Friday Farm Fotos: Bathed in morning light

Linky Love
For this edition of Friday Farm Fotos I am linking up with my friends over at Verde Farm for their "Farm Friend Friday"- if you love farm photos and can't get enough of them, click on the button below and it will take you to many more wonderful farmy places to visit.

And the winner is:
I put all the names in the hat from the comments left on Tuesday's post and let Hubby draw a winner for me....
And the Rooster Pie Bird goes to:

Congratulations, Miss Mary- email your address to me and your little pie bird will be on it's way.

Happy Friday, everybody!


Home Time Tuesday: Close to my heart

Miniature roses Hubby gave me for Valentine's Day

I'm busy cleaning out a couple of very neglected (not to mention crowded) closets today and a quick meal is on the menu for tonight- chili made with venison- so instead of the usual Home Time Tuesday where I share a sewing project or recipe with you, I'm posting some pictures of things in my home that are near and dear to me for one reason or another....
(Plus a surprise at the end!)

Toy sewing machine given to me by my grandmother

The view from our dining room table-
my mother bought the table and chairs as a wedding gift

An adorable chicken lamp from a wonderful and dear friend

The last picture I have of me with both my grandparents before they passed away

A faithful friend, whom I've spent many hours with

My sweet aunt gave me this gorgeous rooster cookie jar

A beautiful iron sewing machine frame given to me by my best friend and turned into a table by Hubby

More precious chickies from precious people

The kitchen island my sweet Hubby made for me

My computer desk where I blog
(Also Lily's secret hiding place)

If you enjoyed these pictures, leave me a comment telling me which of these you can relate to the most, or just share something in your home that's close to your heart and I will enter your name into the hat to win this adorable little rooster pie bird that will help keep your next chicken pot pie from being a bubbly, overflowing mess.

The drawing is open to anyone, just be sure to leave me an email address where I can contact you if you don't have a blogger profile .
The winner will be announced on Friday's Farm Fotos post-
good luck, everybody!


Friday Farm Funny: Chickie Chatter

If I happen to be just a teeny bit late with the afternoon treats,
this is the reception I get....

Happy Friday, everybody!


Home Time Tuesday: Laundry room reveal

A couple of weeks ago I told you Hubby and I were in the middle of giving my laundry room/ pantry a makeover- and we finally finished up this weekend. Yay! The water heater leak turned out to be a non-issue, sort of.... we will have to install a pressure reducer tank at a cost of around $140 at some point but since it isn't leaking too much at one time, we'll just continue to clean the excess water out of the drip pan until we have the extra money for that.

The before pictures were taken after I had cleaned everything out of the room, because if I had taken them before you wouldn't have been able to even see the walls or floor.
This was the view from the kitchen-

And here it is now!

This is the pantry cabinet Hubby built for me.... he is going to make some doors for it later on with possibly some punched-tin panels, but for now, I like it open.
(So I can find things easier.)

This is the wall border I picked out... *squeeeal*
I love how it looks with the new mustard color on the wall.

 This was my shelf over the washer and dryer before:

And with a little help from some adhesive shelf paper from Walmart- here it is now!

Mops and brooms hang hidden behind the door....

I now have a coat rack to keep my barn jacket and rain suit handy along with Lily's leash....

More shelves over the ironing board:

And lots of floor space for Lily's crate and food and water dish.

I'm so happy not only to be able to walk in here again without stepping over things, but best of all I can actually find things I need in a flash!
All told, we spent about $120 dollars on this project, the paint for the walls being the most expensive item- it took 2 gallons at $25 dollars each- plus the materials for making the pantry cabinet and shelves, which Hubby built and hung for me.Thanks Hubby~ you're the best!

Happy Tuesday, everybody!


Friday Farm Fotos: Summer Smiles

Another cold blast of winter has come our way, bringing with it the possibility of more snow and ice. And to all my bloggy friends scattered across the country who were in the path of the blizzard- my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I was looking through my photo archives last night and came across some scenes from last summer.... even though it was one of the hottest and most miserable we've had in a while, just seeing the bright blue skies of a few months ago and imagining the sun on my skin was enough to make me forget the freezing temperatures and warm my icy bones for a little while.

I hope these "sunny" pictures make you smile as well....

Happy Friday, everyone!


Home Time Tuesday: Got those DIY Blues

Hubby and I are in the middle of giving my laundry room/ pantry a much needed make-over today.
And of course, with any home improvement project, there are always those unexpected little surprises that turn small jobs into big ones... we just noticed our hot water heater has been leaking. Thankfully the drip pan underneath it caught the excess water, but now we have to figure out where the water is coming from.
Be back with the "after" pictures soon. (I hope...)