Lucy's Anniversary surprise

Today was our wedding anniversary, and Hubby took off from work with the intention of us taking a nice little day trip and do some sightseeing.

Lucy, however, had other things in mind....

We've known Lucy was getting close to lambing so she has been in the barn for three days now so we can keep a close watch on her. I woke up at 4:30 this morning and had one of those uneasy feelings come over me, so I slipped on my robe and headed up to the barn to find this...

TWINS!! A boy and a girl!

It was a very mild morning, but the temperature fell as the day went on, so we worked all day getting the lambing pen wind and rain proof, setting up the heat lamp, and putting down fresh dry bedding for Lucy and her new babies. All seems to be going well, and the little girl lamb seems to be especially spunky, but they are both very tiny and weak so they're still not out of the woods yet.

Even though our Anniversary trip had to be put on hold we still had a wonderful day working together in the barn... and we both agreed we wouldn't want it any other way.
Happy Anniversary, Baby- our life together is never dull!


Rowdy's Graduation

Little Rowdy is growing so fast... and now he has graduated into the world of Big Sheep!

Things were a little rough at first, but now under the watchful eye of his momma, Baby, he has made some new friends, and everybody's getting along great.

He even leads an occasional game of follow the leader!

Although it's easy to get lost in the madness of feeding time, he has learned to just get the heck out of the way and he won't get trampled.

Time out for a drink, then back with the rest of the gang for another romp around the manger.

Ummm, Molly?
Please don't chew on the camera strap....

I have been doing a little shopping... my dear friend Mare at Moon & Stars Studio has just opened up an ETSY shop and has some wonderful things for sale... I saw these gorgeous earrings and just had to have them! (And they are even more beautiful in person!)

And to show you what a awesome artist she is, look at the watercolor painting she did of our broody banty hen, The Little Terrorist! It is so beautiful!

I can't believe how much it resembles the real thing.... isn't it amazing?

Mare is so wonderful and talented- she makes jewelry, dolls, and knits, along with her beautiful paintings. Thank you so much, Mare!

Happy Wednesday, everybody!


My creative space

Step into my creative space,
where I work with my hands and heart....

My fabric stash is always calling out, "make something special with me!"

I like to keep tools ready for any project.... sometimes I'll just doodle out an idea, so pencils with good erasers are a must!

My Christmas present... a mini-iron! *squeal*

My latest Ebay finds, waiting to be cut... *squeal*squeal*

My trusty machines sit quietly now, but soon they will be humming along one stitch at a time...

The computer where my embroidery software and designs are kept....
(I use a different computer to blog and check emails.)
I have so much fun digitizing and creating new embroideries- I can spend hours in front of this computer on a rainy day if I let myself!

No creative space would be complete without a little music... a girl's gotta have some tunes to tap her toe with every now and then...

After a long hiatus, I will be stocking my ETSY shop with some new things pretty soon ..... this apron bonnett is ready to go in and some others will follow, along with maybe even a doll or two.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Warm day, please?

Mr. Bluebird finds the birdbath is more like a miniature ice-skating rink....

 Well, 2010 is already a week old and this is my first post of the year.... I'm not doing so well in the blog department lately! I had several new pictures I wanted to share, but this past week the weather has made sure that all I get done is break ice out of everybody's waterers. It hasn't been above freezing here in 7 days now, and for those of you who are used to this kind of weather, you have my upmost respect. (And deep sympathy.) Snow fell last night, and the temperature is not going to be above freezing for 2 more days, according to the weather people. Looks like I (and my water buckets) will still have to make the rounds every couple of hours to make sure all the chickies and sheepies have something to drink.
*Sigh*.... I wonder sometimes if my animals know how much I love them......
Meanwhile, it's a toasty 74 in the house right now, but we are going through firewood like crazy- we've kept a fire in the stove for a solid week now. It gets messy carrying wood inside, but it's such a blessing knowing our heat pump hasn't been on in over a week. Sure will help on the electric bill!

My friend Amy from A View From my Backyard is now the adoptive momma of a pair of my baby Silkies! I hated to see them go, *sniff sniff* but I know they're going to a good home. I can't wait to see what she names them.

And Rowdy is growing like a weed.... but looks like he's going to be a momma's boy for a while, doesn't it?

 Short post today- but now I'm off to visit with you!