Friday Farm Fotos: Frosty Fenceposts, A Flicker, and Flap

The sheepies head back to the barn after trying to find some greenery....

Since Friday is errand day (*ugh*), today's post will be quick and a little random~
but I thought I would share some of this weeks' pictures before I head out the door.

Whenever we have a hard frost, Daisy likes to nibble the ice off the fenceposts.
I managed to snap this picture before she got to it.....
There she is in the background, unaware of the tasty goodness on the corner post.
(I'm thinking about getting her a snow cone maker for Christmas next year.)

We had a surprise visit from Mr. Flicker on Wednesday.... 

I looked out the window and thought he was just another dove at first, 
but then I saw the flash of red on the back of his head.
He's very dapper with his black "bowtie",
and I just love that little squeaky noise he makes.

And finally~ I don't think you've met Flap, have you?

Flap is our young splash roo I kept from last years' hatch.
We moved him and his three girls into their own suite about a month ago, 
and the girls wasted no time going broody. (Imagine that.)
If you notice his comb, it's a bit on the floppy side~ very unusual for a Silkie. 
I think Flap kinda suits him...
and besides, it has to be better than being called Flop.

Happy Friday everyone!


Rainy Tuesday

Rainy days were made for napping... and Lily makes it look so inviting. 

We're having a frog-soaker of a day, and snow is in the forecast for tonight. 
With nothing to do outside but listen to the rain, I've spent the morning working on my little heart quilt~ 
umm... the one I've been working on for about two months~ *sigh* 

I can't believe I just admitted that its taking me so long because it is just a small wall quilt... 
but I've had so many other distractions I'm beginning to think I'm never going to finish it.
Just like yesterday....
A large tree fell behind the house a while back and Hubby decided to take off from work to cut it up before the rain made everything so muddy. I spent most of the day helping him get the huge chunks of wood hauled to the house where it can be split into firewood for next year.

I laughed and told him our backyard looked like Stonehenge. The Tennessee version. :) 

I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest lately, especially after finding a quilting site that has pictures of some of the most unbelievable quilts and blocks I have ever seen. I could spend hours on there....
But I also found a recipe that I had pinned some time back and thought I would try it.
I made it over the weekend and I'll have to say~ it was DELICIOUS. 
Some of the things I've pinned haven't been as tasty as I thought they would be, 
(probably the chef's fault...)  but this was an exception. 
It's called Creamy Tomato Tortellini soup and you can find the recipe here

I love one dish soups and stews, especially this time of year, 
and this recipe is definitely going in my "keeper" box. 
I did cut back the garlic just a tad, because sometimes it's not very nice to my stomach, 
but it was still really good. 
Hope you can try it sometime.

I'm off to do some more sewing before Hubby gets home.... 
Happy Tuesday, everyone!