Friday Farm Fotos: Summer Smiles

Just a few random pictures of some things that make me smile this time of year....

Honey bees getting a drink from the birdbath.....

My shade tree book-reading chair...

Happy hens.....

Curious hens....

An empty nest...
Not because it's empty, but because it means the trees 
have a few more birds in them than they did before....

Hubby and his tractor....

Long evening shadows....

Cecil crowing....

Fernando trying to out-crow Cecil.....

The sheep in the field......

Enjoying the view from the front porch in the evening....

I hope maybe one or two of these made you smile, too!
Happy Friday, everyone!


Friday Farm Fotos: Planning Ahead

Ever heard of a... "sheepish grin"?

Even though it is still very much summertime here in Tennessee, it's never too early to start making plans for the upcoming winter because it will be here before we know it.

You may remember a few months ago I mentioned that Hubby had decided sell all his hay equipment... 
(this was after the neurosurgeon told him he needed to go easy on his back from now on..)
and while I'm all for not having to be in a hay field in 100 degree weather, it does pose the problem of having to find enough good hay from another source to last all winter.
We finally found some this week, and I have to admit that after all the hard work that went into putting up our own hay last year; the cutting, fluffing, baling, and transporting all that equipment- 
it was mighty nice to not have to have to worry about anything other than stacking it..... 
Now that we are well stocked with quality hay, that's one less thing we have to worry about this winter.

Hubby also worked on getting our little garden ready 
so we could plant some kale and spinach for fall.....

And we need to move this stack of seasoned firewood to the front porch 
and cut some more to dry for next winter.....

The beehive is still a flurry of activity but soon we will have to help them 
get prepared for winter as well....

The list goes on and on!

But there is always time to snuggle up a baby fuzzy bottom... 
*tiny squeal*

This was one of several chicks that hatched from some very well-hidden Silkie eggs. 
(And not seen in this picture is one very smug Silkie hen, too.)

Happy Friday, everyone!


Friday Fall Fotos (Fall?): Apple Pie Dreams and New Toys

Okay, okay- I know it's only the first of August so I might be rushing the season a little....
but I have to admit, I am really looking forward to Fall this year, even more than usual.
Fall just happens to be my favorite time of year; I love the crisp air and the amazing blue skies and the chilly mornings- but most of all I love Fall decorations.
In fact, I've got my boxes of decorations ready...
but I guess I'll try to put it out of my mind and hold off at least until September..... *sigh*

We all have dreams, I guess... things we want to do (or at least try)
and no matter how far-fetched, we can't seem to quit thinking about it.
I have a dream I've kept secret for a while now...
Oh, Hubby knows, because I only mention it like 30 or 40 times a week, but....
I've kept it to myself until now.

I dream of having an orchard.
As in a real, thriving apple orchard.
I've been doing lots of homework- finding information on the Internet about which trees grow best in our climate and where and when to plant... and happily, from everything I've read, we have not only an ideal place, but we also have the perfect fertilizer- sheep manure.

LOTS of sheep manure.
Plenty for each tree and then some.
And since Fall is the best time to plant trees....
-Oh my, I said Fall again, didn't I? -
Hubby got a new toy to help with the planting- a new auger to go behind his little tractor.

This will drill the holes for the trees to go in and make planting a snap.
Now I just have to decide how many trees I want.
I would have a hundred if I could, but realistically, I'll probably start out with 10.
And the best thing about it-
it will give our little bees plenty of work to do when the trees start blooming!
It's a win-win!

Speaking of new toys, you may remember Lily's car from a few months ago-

Well, Hubby and Lily had a little wreck a few weeks ago.
Everyone was okay, just a few scrapes-
but sadly, Lily's car was totalled.
The frame was bent so badly Hubby couldn't straighten it out and the wheels wobbled when it rolled. Come to find out, Lily had slightly exceeded the weight limit for her little car by about 10 pounds (just what every girl wants to hear), 
so we started looking for a new car for her with a bigger load capacity.
We found just the thing on Ebay- it's made lower to the ground and wider than her other one
and it's called..... get this-
the "Tail Wagon"! :)

It's been a little too hot lately to even think about riding bicycles, but now we are ready to do lots of riding this Fall. (Oh dear, I did it again...)

I think I need to go put up my scarecrow wreath or something.....

Happy Friday, everyone!


Chattin' with a friend

Instead of posting about the goings-on around the Fraker Farm today, 
I am visiting with my dear friend Tammy from the blog Country Girl at Home.
We will be having some sweet iced tea and even sweeter treats 
and "chatting" on her sunporch... won't you join us?
 Click here to drop in on our conversation- I know she would love for you sit a spell with us! 
Happy Wednesday, everyone!