Color my world

I'm a very low-maintenance, simple person... I have few needs and don't care at all for fine dining, entertainment, exotic vacations, or shopping trips. (Just ask Hubby- I've been carrying the same purse so long it's falling apart.) There are only a few things in life other than basic necessities that I really desire to make me happy: good coffee, southern cooking, being with friends and family (which is even better when enjoyed with the first two things.) and.... color.
Lots of beautiful color around me makes me happy.

Hubby and I made a trip to Home Depot in Knoxville last week, and found some wonderful things in the garden department....
Look how wonderful the yellow and white look in my little red wagon! *Squeal*

We also found hanging baskets with these gorgeous purple and yellow blooms...

Best of all, our little honeybees love them too!

I love the color of black fuzzy ears and legs against green grass and red fence posts....
My baby....

These are the pillow shams that match our bed quilt- I love the dark blues and reds in them.

I'm planning on making a clothespin apron out of this colorful fabric-isn't it the cutest you've ever seen?!
I hope you can see the chickens in it... I especially love the big white one in the middle- it reminds me of Hamburger!

I'll be making my blog rounds slowly this week- I'm making pickles from our bounty of cucumbers so I'll be visiting when I can.
I'll let you know how they turn out later this week, plus some exciting news- baby Silkies are on the way! (I hope!)
Happy Monday, everybody!