Friday Farm Fotos: Is that Fall I see?

It's still a little early yet to say Fall is here in all its glory, but it is definitely in the air.
Cooler days and even cooler nights have arrived, and all the creatures around here (including me!) are breathing a sigh of relief that the summer heat is finally over. It's always amazed me how the earth seems to undergo so many changes this time of year, and how the animals just seem to know what to do to prepare for the winter ahead.

We still have hummers visiting the feeders; just not as many as a couple of weeks ago. 
I know they are preparing for their long journey southward, 
and I always feel sad when they leave.
Godspeed, little one.... I wish you safe travels when it's time for you to go....

My vitex is starting to lose its blooms, 
but there are a few creatures still enjoying what little bit of goodness they can get from it.

For the entire summer I've had a doe feeding along side the fence around our pasture, and she has become quite attached to the sheep. And likewise, they have grown accustomed to her daily visits, and will actually come out of the barn and walk to the fence to "greet" her. I'm not sure if she feels there is safety in numbers, or if she is just curious about them. 

Hunting season starts around here this weekend... 
I haven't seen her for a couple of days, 
so I'm hoping she has followed her instincts and moved to a safe place for a while.

And I don't really think Lily is concerned about winter....
but I do think she is unhappy about the days getting shorter 
and cutting in on her time outside in the evenings with the chickens.

The life of a poultry wrangler is pretty rough, you know. ;)

Happy Friday!!!


Friday Farm Fotos: And WHOOSH.... it was gone.

That pretty much sums up the Summer of 2013 for me~ a fast-moving whirlwind and it's already gone. 
I'm a little sad to see summer go, but I always look forward to fall (my favorite time of year!) and besides, this summer was anything but typical. Lots of rain made it hard to keep up with the yard (hey, I made a rhyme!) plus keeping the garden weed-free was nearly impossible. I also took on a few small sewing jobs on the side to pick up a little extra money but that also took up a lot more of my "free" time this summer.... add that with the usual chores of keeping the barns cleaned out and summer came and went before I had the chance to turn around twice. 
Or blog. *Sigh*
Like I said, this summer was anything but typical, and not just for the weather~ we seemed to have more problems this year with varmints and pests than we usually do. Our entire cantaloupe crop was eaten from the inside out by something... we're still not sure what it was.

We also discovered we had a yellow jackets' nest somewhere around the garden. 
(Actually, I discovered it while mowing one day... *OUCH*)
See if you can spot the little demons flying around in this picture~

 They were coming in and out between some cross ties we had next to the garden. We poured some gas on it and lit a match for good measure (just your normal redneck pyrotechnics) and thought we had gotten rid of them, only to find that all we did was just made them really mad. Hubby had to use his tractor and push over the cross ties (then make a run for it) and we found the nest was in the ground~ it was the size of a basketball.

 Some more gas and fire did the trick this time, although there were still a few flying around that had escaped the... ah... explosion.

And then there was this guy....

At first I didn't mind him coming around because he was cleaning up the sunflower seeds from off the ground underneath the bird feeders. But then he learned how to get on top of the feeders and shake them and turn it into an all-you-can-eat all-day sunflower buffet. 
The upside to this little episode was that it got Lily off the couch and on high alert 
as the official "Bird Feeder Patrol" unit. Here she is having a staring contest with Mr. Fuzzy Tail, whom I'm beginning to think is (or was) someone's pet because he is not afraid of anything or anyone. It's not until Lily takes off running towards him that he flees the scene.

It's not been ALL work this summer....

I've enjoyed a visit every morning from Momma deer and her two babies,
and got to watch them grow....

Hunting season starts around here in two weeks.... 
I haven't seen them in a couple of days now so I'm hoping they know it's time for them to leave for a while.

And Hubby and I found a little time here and there to take our bikes out for a ride. 

And of course, Lily was in her yellow taxi. :)

How about you~ are you glad to see Summer 2013 come to an end, 
or do you wish for a few more months of it?

Happy Friday, everyone!