Friday Randomness

This is a picture from last week after three inches of snow fell... 
and then, right before dark, the sun came out and spread these amazing colors across the sky.

We are supposed to get more winter weather today~ but it's in the form of ice this time. 
I hope not, because Hubby works for the utility company and 
I might not see him for a couple of days if the power lines start coming down. 
The company he works for not only feeds electricity to our town and a few surrounding towns, 
it also feeds power "across the mountain" as we say around here- 
a remote area that is not very populated and also not very accessible in bad weather- 
but the people there need power just as much as I do, so.... *sigh*

Speaking of Hubby, today is our tenth wedding anniversary! 
I was hoping we could take a little day trip and see some sights, but... 
maybe another day when the weather isn't threatening.

While looking for some papers in a drawer the other day, 
I found a picture of us not long before we were married... 
Hubby looked so young, and I looked so.... thin... :)

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie...

Our weather has turned very cold this week so that means time to make sure the chickens- especially the Silkies- are taken care of with fresh warm bedding and plastic to cover the open ends of the coop.
This keeps the cold wind and rain (or snow) from blowing in on them. Silkie feathers feel like fine hair, and if they get wet they can die from exposure because they are not insulated from the cold like chickens with normal feathers.

I also put some plastic over the door to the big girls' coop to help keep them warm at night.

The sheep on the other hand aren't worried about the cold at all. Its been nearly 8 months since they were sheared and their wool has grown back enough that now they are sporting warm, woolly sweaters.

Hopefully the power won't go out, 
because I want to finish the crib quilt I've been working on for a while by this weekend.
The stippling is taking me longer than I had hoped for, 
but I am trying to take my time because I don't want to mess it up now. 
And I'm just naturally slow, so that doesn't help either... *grin*

If the power does go out, I've got plenty of firewood, good books, candles, 
and a pantry full of canned goods...

And dog treats... :)

Happy Friday, everyone~ stay warm where ever you are!


Everything is just Sew-sew.

Mrs. Wren, who frequents my suet feeder every day.....
Her chattering lets me know when it is empty.


If you've been missing me lately...
Sickness has been going around in our family,
and even my poor little Daddy~ who never gets sick~ has had something pretty bad. 
In between taking care of him and trying not to get sick myself I've not had much computer time... 
thankfully, things seem to settling down and getting back to normal.

Today I'm trying to get caught up with all my blog friends,
but I thought I would take a minute and post about some of my Christmas projects...
you know, the ones I couldn't show you before because it would have ruined the surprise..... :)

Here are a couple of dolls I made for Hubby's nieces...

Each doll had her own little bag with the embroidered initial of the recipient~

  Here is Ellie's....

 And here is Madison's.

 I also spent some time working on a crib quilt...
not for a Christmas present but for a soon-arriving baby at our church.

And now for the easiest project I finished:
Hubby asked me if I could make him an apron to wear while he is working in his woodworking shop... apparently he was getting tired of sawdust and wood shavings getting inside his shirt and pants.

Here is what I came up with~
an apron made out of a pair of his old overalls!

I was able to use the side with the most pockets (which he loves)
and sewed the two galluses into one adjustable strap for the neck.

I also used strips of fabric from the pants to make the ties for the back.
He loves it!
(I just can't get him to stand still long enough to model it for me...)

Speaking of Hubby, he was also churning out Christmas gifts right and left
from his little woodworking shop.

He made this gorgeous clock for his Mom....

He even did the "bow-tie" inlay by hand!

And he made this wonderful little wooden box with hand-cut dovetail joints for his Dad.

Not everyone around here was working hard to get ready for Christmas....
in fact, someone in particular wasn't doing much of anything.

Now that all the Christmas projects are over,
I've been working on a few things just for me...

Since I've already probably bored you to tears, I'll share those next time.
(A cliffhanger! *ha*)

Happy Friday, everyone!