Friday Farm Fotos: The Empty Nest

A few months ago during cold weather, I slipped while walking in wet shoes on the slick concrete floor in our garage. Thankfully, I didn't fall, but during my stumble and clumsy attempt to keep from hurting myself I knocked over a little plastic yard chicken that Hubby bought me and broke the head off. I kept the pieces and tried to remind myself to buy some Super Glue, but time went on and I kept forgetting about it.
A couple of weeks ago I noticed a wren trying to build a nest inside the headless chicken, which was now laying sideways on a shelf next to my car. I checked one day to see if anything was going on in there, and sure enough, there were three tiny eggs. Once the babies hatched, I was delighted to be able to walk out the back door and hear the faint peeping coming from inside. And occasionally I would even catch a glimpse of mom and dad bringing food to them.

Yesterday, I was in the kitchen and heard some shrill bird calls and bumping noises coming from the garage and remembered the little bird family so I thought I had better go investigate. Once outside, I discovered the calls were coming from Mrs. Wren, who was coaxing her babies out of the nest~ and the bumping noises I heard were the sounds of them fluttering and trying to fly for the first time.

Everyone seemed to be doing okay~ except for Baby #3.

On his first attempt at flight the poor thing got stuck between an old tennis shoe and the wire shelf.

I had to giggle after I snapped this picture~ 
you can almost see the look of bewilderment on his face at this huge new world.

He finally made it to the ground..... 
but by this time momma and the two siblings were getting farther and farther away.

He hopped and rested...
And hopped and rested....
I could see the tiny little heart fluttering in his chest.

He finally made it to the grass, and now momma's chirps and calls were louder than before, 
like she was saying, "Hurry! Come to safety with us!"

So with one big burst of energy, he flew....
Not high, and not very pretty, but he flew~
to somewhere in these trees where he was reunited with his mom and siblings.
I smiled as I heard them chattering to each other.

But then I felt a little sad when I walked back to the house and saw this....
And it was so quiet, where there had once been peeps and chirps and lots of activity....

This morning I glued my chicken back together.

And for some reason I never paid any attention to what the chicken is holding until today.....

Do you think Mr. and Mrs. Wren built the nest there by chance?
Nah, me either..... :)

Happy Friday!


Brace yourself....

A huge bumblebee hangs on a vitex bloom while trying to gather pollen.

No, that is not an earthquake you're feeling... just the sound of me starting up my computer and actually sitting down to write something. Try to remain calm.... things will settle down once I get my rusty brain (and fingers) to figure out how to use the keyboard again.  :)

After such a prolonged (and unplanned) absence from my blog, you would think I would have tons of pictures to share, but surprisingly enough, I haven't had my camera out of the house much at all. One reason is the heat~ the few times I have taken it outside, I've had to wait several minutes for the lens to stop fogging up from the change in temperature. Ahhh, summer.

Oh, I have taken pictures of Lily Belle... here she is napping and using her favorite stuffed animal for a pillow.

And I've managed to take a few in the kitchen.

Stuffed peppers from the garden... 

Peach cobbler. 
( Double yum!)

Hubby and I both got new "smart phones"~ he needed one for his job and I needed one to try to keep up with all this new-fangled technology. I still haven't figured out how to use mine. In other words, my smart phone is making me feel dumb~ imagine the irony of that. At least I can make a phone call on it. Everything else... eh...

We're taking honey from our bees this week... we were planning on doing it 4th of July since Hubby was off from work that day, but the weather prevented that. We had nearly 10 inches of rain that week and it's never a good idea to open up the hive when it is damp outside... you don't want any moisture to get inside and potentially ruin the honey. I'll let you know next week how much honey our sweet little worker girls made this year.

And it appears as if the hens have been taking karate lessons, but I'm not sure....

There is just so much to do this time of year... just keeping the grass mowed is a twice-a-week job. 
You can tell by this picture that our little homestead is very green right now... 
but I'm very thankful for the green because it gives the sheepies a lot to eat. :)

I hope to post something again soon, but most of all I want to get caught up with all that has been going on in your world so I'm going to be busy visiting blogs this week....
Happy Monday, everyone!