the heat these days....
doing her "business" early in the morning and late in the evening,
then sleeping the rest of the time.
(Rough life, you know.)

Happy Friday, everyone!